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by: Leanne Becker


Leanne Becker
GPA 3.83


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 29 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leanne Becker on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 491 at Idaho State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/222188/geol-491-idaho-state-university in Geoscience at Idaho State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Seminar to Eastern California and Death Valley Idaho State University Spring 2007 Thus begins another epic seminar adventure We ve got 2000 miles ofdriving 8 days of geology and ahand ll of characters and costumes Remember the two most impo an seminar tools your patience and your sense ofhumor Strap in and hold onto your hat Camp Day Date Sleep Day s Plan Who 1 Fri 13Apr Round Mm Drive to R Mm and Mine Tour Prof Ben Crosby 2 Sat 14Apr Bishop morn driveng Valley Caldera Prof Paul Link 3 Sun 15Apr Bishop Long a UG Nick N sen 4 Mon 16Apr Bishop Water Resources LADWP Tour UG han on Osterhout 5 Tue 17Apr Bish Owen ectonics UG Nick 5 nza 6 Wed 18Apr MIl C Death Valley Tour Gower Gulch G Julia Anderson 7 Thu 19Apr MIl Camp Proterozoic Noonday Mine G Esther Kingsbmy 8 Fri ZOA MIl Camp Proterozoic Winters Pass Hills G Desi staires 9 Sat 21Apr Pocatello 39 G Caleb Stroup G K The Big Map El IE CB Kw Camm Brain Km w m Dzserl Nalln39la l Wham Range 7 Suuuma i Eh airman m chromav Fizz swam New lnvcreledEecmsl End sh Long Valley Caldera Mann Lake gm Dimminn nflake averllnw yr mum lake 6 ovemuw n an m l kl knuma an 1 m Mm Basin and nnl w munnun39ans nhmg All ennui Siam xnm mama Russer Q Q eoc mm a mm mm mm m 22 wmmm Maw m m mm mm HLLS mg Vany Caldera n m L 7 7 aim 6 35 uvwwmnnm t mum A WWW mm a wwwmuw Munnmmmw szmm WWW I ztnmmm WWW mmm my am 3745 r nf ngum 5 and 5 KsiKi mand Spril nglln InyorMono Crater Chain Bcimmnh of Bru gepon Camun AnsiAdahc Bills Wm MHSimem mm um rm mu w W n mmquot m m u 14 l 39 v mm WWMW My um m m a MM 1 um 1 mm mm cm m w m m w 7 wm mnwmm K Wu mumrm 5 mm mwm 9mm Innmanna va mwm pumx a mznwlnml m mm mm MusMm m mm m mu an 4mm num Lana lezy um bu vnkmr m us amass wn Iquot v v mmquot g gt 7 53 46 MONO uwzs M01 In quotclogM mychlu v Hmh nundn 39 395 quotmo 5 39 quot F mIMcu Ln m 1nn a p v39 Bunun um um Dan 11 n u I vwml 39 x mu Mowm mum mum i i 7 mum m mun 7 7 I H 5 u m am In uwm va mm mm Luv Aumu mr Dafwh 553 runnoun Lu nu u mu A lt 0 mm wlh mgh mm mm ms nm on Lung allc uldcn m m 513nm quotmu m mm m my my M m mm mm 7 mm mm lulw W Oh m m m nme thmv uxumwmmmmm mhmunnmmu m mum nun Mn N Rumme mm H m m m Wu uu wxnvr mxumx v mm W m MN MW ngqumn m m me an empm m m Mann K rer m mm M Lust mm m m mm rm 5 mm mu u w my u u p b m mll w w mu m u w my u quot4 1 uh mm mm mm m mmcalncm p uu msm m W m mummmma mm Mum 39T WERE 51 Mamanh Muunmin Resurgent D ume z a may meu Mme W WMme m I mm mm his a l w m w m mm m W mm mmm um um ulmul mum mm m m m pmmmpm mm gwm I mm mwn m m WWW mum urmml1 mmalcnummmdnhmzmV umpu dwwml w h wum my vrm whn n M Mm WWW s mm m m A u 4 mm mm 1 mm mm mm mm 1nd nmm m mmmh mm 5 m m w W 11939 new 11839 45W EDM 195519512 7 7 7 5w addeduuensaa 37 SO N EDMunqucm measummcm 7 mm Amman cps Awanuou GF39S new i557 Cmva guwm nr MKResurgenK Dame 37 40 N 7 Tom 5 Place A mp showing the locations of EDM buselrncs ev m A 51mg mums and continuous GI S receivers In Long Valley Caldera From Langbein 2003 Moraines at Convict Lake 1988 0 1992 deformation 119 onw 11a 45w r ommw arsmcemem Mm 395c gt95 a sum 3739 SU39N r 39 5 Cuba mad dlspllmmanu J ltgtumauan mm