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Class 3 Notes

by: Shannon Panagopoulos

Class 3 Notes DC 229

Shannon Panagopoulos
GPA 3.52
Television Genres
Lee Madsen

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About this Document

Television Genres
Lee Madsen
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shannon Panagopoulos on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DC 229 at DePaul University taught by Lee Madsen in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 114 views. For similar materials see Television Genres in Literature at DePaul University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Science ction CHARACTERS The Duo Why Two Heads are Better than One THE WANT vs THE NEED ALL characters have a WANT what they are actively pursuing To solve the case to land this account to impress his or her boss These wants may be resolved in the scene the episode or in a season But they also have a NEED A aw Something about a character that has to change in order for him or her to succeed Often times these are in opposition to each other Comic discrepancy Characters can alternate between leaning towards their want and leaning towards their need Sometimes they act in their best interests sometimes not Most TV hinges on a character never getting his or her need If Liz Lemon 39 gured it all out 30 Rock would be OVER Life Dream any character39s ultimate desire his or her ideal life The ideal state of being that the character believes he will attain by getting what he wants Life Dream is the Ends The Want is the Means CHARACTERIZATION What de nes a character How are they de ned by what they wear What they have with them What they do How they speak What they want CHARACTERIZATION What de nes a character How do the creators feel about the characters How do they want us to feel about them What attitudes do the creators want us to have about the people in the story VS But mostly a character is de ned by what they want passionately and how they go about getting it CHARACTERIZATION What de nes a character Choices they make Hab s Jobs Appearance Props Beliefs Relationships Heritage Culture Gender Sexual orientation Whether they are active or passive EXTERNALIZED CHARACTERIZATION What internal aspects of the character are embodied in physical ways A character who lacks con dence in themselves might have a stutter a physical embodiment of their hesitancy EXTERNALIZED CHARACTERIZATION What internal aspects of the character are embodied in physical ways A character who is always making mistakes might be clumsy and physically running into thingsknocking things over Liz on 30 Rock EXTERNALIZED CHARACTERIZATION What internal aspects of the character are embodied in physical ways A character who is hesitant might walk slowly while a character who is overcon dent may always be leading the pack TYPES OF CHARACTERS In the Main Titles MAIN ANTAGONIST SUPPORTING ONESTRING EXTRAS Can vary from week to week or season to season MAIN CHARACTERS Generally his or her or their choices drive the stories each week He or she or they wants something badly and is having a hard time getting it Usually Principal Lead Usually one or both of the Partners Can be any member of an Ensemble MAIN CHARACTERS We need to understand them their pasts their demons and the scope and range of their dreams Most TV Main Characters don39t change but for those that do it39s generally an evolution not a quick change The longer the show runs the more chance for characters to evolve ANTAGONISTS Hesheit is a force pushing back against our main character and standing in the main character39s way of achieving her want May be a new one each week one for the whole season or one for the whole series The Criminal he or she or they is trying to catch Other characters on the show sometimes Main sometimes Others The illness on HOUSE ANTAGONISTS We need to understand the antagonist and why heshe is a problem for the main character What does heshe want and why Has his or her own agenda From this collision between our Main Characters39 wants and our Antagonists39 wants comes TENSION SUPPORTING CHARACTERS These are the other characters who affect the main storyline Other detectives nurses legal aids coworkers etc More important Supporting Characters appear in Main Titles SUPPORTING CHARACTERS They also have storylines of their own subplots that we have hopes and fears attached to They have a want of their own and should have a resolution of their own in subplots Can function as antagonists or aides to the Main Characters May have the same want but use different tactics ONE STRING CHARACTERS They have no storyline of their own aka ancillary characters Don39t appear in Main Titles may only appear in one episode There is nothing that we hopefear for when it comes to their life They play a dramatic role in the main storyline that week or for a couple weeks but we don39t get engaged in THEIR storyline The Lab tech for example EXTRAS httptOgstaticcomimagesqtbn ANdQGchqJkqursteH837MfCNPZ OzVDPNVWUJlayUHKAjL704igampt 1ampusg 7qgKS4k18Awk1EqSK3BDquGztk They are used for atmospheric purposes only everyone in any crowd scene for example the checkout girl at the grocery store etc Never in Main Titles Sometimes not even in credits ACTIVE VS PASSIVE CHARACTERS An active character is one that wants something badly and is actively trying to pursue it Most characters are active characters and they make for interesting storytelling A Passive character