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Intro to Humanities

by: Allene Hickle

Intro to Humanities HUMA 1500

Marketplace > Gordon College > Humanities > HUMA 1500 > Intro to Humanities
Allene Hickle

GPA 3.52

Richard Baskin

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About this Document

Richard Baskin
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allene Hickle on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUMA 1500 at Gordon College taught by Richard Baskin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/222107/huma-1500-gordon-college in Humanities at Gordon College.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Baskin HUMA 1500 INFORMATION FOR EXAMS Overview Your examination will cover material from your reading with special emphasis on material discussed in class You must bring notebook paper a pencil and a pen if you prefer to write responses with a pen to each exam I will give you the questions for parts 11 and 111 before the exam During the exam you may use one 3x5 note card with all the notes you can cram on it Successful responses to the questions in parts 11 and 111 include the following elements and are organized as follows 1 general period andor culture the topic of the question is associated with 2 the definition of the question topic Who or what is it referring to if applicable 3 major trends or ideas the topic is associated with and 4 most importantly specific examples of the question topic eg artists and their artworks philosophers and their philosophies as so forth If the question asks you to discuss only one work provide even more specifrcs from the work Whether discussing one work or more be sure to explain 1M the specific examples you mention exemplify a major trend or idea Note always give the correct title of a work painting book building etc and the name of the person who created it While group studying can be helpful students are expected to think for themselves Exams that are too similar will usually earn zeros Parts of the Exam Each exam will have three parts Part one must be answered on a scantron bubble in sheet You must bring a pencil to each exam This part of the test will contain about 25 items each worth 2 pts All information covered in this section of the course since the last exam if one has been given is subject to examination in part 1 terms the names of artistic movements artists writers and so forth specifrc creative works and their cultural significance etc Notes 0 I have observed that some students don t take seriously the memorization of important terms and names Big mistake Not only does that mean that the student cannot communicate very well when discussing the ideas in this course it also means loss of signi cant points on the test Students who make little effort in this area usually lose a letter grade on the exam or more Note the mention of cultural signi cance above A painting is only important in how it is a part of culture Don t forget to study this aspect of the course and it relates to everything we discuss Part two will include three questions about humanities in a given culture with each response worth 10 pts Responses of at least ve sentences each are required Example questions 0 How did sculpture express different cultural and artistic values during the Classical Greece period and why What is the Aeneid and how did it re ectemphasize the values of its culture Why was the morality play important to the spread of cultural values How did the universities develop and for what reasons What were the different social functions and signi cances of the cathedral during the high Middle Ages Part three will consist of a question about one culture s in uence on another or about cultural differences worth 10 pts A response of at least ve sentences is required Example questions 0 How did Greek culture in uence Roman culture 0 How did Plato s philosophy differ from Aristotle s o What are some key differences between the Greek temple and the Christian cathedral differences that express different values Sample Response The sentences in the following response are keyed to the outline provided in the Overview above The question asked was How did Greek sculpture express different cultural and artistic values during the Classical Greek period and why This response earned a strong A Response The Peloponnesian War is the primary cause for the changes we see in artistic and cultural values in sculpture over the course of the Classical Era or Golden Age in Greek culture1392393 The war between Athens and its former allies led to a long period of suffering4 In general the values expressed changed from an emphasis on the Classical Idealithe importance of order control balance and faith in human abilitiesito more of an emphasis on the individual experience4 The later sculptures expressed more emotion and tension which re ected the war4 The statue of Apollo intervening in the war between the Lapiths and Centaurs which was created on the Temple of Zeus is a balanced fairly symmetrical work and represents the Classical Ideal5 Apollo with his calm expression represents reason which he brings to the warfare of more bestial creatures5 The statue of Laocoon and his sons demonstrates the change in values during the course of the war While this statue is still a beautiful work with some degree of balance great tension is shown in the muscles and veins of the statue and in the twisted postures of the bodies5 Their faces show extreme fear something that would not have been expressed during the heyday of the Classical Ideal5


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