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by: Gia Dickens

Marketing BUS 228

Gia Dickens

GPA 3.62


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gia Dickens on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BUS 228 at Hollins University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/222136/bus-228-hollins-university in Business at Hollins University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
BUS 228 Marketing RoomzPleasants 306 Time Tuesdays 600PM F all201 1 Syllabus Last Updated September 6 2011 Instructor Dr Elisabeth Velazquez Office West Hall 230 Office Hours 940AM 1040AM MWF 1200PM100PM MWFor By Appointment Phone 540375 2227 Email velazguezroanokeedu Course Description Principles practices and basic theoretical concepts in the eld of marketingLecture 3 hrswk Textbook amp Resources Contemporary Marketing 15 e Boone and Kurtz 20 11 Online Version httpwwwcoursesma1tcom ISBN 1111221782 Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes lVIarketing 228 provides a general introduction to the principles and practices of marketing The course introduces all of the major aspects of marketing prom39ding the essential foundation for those planning to continue with more advanced marketing coursework and giving an overview to those who will take only one marketing course Upon completion of the course successful students will be able to 0 Understand the concepts and methods used in Marketing 0 Explain the in uences on and segmentation of consumer business and global markets Articulate and debate current ethical issues related to Marketing 0 Create a Marketing Plan for a sustainable business Assignments and Attendance Policy Written assignments must be PKlN 1 hi prior to class time so that they can be submitted to me at the start of class Absolutely NOassignments will be accepted late except for a University activity or documentedemergency situation beyond the student39s control Students must be aware of the printing availability on campus and plan accordingly College work proceeds at such a pace that regular attendance is necessary for each student to obtain maximum bene ts of instruction Regular and punctual attendance at all class sessions is a student obligation and each student is responsible for ALL the work including tests and written work in all class sess1ons After 2 unexcused absences any additional unexcused absence will result in a deduction off your FINAL grade Late entrants will also receive unexcused absent marks for the day Students who participate in sports are required to give me formal documentation of their proposed absences at the start of the semester It is the student s responsibility to meet with me before or after each scheduled absence to collect missed material andor makeup work Professionalism Students will behave professionally at all times This is de ned as the conduct aims or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person Students who are unprofessional will be asked to leave the class and will be marked absent for the day Important aspects of professionalism include o Arriving to class on time 0 Preparing for class 0 Refraining from complaining or whining about projects and expectations 0 Engaging in ethical behavior which means that you do not ask the professor to make special exceptions ie bend the course rules for you 0 Respecting others time please do not ask questions during class which are answered on Blackboard or on this syllabus e g due dates class policies It is disrespectful of other students time Please come by during office hours or make an appointment to meet with me if you need clari cation of this information o Abstaining from using electronic devices during class This includes texting chatting or searching the Internet 0 Cell phones PDAs iPods and Pagers must be turned off prior to entering the classroom or lab The use ofANY electronic device during a lecture in class activity presentation quiz or exam is strictly prohibited unless it s speci ed as part of an in class assignment 0 Check your em ail Iwill be sending you updates and reminders regularly I don t usecheck my email is not an excuse for missing assignments Blackboard s email tool sends messages only to Roanoke email accounts Academic Integrity We shall not tolerate lying cheating or stealing in any formFurthermore we recognize that academic dishonesty detracts from the value of a Hollins College degree Material taken from the World Wide Web or other sources must be referenced All exams are closed book and closed notes Students who give or receive assistance on an examination use unauthorized written material during an examination falsify attendance records or engage in other conduct that might be regarded as academic quot 39 L will be 39 with university policy If you are not sure whether or not any action would constitute a violation of Academic Integrity please consult with me Student Disability Appropriate accommodations will be made for students with physical or mental disabilities Students must present a letter during the first week of class stating that the disability has been documented The letter must also include a speci c description of the desired accommodation Additionally it is the student s responsibility to give the instructor a oneweek notice prior to each instance in which an accommodation will be needed EXAMS AND GRADES Exams There will be three noncumulative exams and one cumulative nal exam Exams will cover all assigned textbook readings and inclass material Exams will be combination of multiple choice and shortanswer essay questions Make up Exams There will be NO MAKEUP EXAMS You must submit a letter from a Dean Doctor or Health Services documenting a severe illness family tragedy or other extreme extenuating circumstance as the reason for your absence In that case the percentage for the missed exam will be added to the percentage of the nal exam Otherwise your grade on the missed exam will be zero Favorable travel arrangements nancial or otherwise and emergencies beyond the student s immediate family ie parents spouse andor children do not constitute valid reasons to ask for a makeup exam Final Exam The nal exam is not optional even for graduating seniors The nal exam must be taken at the scheduled date designated by the Registrar s 0 ice unless a makeup has been approved by all necessary parties affiliated with Hollins College Grades Test grades will not be discussed in class Except for accidental problems of addition discrepancies with test grades must be given in writing within two days after tests are returned in class Grade Policies The United States Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA prohibits the public distribution of grades or graded work This is commonly understood to include posting grades by student names initials or student social security number It also is understood to include placing of graded material in a public place where students go through the material to nd their own graded work GRADING PROCEDURES Graded Components Attendance Professionalism 7 Case PresentationsInclass ActivitiesReading Quizzes 13 Final Project 15 Exam 1 Exam 2 amp Exam 3 15 points each 45 Final Exam 20 Total 100 Grading Scale Grade Greater Less Than Grade Greater Than or Less Than Than or Equal To Equal To A 93 C 73 77 A 90 93 C 70 73


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