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Western Civ I

by: Brenden Baumbach Sr.

Western Civ I HIST 1121

Brenden Baumbach Sr.

GPA 3.6

James Richards

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About this Document

James Richards
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brenden Baumbach Sr. on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1121 at Gordon College taught by James Richards in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/222088/hist-1121-gordon-college in History at Gordon College.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Review and Re ection The Five Elements of Europe as a Culture I 1 man is a being of worth and dignity I 2 the universe is orderly and purposeful and man can rationally know it is so as well as believe it is so I 3 there is an ethical transcendent deity overseeing the universe and human affairs I 4 institutions and the social order should correspond to the ideal order underlying the universe I 5 the future can be and will be better for man than the present and the past Review and Re ection II Basic Premises of the Course I Important to knoW basic elements of Europe IKnoW hoW they orIginated 39KnoW hoW they combined to form Europe 39Europe has been dynamic changing over time 39I ha ve presented eVidence that this is true 39Perhaps you have eVidence it is not true Review and Reflection III A Quick Look Back at Europe s Sources I Judaism produced M of Europe s beliefs values and ideals I Worth and dignity of man I Ethical transcendent God I Society should re ect permanent order underlying world I Future will be better than the past or present Review and Reflection III A Quick Look Back at Europe s Sources 39Greece produced three of Europe s elements I Worth and dignity of man 39Universe as orderly and purposeful intelligible to man ISociety is valid and ideal if it re ects ideal order of the world 39Rome s contributions were twofold IA dopt and spread Greek culture IProvide a seedbed for Christianity Review and Re ection III A Quick Look Back at Europe s Sources I Christianity became formative force dra Wing together the synthesis of GrecoRoman and Judaeo Christian outlooks I Why Because it best answered vexing questions doubts and issues in Roman imperial life in first two centuries AD I Christianity triumphed in late Empire and began the syn thesis of Christian by then Judaeo Christian and classical GrewRoman cultures Review and Reflection III A Quick Look Back at Europe s Sources 39T he next phase was the assimilation of Germanic in uences 5th to 9th centuries This had happened basically by Carolingian era I This set the stage for the First Europe 900135 0 39The worth of man as a soul needing salvation IThe future as the next world for which man needed to prepare 39The world as God s world ISocial institutions as a remedy for sin IGod as a wrathful avenging God Review and Re ection III A Quick Look Back at Europe s Sources I The Era 13501650 as one of paradox contradictions the juxtaposition of old and new a search for neW authorities focusing on individual IExamples of this theme I What happens in lEIistory 1122 I The Enlightenment or Second Europe I The Impact of Revolutions in the 19th cen tuIy on the Second Europe IRe volt against Europe in the 20th cen tuIy I Will there be a Third Europe Review and Reflection IV Some Afterthoughts I Have I idealized Europe I Europe s ability to transform itself and adapt itself I The values of Europe enable critics of Europe to be critical I Europe has made technology science and economic progress possible for all others I Even revolutionaries are thinking European values when they attack the West for whatever reason I Whatever evils have come out of Europe so has great good I G K Chesterton Review and Re ection IV Some Afterthoughts The highest gratitude and respect are due to the great human civilizations such as the old Egyptian or the existing Chinese Nevertheless it is no injustice for them to say that only modern Europe has exhibited incessantly a power of selfrenewal recurring often at the shortest intervals and descending to the smallest facts of building or costume All other societies die finally and with dignity We die daily We are always being born again with almost indecent obstetrics It is hardly an exaggeration to say that there is in historic Christendom a sort of unnatural life it could be explained as a supernatural life It could be explained as an awful galvanic life working in what would have been a corpse For our civilization ought to have died by all parallels by all sociological probability in the Ragnorak of the end of Rome That is the weird inspiration of our estate you and I have no business to be here at all We are all revenants all living Christians are dead pagans walking about Just as Europe was about to be gathered in silence to Assyria and Babylon something entered into its body And Europe has had a strange life it is not too much to say that it has had the jumps ever since Orthodoxy Review and Re ection Questions 1 T be preceding paragraph is based on my conviction that one can only criticize Europeans tbose sbaring Europe as a culture for their supposed domination and Victimiza tion of the rest of the world if one accepts the assumptions of E urope as a culture You We got to ba ve a basis for making such moral judgmen ts T lIat basis is the fundamental outlook of Europe about human nature and a just society A strict Buddlu39st or Confucian Will never 11a ve the sense of m oral outrage about injustice that someone sharing the European beritage bas T be whole outlook is different You We got to be Within the tradition of Europe to criticize it And if you are part of the tradition of Europe as a culture W11 y the venomous 11a tred of Europe Your tlIouglI ts Review and Re ection Questions 2 My comments about the revolutionary tradition as revolting against Europe but growing out of it Review and Re ection Questions Consider another principle growing within the Western tradition and nowhere else freedom of expression The ability to stand outside your own political system your own culture and your religion to criticize your own society and to pursue the truth is something we today take so much for granted that it is almost part of the air we breathe lVlthout it our idea of freedom of expression would not exist We should recognize however that this is a distinctly Western phenomenon that is it is part of the cultural heritage of those countries in Europe the Americas and Australasia that evolved out of Ancient Greece Rome and Christianity This idea was never produced by either Confucian or Hindu culture Under Islam it had a brief life in the fourteenth century but was never heard of again Keith Windschuttle The Journalism of Walfare The New Criterion Vol 23 No 10 June 2005 Your view


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