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Week One

by: Kimberly Mored

Week One PSYCH202

Kimberly Mored
GPA 3.7
Dr. Graham

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About this Document

Dr. Graham
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kimberly Mored on Monday October 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH202 at University of Washington taught by Dr. Graham in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see biopsychology in Psychlogy at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 10/12/15
BmmcH 202 m e I 1319115 To 1 I o N eu39r1m s h 7 W a3 L quot Malia quotNewman dUu rih S r 39 7quot erde STYULTMJQ E M funmionm um rrs DE nm wuygg em 39Pwi cmlmv f mmres 39 ism W1 6 s 7 01X 0 ML 11 7 2 budjgrgi W 39nmml H WleS Ei 39m v m ei di r tmriamjmm dimmio nmi k 7 Howdo Whale ngtgmgwgneuron grammarnjcqte How doe Miami qLW39wvg ggfpgrai e our COHJCEOUJ Hep quot n 9 W 139 3 Nquot t 0 M m 71 E S 1 EKWCKUSE E gr has 6 W as 1391 6 h s H sew M39Q 8086 billion memvvhgw w hfm Hf h kai m D U i al vThgrfiwMe V301 Our Nguyen of lial lls iL i prjgggdj1iEmql 31mins 1Mquot Viguahzmq n uf g hon M mung M pes J GEB S kegs Than m lgl Miggl Mmmun m mag5 ppiars gr og an The hu mu wt t39lwwh yurpl j h blu g thwu demiuj M M umm 7 i1071D Errr g m himger 7 II Hn WUCHE DLh W S39lVj I kseinmm rmvlicmtmr gpacif39it Fmrj g inhaling ml AHE LMMM d WCTL SPFCH Prm hg EXPV Qgg gn M f F05 grjrnr agfiva cd LENS YQCQh1VI LLWQ EJIMB HELWQM in mm 3 mm 1 HR HEd MM DMELWDH JEEPWWUd Lnnneww39rw we wh rc 77 7 7 We CMU39V h mn if39ion mwms m whernw w we fawn rmqu 11 N euvuns There we EJDH BEM39IIHWN ncvwvm aw SW 391 j 39lm W5 5 W 7 7 in Name Wise htmwm WW bfmmg H g tat39asrm everij lix zm ig NM 1395 are mam n1 3ng J I H mwom 3 WIHDWE ds a n TIMJ r 6 lmr EXTEHSIDHS Ir E J MN m m I G MM Hr Emmi I S ucrwml L fwu wmi r Mm m r Th imwums 3 L151egH3 that are diret ormml are w fd i BL 77 f if mg v E115 M Q f g a f H hbWJn aim Mquot l w J 371 M aha M iii 391 n magma elm UHFerha ME 3 mam 913quot Q DIWEN 2 mum WDMMJ MQMM WW Po DEV j mh39uh awM m Hrmi E em mm m n s 5 7 smpsvw 102 TUPIC N EMruvn 8i Gum 0 1 15 f 7 r 7 7 I 39 quot 39 NPLHDIquotI iimrm ietipul M Wm H r 0m mm mam cmwmo 7 Jj j ggllii l l RE LLWQ 3 Hum c ht t n kwu mg 7 7 quot1 wmgmw awaken Muir39an W mwes iM Tum gurmqggliwgs 7 Swm W010iquot QLEBMS Tm mu SUE S quot pulm u i rti iur gmm I found mggmmruj 13WE SS RNM m sMiM Lg Mquot H IQWEQ is wawa 3211 Jim 7 7 Dem H HES M797 Iumwd mm 1HE777 779 undies mad 7 77 7777 7 RQFEWE im 0 from EMS 7 7 7 I 7 pawns mm 31137 7nfquot777iiquot1f 139 mm dam qu r i J a 5 77m 1rmy7 7i 539 1 0 7 7 HM awn TEHWMWIS 7777 7 7 7 7 lhmm TQE39H 39a ql 39qu irme mm 777 7 7 LEM muff 7 Flame W m v amp n mru m Tdt le 39 139 0 Sand EV 77 7 77 31791in 1777079791 an mt an pm39EHT39ic Heer 7 7 7 7 f 7 7 7 7 7 7 mm H mu med 7117 i 4 f a Mw nipo lqy39 mgmmn3 awe mm 1397 777gmmwfy 11Mevmemmyt75 7 ruewe signals fromgjhtv Wk h L 337911 qu WWW WWW 39V BM v LiW I DW deKa Momrm mm digMC mmur MW W WUBF mm law at J MdDxL Wquot139EGI m we WMquoted m gummy Um f m luami39 Pram WW CW b 5141 Lg t WU ME 317wa fvum7 LELM M0 1 gmhcr infn f mm Mdfikg 1 ma W 111 mmm 12 In rCIJ n5ti s HXM L quotIME MH E iis game 97 717717 mfg Thc gran MMULK 13 5W8 Wm M 1MP MEME 11 65quot niMi 1 35m 3 Wm a up 7 6m mn t39iqn Pomm Harm Them H mm Jami H


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