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Week Four Psychology 1001 Notes

by: Claire Jeske

Week Four Psychology 1001 Notes PSYC 1001

Marketplace > University of Denver > Psychlogy > PSYC 1001 > Week Four Psychology 1001 Notes
Claire Jeske
GPA 4.0
Foundations of Psychological Science
Aimee Reichmann-Decker

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About this Document

Week Four Notes for Psychology 1001 with Dr. Reichmann-Decker. Topics include Sensation, Perception, Bottom-up processes, and Top-down Processes.
Foundations of Psychological Science
Aimee Reichmann-Decker
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire Jeske on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 1001 at University of Denver taught by Aimee Reichmann-Decker in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Foundations of Psychological Science in Psychlogy at University of Denver.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
Week 4 Psychology Notes Absolute Threshold detecting reliably Subliminal Threshold 0 When stimuli are below one s absolute threshold for conscious awareness o More than 50 of the time not detecting presence 0 What is the concern about subliminal messages 0 That subliminal messages somehow bypass normal defense Subliminal Perception The messages were there 0 Do they affect people 0 These messages DO NOT seem to in uence BEHAVOIR 0 Very small effect on behavior in uenced by motivational state 0 They CAN in uence judgements and evaluations Is the effect of a subliminal stimuli different supraliminal stimuli 0 Advertising consider principles of learning Easier to learn what time to process Priming Effects of Subliminal Stimuli o Subliminal stimulus showing scowling or smiling faces can in uence ourjudgements about ourselves We process faces quickly easily and are experts at processing faces So it must be faces Subliminal Stimulus in uence OURJUDGEMENTS 0 About ourselves 0 Also about stimuli paired with faces The Puzzle of Sensation and Perception o How do stimuli in our environment become represented in the brain Sensation amp Perception o Sensation how we detect physical energy from the environment and encode it as neural signals 0 Perception how we select organize and interpret this information Perception in the Brain 0 Combination of Sensation o Sensory processes bottomOup Perception 0 Cognitive processes topdown Sensation Bottom up Processes Pattern Recoqnition Feature Analysis Patterns can be broken down into elementary features 0 Sense receptors 0 Feature Detectors sensory receptors 0 Neurons that respond to speci c features of a pattern o Is pattern recognition merely a bottom up processes Obviously not Perception TopDown Processing 0 Transduction sensory information from the environment is converted to neural signals Perceptual transduction task 0 Count the number of passes that the team wearing the white T shirts make to each other nattentiona Blindness Most people tend to have the impression that they simply see what is there 0 What of participants reported seeing the gorilla 50 0 Failure to perceive something even when eyes are open and image on our retinas 0 Attention Change Blindness Would you notice if the person giving you directions changed 0 What of pedestrians noticed the change 47 o All who noticed the change were roughly the same age as the experimenters Inability to detect change assumptions in uence perception Attention amp Perception The presence of visual stimulus is not sufficient to guarantee perception 0 Attention is an important component 0 nattentiona blindness Attention alone does not guarantee perception of visual stimulus o Expectations in uence both attention and perception 0 Change blindness Pattern Recognition ls pattern recognition merely a bottomup process Obviously not 0 Can you have sensation without perception Yes 0 What are other experiences of bottomup input without in uence of topdown processes SensationPerception Disconnect In cases of brain damage Prosopagnosia although an individual can see cannot recognize faces Perception Topdown Processing Constructive Nature of Perception Attention amp Expectations in uence perception Re ects Past experience amp knowledge thus in uences processing Context Effects perception of an ambiguous stimulus due to immediate context Perceptual Set Effects menta predisposition to perceive one thing and not another Expectation Effects


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