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Richard Nixon&Watergate Era

by: Virgil Parker

Richard Nixon&Watergate Era G H 101F

Marketplace > Indiana State University > Honors Program > G H 101F > Richard Nixon Watergate Era
Virgil Parker
GPA 3.67

Rosalie Aldrich

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About this Document

Rosalie Aldrich
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Virgil Parker on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to G H 101F at Indiana State University taught by Rosalie Aldrich in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/222212/g-h-101f-indiana-state-university in Honors Program at Indiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Comm Health Notes 1 1210 1 Ch 8 2 Article s Group 3 Discuss article as class if time 4 Pass back Grades Homework 1 APNResearch Workshop 2 References due Nov 9th 3 Meet w her by Nov 30Lh Ch 8 o CultureiSet of beliefs rules and practices that are shared by a group of people 0 Culture affects health in many different ways such as what they can actually do 0 Affects how we behave what we eat exercise etc 0 Cultural AssumptionsiSuggests how people in cultures should behave 0 Who is dominant in the family what roles various people should take etc 0 Health as Organicipresence or absence of physical indicators 0 Based on evidence 0 Patients view of biomedical model I Strength 0 Identify what is wrong I Weakness 0 Doesn t fix entire patient 0 Hypochondriac 0 Health as Harmonyiphysical emotional spiritual overall wellbeing 0 Based on physical but it adds emotional and spiritual o Strengths I Considering more than just physical o Weakness I Time consuming 0 Four Social Implications of Disease 0 Disease as a Curse I Blame the disease on someone or something else I Something bad happened and that is why the disease is there 0 Stigma of Disease I When the person with the disease is treated as wrong or immoral I AIDS 0 Used to be seen as the gay disease 0 Drug use 0 The Morality of Prevention I Very powering Can control what is wrong Intemal locus of control I You get blamed if you get a disease because you should have eaten better exercise etc o Victimization I Negative View of a person haVing a disease normally chronic 10262010 1 Ch 7 2 Arrington Article pairs 3 Discuss as a whole class 4 If time Midterm eval 5 Pass out grade updates HOLWOFk o Illness Reports TH 0 Research Ref Due Nov 2nd 0 Meet with Aldrich by Nov 30 h Chapter 7 0 Online Support Groups 0 Advantages 39 Helpful for people short on time or mobility 39 Comfort in relative anonymity 39 Larger support network for sensitive issues 39 Better moods and greater emotional wellbeing for some 0 Disadvantages 39 C prevents 39 39 39 39 39 39 in own 39 Difficulty using and obtaining technology 39 Potential threats to privacy 39 Lost nonverbal cues hurtful remarks people might not make facetoface Lay Caregivers O O O O Nonprofessionals who provide care for others Number has risen in recent years 39 Cheaper 39 Nursing Home Horrors Most are women wives and daughters Most care for olderadult relatives Unpaid Work 201 hours per month I Exceeds 40hour workweek by 29 hours Stress and Burnout I The sandwich generation 0 Taking care of older parents while taking care of their own children Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 Help career people provide care for needy family members Take up to 12 weeks off of work Does NOT require that employers pay Does NOT apply to all companies or employees


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