m 37 AU N r Change in positron of the EDM sites for the 19887 h 9quot s are observed pomiun charm me ellipses are me position changes predicted by a mode of mo m auon mums and dike inrrusmn beneath Mammmh measurements have 0d 1 mmmme system Sagan und Matthews 198 The error ellipse for several EDM sires mlla L39 m be a line smce hese sues have measure mems in only one direcnon l he error in the orthogonal my recuon rs mderermmare g a a 5 p Moraines at McGee Creek Hilton Creek Fault Bishop Tuff Owens River Gorge and Pleasant Valley Structural Deformation in Owens Valley White Mounmin Fault 124 VV 44 N I lean as FlLCqIA P R llT W Tertiary volcanic 0 I 39 Snake Rim 2m amid 147101191er lJJQV39 I Colorado Figure 1 Simpli ed tectonic map of the western part of the US Cordillera showing the major geotectonic provinces and modern plate boundaries Basin and Range extensional province in dark gray CNSZ central Nevada seismic zone ECSZ eastern California shear zone ISB intermountain seismic belt and WLB Walker Lane belt in light gray Glazner et a1 2005 11739 l faald gimdc 38 fault zlme Queen Valley Siam Nevadu gmgl 36 7 ll Garlo k Fa kilumzm Glazner et a1 2005 A Fish Lnke Voileneiu anlkyfnrmu Creek nrq Spring Fan Mquot um owem Volley Fault Znnc l39nwm PM i 1qu B I Fish LnkI Valley DenIll Villlcy FurIIlIm Crack Dunn Slitn2 Mun room Owens Vuley ranllune annc Pass Full Figure In 39 lwthPII 39 i m o piuned block model oi IcKeuzie and Jnekson 1933 1935 Two rigid plmei A and B bound a zone of distributed deform 3901 will iridni o The relalh mu nn between me two plmes is given by be large while row deiined by rwo enmponems 2rquot ol39lhogounl lo die zone and Wo pin39iillel m are one In n deformation is perpendicular to IE zone arrow Paul blocks rot boundaries and is Shown by die large black me eloelmise as shown in MI nogulnr reloeir af W and Wu I fallh blacks and zone boundaries See taxi for discussion B A displacementrn39ansfei39 or i a modi ed irom Olduw er nl 1994 In lliis model are mngnimde af extension along die normnl forms is proporrionnl lo the amount of sm39k 39 maliun n39ansfei re Lee et a1 2001 Flguve 1 Luoatlon map Qal alluvium nndlvlded Diagona slash pa ll rep ms nu dad rocks 0 Slam Nevada Wh talus and Benton Range modi ed from Belem N uS39LS Explanation 0 am Fina gla ned d sral Ian auumal and plays depnshs a Guy Vnungevaliwial and denyianaw napasns cm 7 Older anuwum Pressman depaamanal morphalugy mannaclaw Iavs a harrandrswale Late P s smcane to any Ho wena 0ch Yaungar anuwum M SHvu Canyon Madame u we deve oved pavemem Deposmanav momnolagy subils m absam Stageldl smlcarbnna s Lana Pla skmena osm Older auwmm a SNvar Canyun Wau pavamanl Nu remnam marpnomgy sage m carbonate ogcrAnwlum aqeumarmek Dannanaw and allnmal fanglumeraws Heava dissemed a E 3a 37 3039N no remnant mmpnmugy Dapnsixs nlemedued wnn Eishopm wma linaa Mama P eLsmcans 750 ka nsmonal vegmn m map lnerbedded wwh numerous epmas rangmg n 393 mm 25 Ma 10 20 Ma 9 FcMz Late Plenambdan Mesuzoic bedrock undmevsn amd Fauna ba an nwmhmwn 5162 annw shows sense av aieral displacsmam f Olisnla an 01 Dawn Av mane ac mam Luddecke ex al ma lmevred age nnepma based an chemical canaxanan Cosmogamc Sampva Incamm W 225 N Slip rate she marred m in ext Palm Canyon Redding Canyon g 1 an 15 w cxpmurc of ma Elshap Tun White um mprcucm West Early to MidTeniary 3 Ma present luecklecke et al 1998 mum NlViN d madam 21211998 Quaternary fan deposiLs Figure 5 Cross section nor to scale of the Black Canyon area of the White Mountains range front illustrating the relative positions