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Chapter 1

by: Annie Danyluk

Chapter 1 MKT 3020

Annie Danyluk
GPA 3.31
Consumer Behavior
Professor Jennifer D. Siemens

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About this Document

Chapter 1 Notes
Consumer Behavior
Professor Jennifer D. Siemens
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Annie Danyluk on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 3020 at Clemson University taught by Professor Jennifer D. Siemens in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Consumer Behavior in Marketing at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Chapter 1 08272015 Consumer behavior as human behavior 0 Consumer Behavior Perspectives 0 Human Thought and action 0 Field of study 0 Consumer Behavior is the set of value seeking activities that take place as people go about addressing realized needs Consumer Behavior as a eld of study Economics Marketing Psychology Anthropology Consumer Behavior Social Psychology Consumption and the basic consumption process 0 Process by which goods services or ideas are used and transformed into value 0 When does value happen 0 When a need is realized 0 Not created at the sale created at consumption The basic consumption process 0 Need 0 Want 0 Exchange 0 Cost and bene ts 0 Reaction 0 Value What de nes value 0 What four things would indicate a good experience at the following places 0 McDonalds Hair salon Nice stake house McDonalds Fast correct clean bathrooms inexpensive Hair salon Like how it looks Friendly staff decently priced cleanliness Nice stake house Friendly staff good food food presentation Upscale look 0 How would the knowledge of your answers affect a marketers strategy for each By paying attention to what experience is expected at each they can come up with a plan to excel in those areas Is the customer always king Depends on environment 0 You get what you pay for How are consumers treated 0 Think about how they are treated at the DMV vs the nice stake house DMV is not dependent on repeat customers Stake house is very dependent on customers experience and repeat customers Questions to consider 0 How competitive is the marketing environment 0 How dependent is the marketer on repeat business Some terminology Customer orientation 0 Puts customer value and satisfaction rst Marketer orientation 0 Organizational culture that emphasizes a customer orientation 0 Relationship marketing 0 Repeat business is key for success 0 Touch points 0 Times of direct contact with the customer Driving past a billboard is NOT a touch point Touch points are variable like a phone call or in person contact Consumer behavior marketing strategy 0 A product is really just a bundle of attributes o Attributes are product features that deliver a desired customer bene t Avoiding marketing myopia What are you selling 0 Myopia is the short term way of thinking about things 0 De ning your business value by consumers receive and not the products you sell 0 Myopically apple is selling electronics 0 Avoiding marketing myopia apple is selling innovation and easy to use products Business orientations Undifferentiated marketing 0 Same basic product offered to all customers 0 Differentiated Marketing 0 Serves multiple market segments with particularly unique offerings o Niche Marketing 0 Chapter 1 Continued 09032015 Consumer behavior and society 0 Customs rituals norms of society involve consumption 0 What are examples of consumption being dependent on society Fast food Coffee Football Textbooks Weddings Gift giving 0 What is moon cake Chinese people eat them on their new year mid autumn festival Interpretive qualitative Research 0 Focus groups and depth interviews 0 Ethnography analyzing artifacts associated with consumption living as the consumer Researcher dependent process Quantitative research Numbersdriven Statistical models Surveys experiments observation Excels SPSS analysis 0 Not researcher dependent Identical surveys can be given by anyone Trends in consumer behavior 0 Social networking Hypercustomization and very diversi ed consumers Economic difficultiescautious consumers Changing communication preferences


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