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Psychology 1001 Week One Notes

by: Claire Jeske

Psychology 1001 Week One Notes PSYC 1001

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Claire Jeske
GPA 4.0
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Foundations of Psychological Science
Dr. Aimee Reichmann-Decker

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About this Document

Week One of notes for Psychology 1001 by Dr. Reichmann-Decker. Topics include basic class information as well as the empirical and scientific methods, considerations in research/ethics, and basic m...
Foundations of Psychological Science
Dr. Aimee Reichmann-Decker
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire Jeske on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 1001 at a university taught by Dr. Aimee Reichmann-Decker in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 70 views.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Psychology 1001 Week One Pro Dr ReichmannDecker Of ce 138 Frontier Hall Hours Mon 23pm Email areichmaduedu Teaching Assistant Thania Galvan Of ce 44 Frontier Hall Hours Thur 1030 1130 am Email ThaniaGalvanduedu Need Launchpad Top Hat and Sona Research participation Grading 1000 points total Exam 1 amp 2 370 points LanuchPad Activities amp Chapter Quizzes 9 activities x 25 points Exam 3 220 points TopHat Class Participation 15 days x 7 points Research Participation 8 chits x 10 points 0 Psychology is the Scienti c Study of mind and behavion Psychologists study how humans think act and feel 0 Psychology uses the scienti c method 0 Empirical observations measurable with the senses 0 Observations are systematic and repeatable Considerations in Research 0 Use terms carefully clarity be wary of relative terms aka quotnorthquot Bermuda Triangle Limits of Intuition amp Common Sense Deceit People are willing to abuse the fact that humans naturally try to nd meaning in events 0 Examples Psychics greenwashing 0 We have premonitions that don t come true I Illusory Correlations We remember occurrences that t our hypothesis amp forgot those that don t 0 Examples People die in threes Friday the 13th is unlucky Con rmation Bias Tendency to search for evidence that con rms what we already believe and ignore con icting data 0 Look for evidence that might disprove what you think Do not make assumptions Foresight amp Hindsight Bias Tendency to exaggerate one s ability to have foreseen how something would have happened after learning the outcome 0 quotI knew that all alongquot 0 Random Occurences o Gambler s Fallacy Given random data we look for patterns Feeling an event is quotdue to hitquot Unusual events are expected to happen a certain of the time Example lottery players sports fans 0 A critical stance is needed Do not assume Search for evidence Critically examine evidence Inherent biases often distort judgements so Scienti c Method 0 We need the scienti c method intuition relies on personal judgement and common sense may lead to incorrect conclusions 0 Scienti c Method Example Observation People born at the same time are alike Hypothesis People born under the same starsign have similar personality traits Theory The alignment of the stars at the time of birth affects personality 0 Observations Hypothesis Theory The Cycle of Knowledge 0 Ruling out alternative hypothesis Cohort Effects Testing Hypotheses Research Methodology controlled oGoal of research determines design 0 Description eg Surveys 0 Correlation o Experimentation 0 Setting eld vs lab eld is more quotreal worldquot vs lab which is more Description Survey Results Affected by 0 Wording of questions 0 Clarity or complexity Methodology Correlation Measure the extent of 2 factors Positive Correlation as one increases the other increases OR as one decreases the other decreases Negative Correlation as one decreases the other increases OR as one increases the other decreases Zero Correlation No effect on eachother How well one factor predicts the other


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