of the Black Cam0er ash the ancestral range front the modern range front the modern stream channel and the active alluvial fan The ash i 233 m above the modem channel at the modern range front The ash hed Lips 07a toward the basin Cumpared with the 56quot dip on the modem channel and the active alluvial tan Finally note that the presenteday range from occupies a position approximately 2 km hasinward of the range from that was active when the Pliocene ianglomemtes were accumulating Lueddecke et a1 1998 39 3911e uo39 main gure 0 Bishop o be 39amp 3 sample Incanon Ic plutons DevonianMlssissiggian E Lost Burro a Perdido Fms brian Cam Munola a Bonanza King Fms w Ewan Heed amp Deep Spnng Fms rm Morgan and Mn 1993 fades 39facies EVi ureka Valle fades IE7 um pluton PiBarLm lnm P7 u39ble Canyon pluton PFiPnpoose r 1 e 7 mg Canyon plum EFiSage Hen Flat plume Appraximme locnIions for samples cal 12ch nmside me Reddiug Cnnyan nren Fig 2 m shmm Figure 1 Simpli ed mp of me 39hixerIno Rnnge n l 113 1739 kxlomexefs Explanation 1 Qf4 present day channels El QvaaLley m1 D QB smface I sz surface I Q surface 1 ohm bedrock undx fereuha ed Y 53m Scalp hachm39es on relam e dowuthrown s Qumcnmry 1 e smugmpluc comm Glazner et a1 2005 Horizontal Slip Veclor across the WMFZ no a w m 4 an o o o Slip Vector Azimth u m C 20 040 060 080 100 120 140 Slip Rate mkyr Fig 7 Comparison ofharizontal displacement rates determined across the White Mountain Fault Zone from Middle Pleistocene solid lines to Late Pleistocene time dashed lincst The ordinate represents the map pmjL CltOn azimuth 360 north ofthe iiei displacement vector across the fault zonei while the abs ssa represents displacement rate in mkyl Constraints from slip rate sites are referenced as in text Site 17611 le Creek Site ZiRedding Canyon Site 373mm Canyon Site PSabies Canyon leavy dashed lines represent mean values for Late Pleistocene markers aiid light dashed lines represent the range of allowable values Selid Lines represent allowable values for Middle Pleistocene markers tnote that the mean is excluded for clarity Because the lateral slip at Redding Canyon Site It is a minimum b OJ l I o lields in which the allowable slip vectors may lie Note that average displacement rates since the Mi le Pleistocene appear to have been 273 times greater than durng the Late Pleistocene Kirby et a1 2006 Volcanic Table Land Wheeler Range Fault and Pine Creek moraines Lone Pine scarp of the Owens Valley Fault Water Resources in Owens Valley and Mono Basin Preliminary LADWP tour itinerary Chris Plakos 760787370264 7609202703 830 am Depart Forest Service Mono Basin Visitor Center and visit Lee Vining Creek LA Aqueduct Intake Parker and Walker Creek LA Aqueduct Intakes Grant Lake Reservoir June L e L p Big Springs time permitting East Portal time permitting Noon Lunch in Mammoth Lakes 100 pm Continue Tour and view Southern Mono County facilities Upper Owens River discuss Crowley Lake Tributary Restoration Project East Portal Layton Springs Crowley Lake Reservoir Owens River Gorge Overlook time permitting Middle Gorge Power Plant Control Gorge Power Plant Pleasant Valley Reservoir Owens River Wild Trout area Owens River and artesian well site east of Bishop Fish Springs Fish Hatchery time permitting Owens Valley Wildlife Overlook 7 Poverty Hills time permitting Ti em a Reservoir Los Angeles Aqueduct Intake Lower Owens River Channel Water Release Structure 4 pm Tour concludes at LA Aqueduct Intake Just the Fax Ma am Just the Fax from LADWP website The Story of the Los Angeles Aqueduct In 1913 the