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The Exceptional Student

by: Frankie Schamberger Sr.

The Exceptional Student EDSP 3000

Frankie Schamberger Sr.

GPA 3.68


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Frankie Schamberger Sr. on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDSP 3000 at Georgia Southwestern State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/222074/edsp-3000-georgia-southwestern-state-university in Special Education at Georgia Southwestern State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
EDSP LEARNING GOALS STUDY GUIDE 1 De nitions a 5quot 0 at 5 Lquot F Continuum of alternative placements hierarchy that list a range of services from the general classroom to hospital homebound Schools must continually make alternative placements with students The Hierarchy is used to determine a student s LRE IEP TEAM Group of people general education teacher special education teacher parents etc that meet in order to decide what is best for the students and if continuum of placements are needed The team also decides what modi cations aids assistance the student will need Inclusion All students are taught the in the general education classroom students with disabilities and students without disabilities Least restrictive environment the general education classroom is the LRE but it is related to the student s speci c needs for their speci c disability Students with SEVERE disabilities may be placed in a resource room or separate classroom The Continuum of alternative placements shows the area to where students may be placed Multifactored evaluation Students must be subjected to many test that is speci c to their needs ex their language brail read aloud to before they can be classi ed in special education Prereferral Intervention When a student is experiencing behavioralacademic problems in the general education classroom before testing assessing for disabilities teachers try to remedy the problem Response to Intervention research based intervention through testing trials of intervention before a student is referred for assessment for special education IDEA states that RTI can be used to determine a child s eligibility in special education 2 List the 5 steps of the educational process Discuss how each step is necessary in providing appropriate education programs for students with disabilities a 5quot 0 Prereferral Intervention Provides immediate help to students in need This differentiates those who have behavior disorders and need assistance from those that are just BAD Evaluation and Identification Students must receive a multifactored evaluation non discriminatory test that is speci c to a student s needs This is necessary so students are given appropriate test and evaluations that will determine if they need placement and aids in special education Program Plan an Individualized Education Program determines the how what when and who of a student s plan An IEP team forms this plan for a student with disabilities This process is important because without an IEP a student cannot receive speci c assistance or aids if they are not listed in their IEP d 5 Placement uses the least restrictive environment Placement is necessary in order to determine what environment is best suited for speci c students Progress Monitoring Review and Reevaluation students must be reviewed annually to determine if services are still needed or if students have reached their goals This step is necessary so students do not continue to stay in a program they no longer need or one they can advance inout of 3 Discuss how Coordination consultation and teaming promote collaboration among educators of students wdisabilities a b c Coordination by coordinating meetings it places ongoing communication between teachers to collaborate their knowledge together Consultation by teachers sharing their own expertise on subjects they are able to collaborate about students with disabilities Teaming c0teaching IEP teams etc Each member of the IEP team is instructed to do their parts in their own assessments so when they come together they are able to collaborate their thoughts 4 Describe the 5 Approaches to Co teaching a b c d e 1teach 1help One teacher teaches the students while the other assist in data collection or assisting the students around the room can be the gen ed Teacher or Special ed teacher Parallel Teaching two equal groups diversi ed learn the same content Teachers should be able to see each other Station Teaching Students learn different content at as many stations as the teacher wishes May be 2 teachers and 1 independent study group However the more stations you have the more lesson plans you have to create Alternative Teaching 1 big group and 1 smaller group Teachers may teach the same or different content small group MIGHT be extra practice or catching up with work or oneone practice Team teachers work together using same content 5 List members who compose and IEP team a b c d e f g Parents of child 1 or more general education teacher 1 or more special education teacher Representative of a local agency special ed director Interpreter of instruction from evaluation results Individuals who have knowledge or expertise about child Student with disability if appropriate 6 Describe 8 components of an IEP a Child s present level of achievement how the disability affects the child s involvement in general education classroom P 0 P 3 g h Statement of measurable annual goals imeets the child s needs that come from the disability to make sure the child can be involved and make progress in the general education classroom How they will be assessed Description of a child s progress toward meeting their goals Statement of special education and related services and supplementary aid and services that will be provided for a student Explanation why child may not participate with nondisabled peers Statement of accommodations that are necessary to measure achievement such as alternative testing The date student will start beginning services and modi cations At age 16 individualized transition plan is developed 7 Discuss the Function of an IEP a Measure of accountability for teachers and schools It also list the howwhenwhatwho s of a child s progress 8 Discuss why LRE is a major concern in writing an IEP a To determine if the disability is severe enough that the child will have to be removed from the general education classroom The LESS a student is in a MORE restrictive environment the better 9 Discuss each step of alternative continuum of services a 5quot 0 F 5 Lquot 9 h HomeboundHospital students receive educational services at home or in a hospital program Residential school student receives special education services from speci cally trained staff in resident facility students receive 24hr care Resident home Separate school students receive special education in a speci cally designed facility day program Separate classroom special education teacher teaches the student and student attends classes in a separate classroom for most of the day or all day Resource room student in General Education class most of the day but goes to resource room for specialized instruction ex speech General Education w supplementary instructions and services services in general education classroom from paraprofessional or special education teachers General education w consultation receive services under general education class teacher supported by consultation of special education teacher General Education class student receives program under general education teacher 10 PROS and CONS OF INCLUSION a PROS Cons LRE legitimates restrictive environments No clear De nition of Inclusion ML m Based on readiness model Gen Ed teachers aren39t always trained Sanctions infringements of people s rights No guarantee child will leam or be accepted Directs attention to physical settings rather than services needed Confuses segregation and integration w intensity of services 11 Discuss current changes to fulfilling the promise of FAPE for all students with disabilities a If professionals are able to work together communicate with each other families students The process it takes to bring the goal to a reality There is excessive paperwork and unclear guidelines in appropriate grouping of students


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