wants things to remain as they are wants to avoid a situation If you have a passive character heshe needs to be ACTIVELY PASSIVE They need to be passionate about remaining passive House in the pilot On most shows a Main Character can be both throughout the course of the season Depends on the story that week The Duo Why Two Heads are Better than One Partnerships Two characters each with his or her own wants needs and life dreams Most ubiquitous Character Dynamic Inherent Con ict TENSION Present in ALL shows Even Principal Leads and Ensembles have one relationship that39s more important than the rest 30 Rock Jack and Liz House House and Cuddy Friday Night Lights Eric and Tami Friends Ross and Rachel The Unlikely Duo Opposing worldviews viewpoints philosophies and tactics The Same Wants Different Ways Often quotforcedquot to work together by some larger bureaucratic entity or the circumstances The X Files The Odd Couple Law amp Order SVU The Reluctant or Passive Sidekick May come together because it39s mutually bene cial for both Breaking Bad 2 Broke Girls The Unlikely Duo May be unlikely friends Nip Tuck Will amp Grace May be enemies The Following Homeland The more different the characters the more tension Gender Race Socioeconomic standing Appearance Culture Species Ren amp Stimpy Will amp Grace FUN FACTS Premiered September 1998 All episodes directed byJames Burrows legendary sitcom director Never used canned laughter First US TV show with an openly gay main character Top 20 show Averaged 14 million viewers a week with FRIENDS as its lead in Won 16 Emmy39s All four main cast members won an Emmy for Acting Only other shows to do that are ALL IN THE FAMILY and THE GOLDEN GIRLS Jason Alexander never won on SEINFELD Originally criticized for its portrayal of gay men in 2012 Vice PresidentJoe Biden said the show quotdid more to educate the American public on homosexuality than almost anything anybody has ever donequot Opened the door to the idea of quotGayquot programming Programming targeted speci cally at a homosexual audience All in the Family Different people bound by Love Newlyweds Dharma amp Greg Mad About You Sibling Rivalries Supernatural Generation Gap Kids and Parents Sanford and Son Gilmore Girls Sexual Chemistry Will they or won t they BONES THE X FILES On again off again most commonly part of an Ensemble show FRIENDS They tried and failed THE NEWSROOM INCLASS VIEWING Will amp Grace quotLove and Marriagequot Science fictioN Science Fiction on TV Like much TV drama the earliest Science Fiction SciFi was based on novels and stage plays Orson Welles War Of The Worlds Isaac Asimov I Robot Despite these origins SciFi television is rarely regarded as a highculture form Though shows like BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and LOST are working to change this stigma Older quotclassicquot shows suffered from low budgets and production constraints which limited their ability to be consumed by mass audiences By the 19905 digital technology particularly as it applies to visual effects made it cheaper and easier than ever before for SciFi to look good Credibility soon followed SciFi39s Role As a genre SciFi has a history of addressing moral ethical political and philosophical themes It is often the intellectual depiction and development of an abstract premise Serves to re ect contemporary social and political concerns Rose in popularity following the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki then during The Cold War Often mythologies are rooted in the fear of the quototherquot be it Klingons Vampires or literally quotthe Othersquot on LOST Some Shows of Note The Twilight Zone 1959 Explored themes of psychology and sociology blending fantasy and scifi to tell allegorical tales of the human condition Dr Who 19605 longest running SciFi series Had an explicitly educational mission Star Trek 1960s Handled issues of good and evil the unreliable nature of technology and the disastrous consequences of careless time travel Shows like LOST and BA ITLESTAR GALACTICA took on political issues and larger philosophical themes The X Files Premiered in 1993 Fox a relatively new network was looking to expand its market share in the 1849 demographic and really compete with the other three networks Little SciFi on the air at the time The show features paranormal detective narratives set in contemporary America This is not a starship like on STAR TREK or an alternate reality like on THE TWILIGHT ZONE These stories take place here and now Procedural storytelling allowed episodes to oscillate between genres of scifi horror mystery thriller and comedy The X Files Serialized storytelling about government conspiracies allowed for deeper engagement and involvement with fans Show appealed to both onetime and repeat viewers Show was a great success domestically and internationally Spawned devotion from fans 15 million viewers a week Two feature lms Reinvigorated the sci genre in the 19905 Serialization could be pro table The World of The X Files An uncertain place The inability of the protagonists to prove the existence of paranormal events undermines the stability of truth and reality quotThe truth is out therequot Aesthetically a mysterious and foreboding visual landscape More visual storytelling Greater importance on atmosphere mood Great example of a classic detective partnership procedural and a sci show INCLASS VIEWING XFILES quotThe Pi lotquot


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