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Chapter 3 notes

by: Annie Danyluk

Chapter 3 notes MKT 3020

Annie Danyluk
GPA 3.31
Consumer Behavior
Professor Jennifer D. Siemens

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About this Document

chapter 3 notes learning and perception
Consumer Behavior
Professor Jennifer D. Siemens
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Annie Danyluk on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 3020 at Clemson University taught by Professor Jennifer D. Siemens in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Consumer Behavior in Marketing at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Chapter 3 09032015 Learning and perception 0 Learning a change in behavior resulting from the interaction between a person and a stimulus o What is a stimulus Product packaging teacher during picture of the old womanyoung girl Perception a consumers awareness and interpretation of reality 0 Meaning attached to the stimuli Elements of consumer behavior 0 Exposure stimulus is within proximity of consumer Attention purposeful attempt to understand a stimulus Comprehension consumer takes meaning from stimulus Attention Why doesn t attention always follow exposure 0 We are exposed to thousands of stimuli every day Comprehension o Marketers want consumers interpretation to be intended meaning 0 Ex American ag could mean made in America American pride other countries could take away positive or negative connotations inside the package may be an American ag Subtle things affect perception and comprehension Consumers prefer products they perceive as smiling 0 Car grills 0 Watches hands Organization process 0 How we label organize in our very minds information is very important 0 Changes our expectations for a product and perception for the bene t of the product Categorization process Assimilation easily recognized 0 Ex typical bike 0 Accommodation shares some features 0 Preferred in some cases 0 Ex fold up bike 0 Contrast nothing is in common cannot be categorized 0 Ex Segway How does marketing strategy differ based on categorization If assimilation is used 0 You need to address why is the product you are selling better than the competition 0 If accommodation is used 0 You need to address why the product is new or different aka why is it special 0 If contrast is used 0 You need to educate the consumer on what the product is Atmospherics and perception Store atmosphere can greatly affect perceptions 0 Music 0 Lighting 0 Color 0 Age of sales people 0 Layout JND Just noticeable difference Represents how much strongerdifferent one stimulus has to be relative to another so that someone can notice a difference 0 Marketers often try to make subtle branding changes that are below consumers JND threshold 0 Ex coke cans over the years have been changed slightly JMD Just meaningful difference Smallest change in a stimulus that would in uence consumer choice o For pricing 20 people think twice if it is on sale at 20 off typically 0 Example Doritos have slightly different looking bags for their different kinds of Doritos Regular extra nacho avor and baked all have the same type of bag but you can notice the difference Ways to enhance attention 0 Intensity yellingbold font 0 Movement chick l a moving cows on the billboard Size 0 Contrast Surprise novelty ex share a coke with annie o Involvement Clemson students typically notice the color orange in stores Learning through conditioning Conditioning a form of unintentional learning 0 Can enhance consumer comprehension of your message 0 Encourages repeat behavior 0 Classical and instrumental conditioning Classical conditioning Learning by association 0 Unconditioned stimulus naturally triggers a response food 0 Unconditioned response the natural response that happens salivate o Conditioned stimulus becomes associated with the unconditioned stimulus through conditioned pairing bell o Conditioned response Learned response to the conditioned stimulus bell makes dog salivate Instrumental conditioning Behavior is conditioned through reinforcementrewards 0 Positive reinforcement rewarding desired behavior product purchase etc Ex loyalty cards 0 Punishment Demonstrate negative results of a behavior buying competitors product fear appeals Reinforcement schedule is important 0 Continuous reinforcement schedulereward after every desired behavior 0 Fixed reinforcement reward after a known number of desired behavoris or xed amount of time 0 Variable reinforcement schedule reward after a random number of desired behaviors or a variable amount of time Which reinforcement schedule is best Extinction the behavior that had previously been reinforced is no longer effective also occurs with classical conditioning Continuous reinforcement PROBLEM reward becomes expected Fixed reinforcement PROBLEM is predictable need a high value reward to keep motivated Variable reinforcement is BEST have a chance of reward EVERYTIME you buyshop but need the variable rate to be frequent


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