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Chapter 6 notes

by: Annie Danyluk

Chapter 6 notes MKT 3020

Annie Danyluk
GPA 3.31
Consumer Behavior
Professor Jennifer D. Siemens

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About this Document

Personality of the consumer and the brand
Consumer Behavior
Professor Jennifer D. Siemens
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Annie Danyluk on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 3020 at Clemson University taught by Professor Jennifer D. Siemens in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Consumer Behavior in Marketing at Clemson University.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
10012015 Personality the totality of thoughts emotions intentions and behaviors that a person exhibits consistently Personality qualities 0 Unique to an individual 0 Combination of speci c traits or characteristics 0 Traits are relatively stable and interact with situations to in uence behavior 0 Speci c behaviors can vary across time quotBig Fivequot Personality dimensions OCEAN 0 factor Openness to experiences intellectual curiosity C factor Conscientiousness Preserving orderly trustworthy planner E factor Extraversion or tendency to be sociable A factor Agreeableness altruism con dence modesty sweetness N factor Neuroticism Anxious unstable and nervousness Hierarchical Approaches 0 Begin with the assumption that personality traits exist at varying levels of abstraction o Broad traits Behaviors that are performed across many different situations eg extroversion 0 Speci c traits Tendencies to behave in very wellde ned situations eg complaint propensity Brand personality 0 What brand personality OCEAN does dove have o It is impossible for us to give OCEAN to brands so we use brand personality dimensions CompetenceljReliable dependable ExcitementDaring spirited Ruggednessljtough strong SincerityHonest genuine o Sophisticationlelamorous charming o What contributes to brand personality OOOO Product quality Packaging Price Advertising Promotionssponsorships 0 Brand Characters Targeting to personality Pandoracom music preferences 0 Stitch x Top 10 companies use prehire assessments including personality when hiring Lifestyles 0 Refer to the ways consumers live and spend their time and money 0 Useful in identifying viable market segments Psychographics Way consumer lifestyles are measured 0 Aio statements 0 Activities 0 Interests 0 Opinions 00000 VALS Values And Lifestyles Classi es consumers into 8 segments based on 0 Resources available 0 Primary motivations PRIZM Geodemographics 0 Potential Ratings Index by Zip Market Assumes that similar people live close to one another and emulate each others behavior and lifestyle 0 66 segments Self concept 0 Refers to the totality of thoughts and feelings that an individual has about him or herself We have many self concepts 0 Actual self Current perception 0 Current perception of how you are ldealseW 0 Who we want to be 0 Social selflooking glass self 0 I think you think I am a certain way 0 Ideal Social self 0 I want you to think I am 0 Extended selfpossessions Possessions that l have Self congruency theory Proposes that much of consumer behavior can be explained by the congruence match between a consumers self concept and the image of typical users of a product


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