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Introduction to Leadership

by: Clovis Baumbach

Introduction to Leadership LDRS 201

Marketplace > Hope College > OTHER > LDRS 201 > Introduction to Leadership
Clovis Baumbach
Hope College
GPA 3.99


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clovis Baumbach on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LDRS 201 at Hope College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/222149/ldrs-201-hope-college in OTHER at Hope College.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Leadership Minor and Certificate Program Outline April 16 2009 Why Choose Leadership To build on your gifts Talents Personality Passion Perception Opportunity And develop your personal leadership emotional intelligence process thinking and team leadership competencies To address the needs of the world To serve God and humanity Why We Teach at CFL gt Assumption We Were Created to Lead and Serve gt Friedman s prediction In a Flat World Help Wanted Ads Seek Left brainers who are Collaborators and Orchestrators Synthesizers Explainers Leveragers Adaptors Synthesizers le Daniel Pink s Right Brainers What We Teach at CFL Who Are We What Will We DO Assumptions Values Practices Outcomes Others focused Servant Internally motivated Leadership and Functional Purpose driven Emotional Teams Open minded Intelligence Positive and Significant Difference Ontological amp Epistemological Personal Change Greater Servant Leadership w Integrity Process Thinking STARS FENA Team building LDRS Journey HOW we do something is as important as WHAT we do4 CFL s Vision The vision of CFL is that Hope graduates a large cadre of students who are more confident in their leadership abilities and more effective in servant leadership so that those served grow as persons and become healthier wiser freer more secure and more likely themselves to become servantsquot Robert Greenleaf Servant Leader Servant Leader Servant Leader T T T T l Servant Leader Servant Leader T T Servant Leader Leadership Values Go to the people Live among them Learn from them Love them Start with what they know Build on what they have But of the best leaders When their task is done The people will remark We have done it ourselves Chinese poem The best leaders and team leaders are followers Leadership Values We Value Detached interdependence Appreciative Inquir Tough o Ie Adaptive Con dence Integrity IS Fundamental Based Integrity State Authentic engagement ResponSIbe Freedom Re ective Action Grounded Vision Hypocrisybased Normal State EI Competencies We Value Social awareness Who are we Self awareness Who am I Self leadership How will I become a better servant leader Relationship leadership How will I help others become better servant leaders How We Teach at CFL Self Reflect Awa reness Social Relationship Awareness Servant Leadership Leadership Feelll DOII Self Management Think The Core of the Team Relationship Leadership Team Functions Leadershi St les Leadership Functions LDRS 201 amp 391 LDRS 401 LDRS 4O 1 Results Accountabll39ty Encourage through Moral Power comm39tmentBuyln coaChinQ Surrender to the Emergent Process LDRS 391 What is the Problem STARS What Must Be Done Dlsturb the System What is Right for all Democratic What is the Action Plan Be the V39S39O Who s in Charge of What Transcend Fear Conflict and Debate Af liative Look Inside Know Your Gifts Trust and others gifts and Visionary Embrace the Hypocritical Self Vulnerability Envision a Co Creative Communit Look Outside See Reality LDRS 201 Fundamental Assumptions Theory Y Values and Practices 1 O The Core Who Am I LDRS 201 Leaders are Servants first of Servant Leadership l LDRS 391 231 l l LDRS 399 l Servant Leaders Are Social Entrepreneurs Servant Leaders are Emotionally Intelligent LDRS 401 Leaders are Servants first Servants check their Assumptions Values and Practices they create Vulnerability and Trust based Teams What Will I Do Social Entrepreneurs define and solve Societal Problems with Others on Teams Expe en al Learning contributes to Emotional Intelligence Servant Leaders enable others to be Servant Leaders Personal Leadership Emotional Intelligence Process Thinking amp Team Building Skills built on a foundation of Communication knowledge skills and values Minor in Organizational Leadership Practice LDRS 4m 2 credits 1 I LDRS 399 Internship 4 credits I I LDRS 391 I NOTE The may Independent Study Team Project 4 credits term LDRS 231 course Entrepreneurship Exercising Se i n Wm Learn quot9 your ggwd39g if not Mensnoring Others via CASA or U3 0 credits I highly recommended Mentoring Program Being Mentored OPEN TO ALL HOPE STUDENTS O crews LDRS 201 2 credits OPEN TO ALL HOPE STUDENTS Certificate in Organizational Leadership Practice LDRS 401 2 credits LDRS 399 Internship 4 credits I T LDRS 391 Independent Study Team Project 4 credits NOTE The May I term LDRS 231 course Entrepreneurship Exercising l Your Right Mind is not SerViQe Learning required but is Mentoring Others VIa CASA or UB 0 credits highly recommended Mentoring Program Being Mentored OPEN TO ALL HOPE STUDENTS 0 credits T T LDRS 201 2 credits OPEN TO ALL HOPE STUDENTS


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