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Urban Geography

by: Antonina Parisian

Urban Geography GEOG 431

Antonina Parisian
GPA 3.74


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Antonina Parisian on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 431 at Indiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/222215/geog-431-indiana-state-university in Geography at Indiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Urban Geography Changing Neighborhoods 0 Neighborhood Change 0 Housing Markets 0 Residential Mobility 0 Market Barriers Gentri cation cumth a 2m Urban Geography Neighborhood Change 0 Depreciation Curve of Housing 7 physical deterioration 7 obsolescence 7 social amp demographic change 7 mobility issues 7 uneven development cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Neighborhood Change Neighborhood Life Cycle 7 Suburb anizau39on e IneFiuing decreasing homogeneity increasing density 7 Downgrading populaiionmmover e Thinning om high turnover conversionampdemolition e RenewalRehabilila onGentri ca on cninnnyyp a 2m Urban Geography Housing Markets 0 The USE value of housing 7 shelter 7 satisfaction amp status 7 quality of life 7 accessibility The EXCHANGE value of housing 7 equity earned or unearned cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Housing Markets 0 Urbanization amp Tenure 7 affordable generalized housing 7 tangible amp intangible benefits of ownership 7 economic amp political advantages 7 decreasing rental cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Housing Markets I Public Housing 7 not genemhzed 7 perceived as antiAmelican I mgged individual I McCaILhyism I racial politics of generalized housing I means testing 39 urbiscam Stuy Projecm NYC cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Curbiscom Neglected Public Housing Brooklyn cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Housing Markets Development of SubMarkets supply 7 accessibility 7 institutional 7 discrimination 7 neighborhood restrictions 7 information cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Residential Mobility Stayers owners older overrepresentation of families middle income Movers younger renters nonfamily either high or low income Lawn Mower Test cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Residential Mobility InterUrban 7 metro to metro 7 Iural to urban 7 international chain migration cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Residential Mobility IntraUrban 7 short distance 7 marginal socialeconomic change 7 directional orientation similar ie same Hoyt wedge 7 business cycles cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Residential Mobility 0 Why nvolunta Evictions demolitions distasters or bankruptcies 1525 nvolunta Life Change Divorce death or corporate 0 Volunta a combination of Bush amp pull 7 push space socialphysical neighborhood change repairsobsolescence 7 pull amenities schools renttoown jobs cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Residential Mobility Approaches towards deciding to relocate shortcomings modi cation alternatives cmahyyp a 2m l Urban Geography Residential Mobility 0 Where to move 7 aspiration region I o en limited to action amp information spaces 7 search for housing in region 7 compare alternatives Moving a HouseNot Practical cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Market Barriers Social Gatekeepers 7 Real Estate Agents Steering amp Block Busting 7 Mortgage Agenm Redlining shorter terms amp higher rates on oldersmaller homes worst dwellings can not be mortgaged home improvement loans are approved insurance rates increase residents become trapped in poor housing abandonment amp delinquent taxes entire region lacks capital 39nvestment hnyGz Urban Geography Gentri cation 0 Once depreciation curves hits or approaches bottom a rent gap emerges encouraging rapid amp early reinvestment New young postmodern professionals DINKS seek neohistorical andor eclectic housing 7 political amp economic clout enables new municipal service delivery 0 In either case gentrification has important political amp symbolic change cmahyyp a 2m Urban Geography Gentri cation 0 Problems 7 displacement


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