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Notes 11/17/14

by: Jack Bethke

Notes 11/17/14 HSTAA 301

Marketplace > History > HSTAA 301 > Notes 11 17 14
Jack Bethke

Colonial North America
Prof. Johnson

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About this Document

War of Independence
Colonial North America
Prof. Johnson
One Day of Notes
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This 4 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Jack Bethke on Monday November 24, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to HSTAA 301 at a university taught by Prof. Johnson in 2014. Since its upload, it has received 142 views.


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Date Created: 11/24/14
111714 From Rebellion to Independence 177576 0 Looking back 0 What caused the war 0 Short term triggers such as the Tea Party the Boston Massacre etc 0 Mediumterm precipitants such as the crown policies in the 1760s and colonial reactions to them 0 Longterm preconditions were social economic and political growth in the colonies 0 These conditions are important because it shows multiple reasons for revolt They also help us track the change from protest to rebellion to revolution The colonists were not embarking on a revolution from the get go they wanted more English rights rather than a new country in the beginning 0 Washington and an army Boston besieged 0 April 1775 Continental Congress meets in Philly and declares war on Britain following victories at Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold respectively 0 June 1775 Congress declares war on British Government and elect George Washington the only member of the congress attending in military uniform to lead the rebel army 0 Colonists still asserted that they were fighting for King George 0 July 1775 Olive Branch petition sent to King George as an attempt to reconcile and end the rebellion King George refuses and less than a year later colonists declare their independence 0 Loyalty swept away by 2 events 0 One was George s enjoyment at the violent nature of putting down the rebellion Very supportive of harsher methods being used in the colonies even if it meant sending foreign mercenaries 0 The other was Thomas Paine s Common Sense 0 Towards independence Tom Paine s Common Sense and the killing of the King as in RP unit IX delegitimization of the English constitution and connection value of republicanism and isolation from Europe s quarrels 0 Common Sense in January in 1776 paints a picture of King George that shows him to not be the benevolent leader that he was That America needed to cut ties with the overbearing mother country 0 Paine was a man well fitted to perform this task He was born in Britian and became involved in radical politics in his youth Moved to America in 1774 Became even more radical as his life progressed and died alone and ostracized as a radical free thinker Loved writing about the fall of great and powerful men He thought out of the box able to set things in a whole new light 0 Common Sense written in a very appealing sense It was the best American seller since George Whitfield s Great Awakening writings 0 The pamphlet starts off with a statement that government is a necessary evil but that you don t have to just blindly accept what that gov might be You have the right to choose what that gov will look like 0 Launches an attack on the British monarchy and constitution Says William the Conquerer was just a bastard Frenchman landing at the head of a squabbling army Points out that the people often fight wars the provide personal gain to the monarch but not the people 0 Compares George III to Nero and his madness 0 Attacked the British Constitution The best part of it was that it had a balancing factor to it checks and balances between gov institutions Paine says no that it is just a corrupted version of an ancient AngloS axon democracy Paine wants to get back to that democracy but starts to preach republicanism saying that it was the only system that could uphold liberty Said that too much foreign policy inevitably corrupts 0 Every spot around the globe was covered by corruption and greed of overly powerful and needed to be saved from this tyranny 0 Paines common sense is important for distinguishing gov from society stresses the value of words that would become hallmarks of American culture such as republicanism continietalanism J efferson s Declaration of Independence based on natural law and rights of man not Englishmen reconceptualization of the state from being an inherited organic body to a mechanism created to protect individual rights Omission of property and religion goals of safety and happiness 0 English declaration of war opens up the American coast to raids by the Royall Navy 0 May 1776 the continental Congress urges the colonies to set up their own governments They also preached declaring independence 0 Stated that the Colonies should be free and independent states they should confederate in a form of unity and that they should make foreign alliances to support themselves Not a unified country but a confederation of states 0 July 2nd 1776 the Declaration of Independence is completed Printed and adopted on July 4 The document was riddled with enlightened beliefs Had to cater to the multiple cultures of the 13 colonies 0 Best understood based on the growing distance between colonial opinions and British ignorance of them Natural law led to the conclusion that all men were equal with inalienable rights Truths are selfevident rather than based on custom or scripture or history gov should be created based on what one thinks best for it 0 Gov of Jefferson or Franklin are just frameworks to protect men while they do what it is they do 0 Creates a sense of the necessity of independence A gov that could be disbanded by the people sounded pretty good 0 Declaration read to the troops and across the country Did not have a huge immediate impact but it became a hallmark of Enlightenment thinking as the War and history progressed 0 Declaration was heavily edited by Congress Left out the blame Jefferson placed on George III for the slave trade references to the use of foreign mercenaries in the British Army etc colonists Wanted to avoid the slavery question 0 New sources of legitimacy rituals of revolution and nationhood Liberty tree no 45 ag land people and Thanksgiving from gastronomy to nationality and back again 0 People drank 45 toasts because of John Wilke s having his 45 paper taken down and edited by British gov 0 Came up with a unifying ag rather than the plethora of state and local flags that had been being used before this


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