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Senior Seminar in History

by: Geovanni Bartoletti II

Senior Seminar in History HIST 461

Marketplace > Harding University > History > HIST 461 > Senior Seminar in History
Geovanni Bartoletti II
Harding University
GPA 3.95

Janet Fortner

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About this Document

Janet Fortner
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Geovanni Bartoletti II on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 461 at Harding University taught by Janet Fortner in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/222120/hist-461-harding-university in History at Harding University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
III DECLINE OF THE ROMAN REPUBLIC amp THE ROMAN REVOLUTION CIVI WARS ca 100 to 31 BC ADDENDUM 4A Details of Period of Civil Wars also Called Period of WARLORDS MILITARY TROUBLES PROVIDE OCCASIONS LEADING TO CIVIL WAR A JUGU39RTHINE WAR in Africa Marius Cos 107 BC Got Africa Command via Plebiscitum in Council of Plebs struggled to win war ERE Marius Starts Recruiting PROLETARII or CAPITI CENSI B GERMAN WAR 1 Marius Given Command vs Teutones amp Cimbri 2 Marius Elected Consul again 104 B amp 103 102 101 100 C SOCIAL WAR or ITALIAN WAR 90 7 88 BC Lat Socii Allies these are Socii Italici Italian Allies 1 Italians Wanting More Political Rights 2 91 M LIVIUS DRUSUS the Younger TRIBUNE a vocated Gracchan Type Reforms Grain Land etc b GRANTING CITIZENSHIP to Non7Roman Italians 3 SENATE RESISTED Drusus PER7sisted B amp was killed 4 90788 BC EgtWar with Socii7 Allies as ITALIAN CONFEDERACY E Sulla Cos 88 BC amp Command D MITHRIDATIC WAR 89 7 85 BC against Mithridates VI of Pontus in Asia Minor opportunistic re other Roman troubles 1 SULLA as Proconmlare B GOT Command Marched EAST 2 MARIUS Used His Old Trick B to Council of Plebs amp Switched Commands via Plebiscitum 3 Sulla Appealed to His Army B Marched On Rome 13gt 1 Civil War E SPARTACAN REVOLT 73771 BC 1 Crassus received command against slaves did major part of work in South 2 Gnaeus Pompey in North headed South a Using Private Army of Cliemes of his fathers b Doing clean7up in North amp headed south c Reached Rome amp took Credit for Entire d BAD Blood between Crassus who hated Pompey amp Pompey 1gr CIVIL WAR 86 to 82 BC A 1 C VIL WAR Sulla amp Optimates versus Marius amp Populares Sulla took Rome Then went East to light Mithridates hen Populares Too me Marius Elected to 73911 Consulship for 86 B and DIED ulan39x Leader Bgt L Cornelius Cinna Consul continuously 87784 Sulla Returned 13gt Civil War in Italy 83 7 82 a Gnaeus Pompeius connected by blood to MariusCinna Populan39s b But Pompey raised private army fought for Sulla 6 2 Sulla made Dictator Forced Thru Laws of Settlement B SULLAN SETTLEMENT 1 Proscriptions 40 Senators amp 1600 Equites some sources suggest more or both 2 Reformed Respublica a STRONG Senate B Added 300 members from Equites amp Rich Italians b PUBLIC PROVISION OF GRAIN ABOLISHED had been reinstituted by Populares c TRIBUNES WERE CURT ILED B could not be re7elected efore 10 years NATE Received FORMAL all POWER TO VETO All Legislation 3 3979 Sulla Stepped down Retired Died 78 BC C EMPIRE 10 PROVINCES at this date 1 Governed by EX7Cons uls 2 10 Provinciae Cisalpine Gaul finally a Province Sicily Sardinia7Corsica Hither Spain Further Spain Macedonia Africa Asia Gaul Narbonensis Cilicia CAESAR 1 TRIUMVIRATE 2 D CIVIL WAR A 1 r 1 manna Ki TRl39UMVIRATE 60753 BC 2 Consuls for 3970 BC Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus amp M Licinius Crassus a Bitter Enemies but Joined together to UNDO Sullan Constitution 1 LEX GABINLA 67 Granted Pompey PIRATE COMMAND 2 LEXIKANILIA 66 to Deal with 2mi Mithridatic War b Pompey Proved a Worth General 1 Cleared M 39terranean i edl n 3 Months 2 Almost as Fast against Mithridates a Took Judaea amon other areas b Roman presence in Jewish life from this point on 3 BgtACTA Vets East Settlement 4 eared the Return of Over7Powerful Pompey from EAst 2 BY 60 BC Optimates Frustrating Wishes of3 Men a M Licinius CRASSUS c 112 7 53 BC Tax Relief for Equites Publicam39 Friends b POMPEY Wants Eastern Settlement Ratified amp Land for his Veterans c JULIUS CAESAR Wants Consulship amp Command Gaul to get Rich amp Control Office 4 SO JOINED IN 1ST INFORML TRIUMVIRATE 7760 7 53 BC B TO Get What Each Wanted AinformalE Not Legalized a C ESAR Cos For 59 BC Passed Bills B Some Violence involved Bgt Pompey Discontent b So Marriages Strengthen Position ompey to Julia G C to Calpurnia consuls dau hter c Caesar in Gaul 9 Years B to End of 50 BC Made Great Conquests 58 7 50 BC Vercingetorix Alesia 52 B Then DEATHS 13gt Split between Caesar amp Pompey Julia died 54 BC amp Crassus killed 53 BC 39 39me Rome in U roar Gangs in Streets Caesar Wants another Consulship Denied by Senate Crossed RUBICON Jan 11 49 BC Senate Bgt SCU for Pompey to ASave Republic B 2ND CIVIL WAR 4945 BC 1 Caesar Takes Italy Pompey Retreats to Greece neat


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