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Correct Institu

by: Dr. Nicklaus Kunze

Correct Institu CRIM 430

Dr. Nicklaus Kunze
GPA 3.69


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Nicklaus Kunze on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CRIM 430 at Indiana State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/222222/crim-430-indiana-state-university in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Indiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/12/15
INDIANA STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF CRIMINOLOGY COURSE SYLLABUS FOR CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS CRIM 430 SPRING 2005 MRS MELISSA BENNINGFIELD INSTRUCTOR HOLMSTEDT HALL ROOM 232 8122372441 mbenningfield indstateedu OFFICE HOURS Monday Wednesday and Friday 1100 AM 200 PM 1 REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS FOR COURSE Pollock J M ed 1997 Prisons today and tomorrow Gaithersburg MD Aspen Publishers Knochel M amp Ramirez R 2001 Prison pro les Philadelphia PA Xlibris Corporation COURSE DESCRIPTION The correctional institution in the United States as it exists today in terms of its development objectives and standards includes jails detention homes reformatories furlough detention camps open and closed institutions Prerequisites 6 hours of criminology or consent of instructor OBJECTIVES This course is a requirement for criminology majors and minors and is open to graduate students No previous knowledge of corrections is necessary for success in this course The scope of this course will include the history of corrections and correctional institutions correctional philosophies adult juvenile and women s institutions jails prison programs prisoners rights and the future of correctional institutions ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class meeting Regular attendance is expected of all students and strongly encouraged In the event a student is absent he or she is responsible for obtaining any missed notes assignments or other information from another student Additionally it is the student s responsibility to contact the instructor regarding make up work A written excuse for an absence must be presented to the instructor before an absence will be excused Furthermore excused absences are at the discretion of the instructor and will be honored only for legitimate reasons ie student hospitalization attending a family member s funeral etc Punctuality is expected of every student Habitual tardiness will not be tolerated Being late for class may cause the student to miss partial attendance credit NOTE In order to receive full attendance credit after coming to class late the student must submit to the instructor in writing the reason heshe was late Every three days a student is tardy will equal one day s absence ACADEMIC DISHONESTY All students should be aware that the instructor for this course takes situations involving academic dishonesty ak a cheating very seriously Students are held to University standards regarding honesty on papers exams quizzes etc Individuals who are found to be dishonest may be subject to receiving a failing grade for the course andor may be referred to the College for academic dismissal Honesty is a virtue and is expected in all work by all students GRADING Students will earn points for performance on examinations quizzes and a paper as well as for attendance The approximate maximum number of points that each performance grading tool will be worth is as follows examinations 200 points quizzes 50 points paper 2 50 points attendance 2 50 points estimated total number possible 2 350 points The following grading scale will be used to determine letter grades 90 100 A 87 89 B 80 86 B 77 79 C 70 76 C 67 69 D 60 66 D below 60 E Examinations 7 Four examinations will be given throughout the semester Each will consist of a combination of multiple choice matching and truefalse questions totaling 50 points Make up exams will consist of essay and short answer questions in addition to a few objective questions Graduate students will have an essay question worth 15 points to answer in addition to the regular exam questions Quizzes Five quizzes made up of multiple choice truefalse andor matching questions will be given during the course of the semester Each quiz will be worth 10 points and will be announced prior to the day they are given There will be no makeups for the quizzes Page 7 Students will have a choice of completing one of the following assignments to fulfill the paper requirement for the class NOTE Late papers will be subject to a ten 10 point penalty 2 Bibliography undergraduates only 7 A specific topic will be chosen by the student and approved by the instructor Research on the topic will be done at the library and a list of sources 20 minimum compiled The paper will consist of a summary for each source and explain how that source could be used The paper should include the topic and the sources should be typed APA style This paper will be due Friday April 1 2005 at the beginning of class Interview and Paper undergraduates only 7 A current or former employee of a correctional institution will be interviewed for this option A list of questions will be provided by the instructor The student will then type a narrative paper summarizing the answers to the questions from the interview The paper will be due Friday April 1 2005 at the beginning of class Research Paper undergraduates and graduates 7 Students may conduct scholarly research on a subject related to correctional institutions and approved by the 3 instructor A 10 page paper undergraduates or 15 page paper graduates must be written using the APA style of writing A minimum of ten sources are to be used A topic outline must be submitted to the instructor by Friday March 18 2005 The paper is due on Friday April 1 2005 at the beginning of class ASSIGNMENT AND EXAMINATION SCHEDULE The following schedule is an estimate of which chapters from the Prisons textbook will be covered during which part of the semester Pertinent chapters from the Prison Profiles book will be assigned in class Students are responsible for reading the assigned chapters throughout the weeks It is imperative that students keep up with the reading so that they are prepared to participate in classroom discussions of the material All important facts ideas etc will not necessarily be discussed in class but may be on exams and quizzes The examinations are also included in the schedule below Any changes in the schedule and specific dates will be announced in class WEEKS 1 3 7 Punishment Philosophies Prison History and Prison Overcrowding EXAM 1 Chapters 1 3 WEEKS 4 7 7 Inmate Classification Programs and Rehabilitation EXAM 2 Chapters 4 6 WEEKS 8 10 7 Social Construct of Prisons Prison Management and Correctional Officers EXAM 3 7 Chapters 7 9 WEEKS 11 14 7 Prisoners Rights Privatization Jails and the Future of Prisons WEEK 15 ReView for Final Exam 7 Chapters 10 13 FINAL EXAM 7 Monday May 2 2005 at 1000 AM NOTE No class on the following dates Monday January 17 2005 7 MLK Jr s Birthday Monday Friday March 21 25 2005 7 Spring Break ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The instructor has regular office hours see page 1 for the benefit of students Any student desiring assistance information or adVise regarding this course is encouraged to utilize the instructor s office hours andor email the instructor


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