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Transition LPN to BSN

by: Waino Abshire

Transition LPN to BSN NURS 208

Waino Abshire
GPA 3.87

Amy Joy

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About this Document

Amy Joy
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Waino Abshire on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NURS 208 at Indiana State University taught by Amy Joy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 72 views. For similar materials see /class/222213/nurs-208-indiana-state-university in Nursing and Health Sciences at Indiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
N208 Syllabus Fall 2010 l INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF NURSING HEALTH amp HUMAN SERVICES Number and Title of Course Placement in Curriculum Prerequisites Number of Credits Contact Hours Concurrent Courses Faculty Course Website Link to Student Handbook httpww in efnfp Catalogue Description N208 Transition from LPN to BSN Initial course for LPN transfer students entering BSN program LPN License ENG 105107 PSY 101 BIO 231231L BIO 241241L BIO 274274L INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA COMM 101 CHEM 100100L CS 101 INFO TECH CHALLENGE EXAMS N106 N224 N328 N330 or consent of instructor 3 theory hours 3 hours per week May take N200304 Amy Joy APRN BC Nursing Bldg Indiana State University AmyJ0yindstateedu Kelly Watts APRN BC Nursing Bldg Indiana State University KellyWattsindstateedu httpblackboardindstateedu J All n 1121 AI JL Ihfm An introduction for the licensed practical nurse to the role of the baccalaureateprepared nurse Three classroom hours per week Successful completion will result in eaming credit hours for Nursing 104 204 and 228 Prerequisites LPN license Pre 0r Corequisite enrollment in cognate courses required for the first year of the Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Program Course Overview This is a transition course designed for licensed practical nurses who have enrolled in the College of Nursing Health amp Human Services and wish to pursue a baccalaureate in nursing The roles of the professional nurse as communicator provider of care teacher and member of N208 Syllabus Fall 2010 2 the profession of nursing are emphasized There is an introduction to analysis of nursing care situations and preparation of nursing care plans in accord with the College s philosophy Students will review pharmacology college level writing skills including APA format use of the computer and introduction to the online learning environment Course Outcomes BS Level 2 Apply selected concepts from the sciences humanities and nursing to the role transition from licensed practical nurse to baccalaureateprepared registered nurse Critical Thinker 2 2 Develop beginning skills for accessing and recognizing the contributions of research ndings in professional nursing practice LifeLong Learner 4 Provider of Care 6 3 Utilize critical thinking in developing a plan of care for a real or simulated patientclientresident using the nursing process Provider of Care 2 4 5 6 Critical Thinker 1 4 Utilize effective communication skills and demonstrate the communicator role of the professional nurse Communicator 2 5 Demonstrate professional nursing skills needed for therapeutic medication administration Provider of Care 2 6 Discuss principles of adult learning and teaching learning principles utilized with patients Provider of Care 3 7 Discuss the parameters of culturally sensitive professional nursing care Provider of Care 2 8 Relate the roles of the baccalaureateprepared registered nurse to the ANA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Professional 1 3 9 Develop a personal plan for completion of the Bachelor of Science in nursing LifeLong Learning 3 Methods of Instruction Lecture Breeze presentationsreading group discussions group work problemsolving process and testing individual critical thinking exercises independent study computer practice audiovisual presentations and readings Topical Outline Role Transition BSN role Student role TeachingLeaming testtaking strategies online learning personal learning plan Math Dimensional Analysis Computer skills Evaluating web sites Library skills APA format Writing skills Critical thinking Nursing process Nursing theory History of nursing Role development Pharmacology review N208 Syllabus Fall 2010 3 Facilities used for Clinical Laboratory Experience None Student Responsibilities Completion of assignments reading testing and projects participation in discussion and group work Learning units will open each Sunday and are expected to be completed by the following Sunday Any weekly learning unit or assignment submitted past the due date will receive an automatic 2 point deduction each day If the learning unit or assignment is over 2 weeks late there will be no points awarded Arrangements may be made ahead of time one time during the semester for a late submission Required Texts Harrington N amp Terry C L 2009 LPN toRN transitions Achieving success in your new role 3rd ed Lippincott Philadelphia Adams M P Holland L N amp Bostwich P M 2008 Pharmacology for nurses A pathophysiological approach 3rd ed Upper Saddle River NJ PrenticeHall bundled with myNursingLab American Psychological Association 2009 Publication manual ofthe American Psychological Association 6Lh Ed Washington DC Author Assessment Technologies Institute