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Business & Society

by: Bernice Kilback

Business & Society MGT 370

Bernice Kilback
GPA 3.64

William Wilhelm

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About this Document

William Wilhelm
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bernice Kilback on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGT 370 at Indiana State University taught by William Wilhelm in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/222232/mgt-370-indiana-state-university in Business, management at Indiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Questions for DialogueRe ection MGT 370 Business and Society Dr Wilhelm Spring 2009 EDITIONS 14 Gender Issues 7 46 The author points out that One comment isn t an actionable offense and federal law does not prohibit simple teasing offhand comments or isolated incidents that aren t extremely serious Where is the line drawn for simple teasing What constitutes an o hand comment What de nes an incident that isn t extremely serious For a small business owner who cannot afford to hire a fulltime human resources director what resources are available to make their employees aware of sexual harassment laws and policies Isn t keeping a record of your employees shortcomings an invasion of privacy EDITIONS 15 Gender Issues 7 48 The article states Toyota and Kobayashi in a joint statement said Friday We are very pleased to have resolved this matter in a way that all parties agreed is fair appropriate and mutually satisfactoryW What do you think that meant as far as how the situation was resolved In the article John Malott the president of the JapanAmerican Society of Washington said it is unusual for a Japanesebom woman to go public with the allegations Kobayashi had Why do you think that might be unusual TEXT p 255 Management Women and the New Facts ofLife The author s main premise for the article is stated in the rst sentence The cost of employing women in management is greater than the cost of employing men Explain why What did the author mean by stating that maternity is not simply childbirth Why did the author believe that the male corporate culture saw women managers as abrasive and unfeminine who were as committed to the organization as men Describe three means by which a company can provide more exibility in the work place for women who wish to bare and raise children but maintain their jobs in the long run The author organized her discussion of how best to support women the workplace by categorizing them into two distinct groups of female employees based upon their aspirations Describe those two categorizations and brie y describe how the author believed corporations could support those two groups of female employees in their career choices TEXT p 242 Women in the Workplace Describe the general demographic changes not the statistics but the trends that have occurred in our society that have resulted in the large in ux of women the workplace With regard to gender issues what do you see as the trends of change in the future The author claims that while women families the economy and the workplace have changed most men have not p 253 Do you agree with this assessment Why or why not In the section of the article called Justice at Home the author Gini 7 based on studies and writings by Hochschild 7 paints a rather hectic and unattractive picture of the modemday home life of many workers 7 both male and female Based on your experiences do you see this in our society Explain


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