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Notes, 11/20/2014

by: Jack Bethke

Notes, 11/20/2014 HSTAA 301

Marketplace > History > HSTAA 301 > Notes 11 20 2014
Jack Bethke

Colonial North America
Prof. Johnson

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About this Document

The American Revolution as the First American Civil War
Colonial North America
Prof. Johnson
One Day of Notes
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This 2 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Jack Bethke on Monday November 24, 2014. The One Day of Notes belongs to HSTAA 301 at a university taught by Prof. Johnson in 2014. Since its upload, it has received 141 views.

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Date Created: 11/24/14
112014 The loyalists the Revolution as the first US Civil War 0 Important to remember that the Revolution was not just a war against an overseas enemy It was a war inside America within families and communities as some chose patriotism and others remained loyal to the crown 0 The loyalists Tories up to 10000 chose to leave US Wartime division of approXimately1520 active loyalists v 2530 active patriots 0 Many myths about how many torries there were during the war Many civilians were just apathetic and offered service to whoever showed up first 0 Following the revolution around 80000 white and black loyalists chose to pack up and leave for other areas Compared by population 5X as many people left American following the war than left France during their revolution 0 Who were they Examples of Galloway Boucher Smith Overall loyalists likely to be royal officials Anglicans merchants frontiersmen or minorities ethnic racial and regional Spurred by fear of WASP majority rule 0 Difficult to point out one type of person that joined the loyalist cause Patriots put them out as torries conservative and against social and political change 0 Ben Franklin s son William remained loyal to the crown because he was tied into the system 0 Many of the Anglican church members especially in New England remained loyal as the congregation favored Britian 0 Merchants with commercial ties to Britain were likely to remain loyal as well 0 Joseph Galloway a friend of Franklin s he joined the continental congress and proposed a reconciliation act which was turned down Joined the loyalists and was forced to ee to England 0 William Smith one of the leaders of the Sons of Liberty in the 1760s but became disenfranchised with the revolution midway through and became a loyalist Many supported American rights but not independence 0 Torries were reliant on the British for support while patriots could expect help from the civilian population Never orated like the patriots did because they wanted to be thought of as the smaller but better party 0 Quakers generally supported the British but were also pacifists so they did not fight for either side 0 Largest group of loyalists came from New York Florida and other southern colonies Formed regiments to fight the patriots Their propaganda said that the French would take over the country 0 More than 20000 Americans joined the Provincial Corps at onetime or another and around 15000 served part time 0 Loyalists were often from the same low classes as the patriots Many were prominent or wealthy people but it was not entirely and oligarchy A good number of frontiersmen joined up with Indians and attacked American towns especially in upstate New York Where the Johnson family allied with the Iroquois wreaked havoc until General John Sullivan Was sent to eradicate their resistance 0 Broadly speaking minorities tended to be loyalists Many blacks and Indians fought for the British George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both had slaves run away to fight for the Empire 0 HighlandScots in the Carolina s Dutch settlers in Long Island Looked at Britain as their protector fearing What would happen to the loyalists if the patriots Won New immigrants feared White male AngloSaxon tyranny 0 Loyalist service and disillusionment As in Kenneth Roberts novel Oliver Wiswell 1940 0 Why failure Disorganization minority status patriot intimidation property confiscation 0 Selfconscious minority that prided themselves on their small size They Were also groups of people who were not likely to receive popular support 0 Became disillusioned with the British who often left them behind to be dealt with by the patriots 0 Strong disciplinary measures against those choosing the loyalist cause they Would often be tarred and feathered 0 Loyalist estates and lands parceled out to the patriots 0 Dispersal to Canada West Indies England Thomas Peters and Sierra Leone Artist John Singleton Copley SpysoldierscientistB avarian minister Benjamin Thompson Significance of loyalists nature and exile for interpreting the American Revolution and the development of North America


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