City ofLos Angeles completed construction of the rst Los Angeles Aqueduct This is the story of how the dream of a few farsighted people at the tum of the 20th Century became a reality Follow the links below for details on how the Los Angeles Aqueduct was conceived and built quotThe City Owns its Waterquot From the time that Los Angeles was rst founded in 1769 the small settlement had depended upon its own river for the city grew those in charge of supplying the growmg population with water knew the small meandering river could not meet future demands A New Supply William Mulholland an immigrant from Ireland went to company at the age of 31 Mulholland began to search for a new water supply The Owens River Valley In 1904 Fred Eaton and J B Lippincott traveled to Yosemite Valley on a family camping trip They crossed the Sierra at Tioga Pass and headed south to Bishop for supplies and eventually back to Los Angeles through the Owens Valley During that trip Eaton began making plans that would bring water to agrowing city and launch a long con ict quotThe Owens Valley is the Only Sourcequot Eaton convinced Mulholland that the Owens River could provide Los Angeles with a reliable source ofwater The Last Spike is Driven Eaton visited the Owens Valley in 1905 and began to purchase land for the City ofLos Angeles He gave the impression that he was working for the US Reclamation Service on apublic irrigation project angering local residents when they discovered he was buying land and water rights for Los Angeles A Hundred or a Thousand Fold More Important A er securing the land and water rights the Board of Water Commissioners needed to obtain the money from Los Angeles residents and legal rights from the Federal Government to construct the aqueduct A bond measure to pay for the construction passed in Los Angeles by a 10 to 1 39n A er much debate in the House of Representatives President Theodore Roosevelt decided that Los Angeles should have the rights to the Owens River water Construction Begins Construction on the Los Angeles Aqueduct began in 1908 Workers from all over the world came to work at highpaying jobs thatwould last for several years World Record dig eight feet of tunnel per day at each tunnel end for a total of 16 feet per day Crews dug more than 22 feet per day while constructing the fivemile Elizabeth Tunnel They nished the tunnel 20 months earlier than the Board39s estimate of ve years quotThis Rude Platform is an Altarquot At the dedication of the Los Angeles Aqueduct on November 5 1913 Mulholland told the thousands of people attending the ceremony that they were there to dedicate the Aqueduct to quotyou and your children and your children39s children for all time quotWhoever Brings the Water Brings the Peoplequot Once Los Angeles had a reliable water supply it began to grow dramatically However Owens Valley residents began to ght the City39s water export Confrontations escalated to several dynamitings of the Aqueduct To secure its water rights the City began to purchase extensive tracts of land in Ow s alle The Colorado River A Regional Solution As Los Angeles continued to grow Mulholland began to look for a way to bring Colorado River water to meet the City39s needs The Mono Basin Project After World War II the City began the Mono Basin Project as away of providing a larger and more dependable ow in the Los Angeles Aqueduct Four of Mono Lake39s seven tributary streams Lee Vining Parker Walker and Rush Creeks were tapped for export to Los Angeles through an 11mile tunnel Crowley Lake and Grant Lake