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Intro Musical Traditions I

by: Providenci Pollich

Intro Musical Traditions I MUS 150

Marketplace > Indiana State University > Music > MUS 150 > Intro Musical Traditions I
Providenci Pollich
GPA 3.6

Brian Kilp

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About this Document

Brian Kilp
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Providenci Pollich on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS 150 at Indiana State University taught by Brian Kilp in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/222207/mus-150-indiana-state-university in Music at Indiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
MUS 150 Exam No 3 Short Answer Questions Please choose one question 1 There were four types of choralvocal music that were prominently featured and discussed in Chapter 9 Choose three of these define them including their in uences if appropriate and give a name ofa Composer mentioned in Chapter 9 that is known for writing each of those types of music and include a specific title ofa piece that they wrote three different Composers one for each type of music 2 Name one major Composer from each of Chapters 9 10 and 11 Brie y discuss their lives as Composers include positions they held and cite genres of music they are famous for writing for such as symphony cantata fugue etc List two famous titles ofpieces each of them wrote 3 Name three significant contributions to the music literature from the pre 1600 Renaissance Period ie typesgenres of music and three from the Classical Period brie y define them and give an example of each 4 Describe the quotstandardquot instrumentation of the modern orchestra the string quartet and one other example of a common chamber ensemble in the Classical Period from Chapter 11 Provide an example title ofa piece that was written in that period for each of those ensembles and the Composer who wrote it MUS150IGH101 Exam S11 Short answer questions choose one for 10 Qtsl 1 List a popular music style from India Africa Japan and the US and briefly describe each 2 What terms are used to describe melodic harmonic or rhythmic characteristics in music 3 Name at least four basic elements of musical sound and discuss the characteristics of each MUS 150 Exam No 2 Short Answer Questions Please choose one question 1 There are many types ofjazz music such as Swing Big Band Boogie Woogie Ragtime BeBop Hard Bop Cool Smooth Choose three 3 of these types brie y define them and give an example of an artist famous for that style 2 There are many quotrootsquot ofjazz music recognized as a uniquely American art form Give four 4 distinct examples of these quotroots ofjazz brie y define and describe them and how they contributed to jazz 3 Name four 4 types ofAmerican Religious Music as discussed on Chapter 4 define and describe them and give an example ofa piece of music a collection of music or an artist associated with that example 4 In Chapter 3 which discussed American Folk Music Traditions the author mentioned various quotTypes of Folk Music Narrative Ballads Lyric Songs Work Songs Children s Songs Protests Songs Rally Songs and Dance Music Choose 4 of these types brie y define them and give an example of each or of an artist famous for the style 5 There were many types of quotWorldquot or ethnic music that can be found in various parts of the United States such music from Mexico Cuba and the Caribbean Islands Brazil Indigenous Native Americans Mexican Iamaica Frenchspeaking Americans or French speaking black Americans in Louisiana region and Klezmer Choose three 3 of these quotWorld Music in uences define and describe them using specific examples including instruments and the purposes of the music itself


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