ATI testing materials and books This group of materials will be paid by the student through the ISU bookstore and sent to the student This fee includes online testing practice materials and proctored tests for your use throughout the nursing program You must arrange a proctor to take the test and the testing must be nished by the assigned date of the semester ATI s Comprehensive Assessment and Review Program has been adopted by Nursing for preRN licensure students to strengthen the student39s knowledge base throughout the nursing program and prepare students for the NCLEXRN state licensing examination The testing in this course is the entrance critical thinking exam WHICH REQUIRES NO PREPARATION Taking the exam is a requirement of this course and will count for 5 40points of your course grade The actual score on the exam is not gured into the course grade Not taking this exam will result in failure of the course OTHER REQUIRED RESOURCES Each student must have the minimum computer requirements listed at httpwww indstate 39 distancecomputer reqhtml with at a minimum a 566K modem faster connection highly recommended and an Email account at ISU Note The University computer system DOES NOT support AOL You will be accessing all your course email through the Sycamore login connection All course materials are on the Blackboard site I recommend that you enter the Blackboard site directly through the wwwblackboardindstateedu url The Sycamore login will time out frequently and the direct connection will stay open This is N208 Syllabus Fall 2010 4 especially important during testing like the nal exam Students will also need the Microsoft Office package which can be obtained for free by enrolled students For more information about this go to httpWWW indstate edu oit J html Obtaining this package is a must if you are to complete the course assignments Where to get help Office of Information Technology Indiana State University 1888818LINK 8122372910 EMail IThelpindstateedu Web site httpithelpindstateedu EVALUATION Discussion Board Participation and Assignments 184 pts MyNursingLab Post Test Scores 123 pts 41 posttest scores each A 3pts B 2pts C lpt Pharmacology Quizzes 156 pts Care Plan 100 pts APA Topic Paper 100 pts ATI Critical Thinking Entrance Exam Proctored 40 pts Pharmacology Final Exam 114 pts Total Points Possible 817 pts GRADING SCALE 800 784 A 98 or greater 783 744 A 93 743 720 A 90 719 696 B 87 695 664 B 83 663 640 B 80 639 624 Cr 78 623 600 C 75 599 560 C 70 559 544 D 68 543 520 D 65 519 480 D 60 479 7 0 F less than 60 To pass the course the student must earn points equivalent to a grade of C or better Failure of two courses in nursing will result in expulsion from the nursing program COURSE POLICIES As adult learners you are responsible for your own learning Please feel free to contact the instructor at any time if you have concerns about the conduct of this course and I will work with you to alleViate your concerns To that end students are expected to keep up with the work for N208 Syllabus Fall 2010 5 each week and contribute to the discussion in a timely manner You will be expected to make up any missed material but will lose points for late submissions Only those papers which are typed and prepared according to the APA manual of style will be accepted for grading American Psychological Association 2009 The Publication Manual of theAmerican Psychological Association 6th ed Washington DC Author Students are strongly encouraged to turn in rough drafts of the APA Paper for critique prior to turning in the paper on the assigned due date All papers and care plans must be turned in on the due date or points will be deducted unless prior arrangements are made with the professor In order to keep the course on track other assignments and discussion postings must be posted by the due date or points will be deducted unless prior arrangements are made with the professor Plagiarism While reviewing student papers I occasionally notice that some of them have what appear to be direct quotes from sources in some cases as long as a paragraph or longer that were either not cited or not set apart by quotquotesquot indicating that it was a direct quote Putting other people s work in your paper without making it clear that it is a direct quote could be construed as plagiarism by the ISU community I want to make sure you are all aware of polices concerning plagiarism and know how to correctly paraphrase to avoid any problems ISU s plagiarism policy can be viewed at httpwww indstate J 39 J J 7004pdf Also the following link gives information on how to avoid plagiarism The plagiarism prevention owchart httpIibrarv imkfafn J J 39 39 itvnlaoia 39 39 t ndh and a tutorial from the library httpIih nish 1 quot 39stutorialsnlaoiarisml Please note that even if you paraphrase another s work you must also cite your source in text just as you would a direct quote Plagiarism also includes turning in your own work that has been previously turned in for another course s assignments Turning in another s work such as copying a web page in part or in whole or submitting another student s work as your own without giving credit is also plagiarism and can be dealt with by either an assignment of zero credit for an assignment assignment of failure for the course or recommendation of dismissal from the nursing major


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