were also built as part of the Mono Basin Project A Second Aqueduct The challenge to supply water to Los Angeles continued to press Because the capacity of the Los Angeles Aqueduct was limited the Citywas unable to take its full entitlement from the Mono Basin The California State Water Rights Board urged Los Angeles to take steps to develop its full entitlement or risk that the water might be granted to others To increase the Aqueduct capacity a second aqueduct was built from Haiwee Reservoir in Southern Inyo County to Los A Shared Resource The completion ofthe SecondLos Angeles Aqueduct in 1970 and the City39s plans to augment the Aqueduct ow wi Owens Valley groundwater prompted renewed local protests Inyo County led suit against Los Angeles under the new California Environmental Quality Act seeking an Environmental Impact Report on new aqueduct In 1984 er years of disagreements and court hearings Inyo County and Los Angeles entered into an Agreement to produce a EIR together Water Quality With Los Angeles growing at a rapid pace not only the availability ofwater but also the quality ofwater became more important at the last part of the 20th century Los Angeles built a ltration plant in 1986 and continues to monitor and improve water quality from its three sources Water Conservation gallons per day by the mid198039s about half ofwhat was used in unmetered cities such as Sacramento The City continues to emphasize and improve its programs through many innovative approaches that have made Los Angeles a water conservation leader in the Nation Water Reclamauon Reclaimed water is proving to be an excellent method of providing additional water to Los Angeles in an environmentally responsible manner Sharing the Vision Mulholland truly had a vision when he looked to the Eastern 39erra and envisione an aque uct to bring water to a growing city Los Angeles has become the nation39s second largest city because of his decision to find another reliable water supp y RealTime Gauging Data from the LADVV39P website on April 12 2007 LAKE CROWLEY w NewmanEn x PLEASANT VALLEV RESERVOIR Emuawn Hanna 2 N0HAIWEE RESERVOIR TINEMA HA RESERVOIR a mammath m Dyna up Death Valley meam rtggak 445 W 73 Artist Drive formation Furnace Creek formation Furnace Creek basalt intrusions E 2 gt 2 E gt L m C h g m 5 O LU uou EASIQ J 100 E 0 00 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 stance upstream from road m E L E 57 0 39 500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 L tance upstream from road m anr umnm qrgy 1 u ELK 2000 2500 distance upstream 2000 2500 3001 diskance upstream from road width m GOWEI Gulch anuwai fan lower knmmne Main channel son sedlmemary vocks upper mamas Furnace Creek Wash lt Amsi Dnve Fm zesmtanl bedrock ALSM survey field survey lower Furnace Creek Formaxmn amp Amsl Dnve meamn 0 500 1000 1500 2000 horizontal distance from highway 178 m 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 mumwed 99w F1gure7 Generahzed smmlu39al mp ofDemh Valley region shomng posidon of three mnleback smfacesof Black Mounmins Hachured hnes non of mum emeusiom half mm She relative displacement on snakeslip faul zones gure from xvian and omen 1974 Figure 8 Idealized block diagrams and cross sectmns illllsu39ming pun apm concepi gimmeka fonmmon based on observadons of Cuppe anyon and Mormon Poim mnlebacks Beam Valle c Carbouan v 15 ms mixed memsedimemary rock Qs Quaternary sedimems mnleback fault rs Teniary sedimentary mm valley oor Figun mm Wrigln and mhers 1974


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