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Week 2 Chem 152 Notes

by: Adair Warren

Week 2 Chem 152 Notes CHEM 152

Marketplace > University of Washington > Chemistry > CHEM 152 > Week 2 Chem 152 Notes
Adair Warren
GPA 3.7
CHEM 152 General Chemistry
Professor Gabriele Varani

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About this Document

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CHEM 152 General Chemistry
Professor Gabriele Varani
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adair Warren on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 152 at University of Washington taught by Professor Gabriele Varani in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 66 views. For similar materials see CHEM 152 General Chemistry in Chemistry at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
a week 2 aw 5m La tte 3 lg 343 quot We 0amp5 3 9 H 939 39 wmx drone mifogmbages Iquot asowm W 39yusa la abudiom 4 gagequot ampL Pamp 539 WM cum 3 15m 4quot 0 4M MA MA 39dr 39 do i 3 s Jams dlfue at I weak by Ws almrb Off or H ions quot 65me 6 Wu W i u p me 1 Gaol y 1 1845 M an pH ma a 0 originalp if 055 Men M M 0 ax a A 49444 5 ALL 7de m4 My 575 S fep 1quot do in mi ML aha0 BM 55y W me s mo 0 29 f 1 39 mm 3590 w 66 ww om 22quot Fi Sao x H jaw if f 7 39 WI2W t 91010 WQ 3633 I8Kl0s 1 7 1545 0800quot 9 H WM happens 40 a 0390 quot0 W fb 1601 09 le gw am glaa dj a Wan kwA H0e 3 61910 397 150 4 63quotquot anew3 012272 44 W agmmwww a wao Hod2 i4 was 2552 ad cased x L 5619mon fwm s 49 02an r 29539 291053 c m39 w mo s f39 3 Mk5 Inf 2 Gas74 add 12ch Juli 0 WM 0 SI 0amp10 o 0 x 0 7340 QM x 0571 x PH 79301x10quot5 9 1 1quot x 53 warm UM 3qu m OIOI0tr LOO L 5 qu69 03 la 0ampJk Shana dad quotCL wa 100 agw m mow inihnl M W 954le vQOmas 3 HOquot 3 33 x 00 X X155 f 4308 M7quot 92 Magi 1 in 50 do 7 WW w M pry lafolm f 2 hr Mm P 239 P W HMO M 0 you p at 39 aid 405 QM 39 yj VF Vd k 50 KS SW W My a mm a WIS390 mobs 25w nals 3 H70 04159 M 030355 n 5004650 309 550 F 51 3 UM p 1 3quot Ham 7 34511quot VH PKJI 9 O N 39 K g Y A A 059quot WWI 0mm l T m m an 9 Cum M3 6m Mb 6min base GMk5 sim bw 4 aaacid 9 mam a mm m 15 4mm w ItoMan 90W in a sou 39oa ZL is a mix 01 l Sf oidwanwr and Qw39 nhn hawAu km 50me 4 a 02mm HCl mm 0190ka M 5 din395 0133 nglwww 39m soMJiM 30 039 H10 W73 pH F9 cw M 146 7 Mali jaw and 150anoymH 2 ma i9 11 V WIILMIGO Lx moo 9 81 somloomu males 0 Iquot I 4 4 mekc 20500 x190 20100092 we mm W 01 ml 90lml ao9mdull M 9 M 3amp39 15M ptf82 when IM mZ a 4111019 4 50m of 21 m I39df 015andff aw am Me 1 190mm 0 Wk spades 14 039 H0 af phi pISZM 25060 If039g0 r La fm baaa w H a 39 r gztm 1 Lamb W l 39135393 x 4 0AA 99 739 39 39 ORMLiV39 Q M you l M4 i Odqu Lac m Ilhdhns ml was Wak out We rfm j base all w Jim Mj raud lama EJMA Q 5 W711 ski23 2U le discbguies M w aad91ly gm digQua s M 5249 1930 W if 1 egw n mw out a fquot 0 A kwm sh bwwll 1537 1 W49 Noah radwuta g Maw me x M1de mul wnngoh 50x u W m 39 weak L amquot 12 W W mquot afzp 2 6 i 3 yme 0419250 W KH5xoquot MI9 015011 3 m mo 2 w 110 250 0 u 0 f 39x IQ x an I 290 39x x x 15 30 a K1 X1041 t quot 735 A v 339 xci o39i o 3quot I 2 9 5 pl 690 mg 3 O l 5 a Smmf js QH39 905 L 150 00125m16 4quot 1 ska4 m 4921 v z oo5mlmz 4341 40375 767 new 00125mo l0 uw 0530 l J55 A le h I 02501 1hLM 3 Wquot quot12 ggso 397 X f w 15 x 051 NC 5 M W EW x Kain0 31727 quot w pg b30756 X10401


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