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X 100

by: Adolphus West
Adolphus West

GPA 3.6

Robert Grimm

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About this Document

Robert Grimm
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adolphus West on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BUS at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis taught by Robert Grimm in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 390 views. For similar materials see /class/222279/bus-indiana-university-purdue-university-indianapolis in Business at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
X100 Academic Integrity Online Orientation Courses 1 Jack and Jane have worked closely together on their Mickey39s Car Wash case papers which their business professor the popular Professor Grimey has encouraged Professor Grimey said that students could work together to do research but the writing of the papers need to be done individually as 39their own work39 Jack had previously worked at Mickey39s so he had some particular insights and ideas that he could add Jack and Jane in discussion about the paper both decided to take a particular approach to related to the recruitment issues at Mickey39s which were key to the paper Jane decided to cite the discussion and agreed approach but Jack did not HAS JACK VIOLATED THE HONOR CODE OR STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT A NO Professor Grimey knew the students were permitted to do research and discuss the paper so Jack is not in violation B NO As long as Jack was not taking material from a published source but only from a common discussion he need not have cited Jane C YES The idea was not Jack39s alone but rather a shared product Both students should have cited their discussion D YES because two students agreeing to take a particular approach on a paper is tantamount to cheating Response C Points 1 1 Response 7 Jinx walks into his Fundamentals of Winning class held in the large lecture hall 15 minutes prior to the start of the midterm exam He takes out his notes and class slides and begins reviewing course concepts Professor Hunter enters the room and announces to the class to put away all notes study materials and textbooks The exams are handed out and the students are told to begin About halfway into the exam Professor Hunter notices class notes face up on the floor just to the right of Jinx The professor immediately confiscates the notes but allows Jinx to finish the exam After Jinx turns in the exam to Professor Hunter he explains that he had not used the confiscated notes during the exam and that it was just an absent minded error that he left the notes face up and in view DOES PROFESSOR HUNTER HAVE SUFFICIENT GROUNDS TO PURSUE THIS MATTER AS A POSSIBLE VIOLATION OF THE HONOR CODE OR STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT A YES because the Student Code of Conduct forbids taking notes or study materials into an exam room B YES because having notes in view during an exam consitutes a possible violation expecially if the professor has directed the student to put notes away prior to the start of the exam C NO because the student stated he did not use the notes during the exam Since no one can prove that he did use them the professor is obliged to let the matter drop D NO becasue the professor did not actually observe the student using the notes during the exam Response B Points 1 1 N A 5 5quot Response 7 Dilbert is taking a Business Ethics class taught by Professor Plato One of the course requirements is to write a book review on a selected from a list provided by Professor Plato Dilbert lucks out as the Philosophy class he had taken last semester required a book review on one of the same books on Professor Plato39s list Dilbert had received an A for that book review in the Philosophy class Dilbert is pressed for time so decides to fix the typos update the cover sheet and submit the updated book review in the Business Ethics class and receives a B HAS DILBERT VIOLATED THE HONOR CODE OR STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT A YES as Dilbert is guilty of plagiarism by not having cited the paper as being previously used in the Philosophy class B YES since Dilbert has submitted and received credit for the same academic work in two different classes C NO because Dilbert has submitted his own good work as evidenced by the A he received in the Philosophy class D NO since the book was on Professor Plato39s list and the book reveiw met the Business Ethics course requirements as evidenced by the B he received Response D Points 0 1 Response 7 Jill is a Kelley business student majoring in accounting She has decided to seek a 39for credit39 internship at one of the major accounting firm The competition among interns is fierce While her academics look good Jill has had little time to spend on extracurricular and service activities which the accounting firms like to see To put her best foot forward Jill decides to 39spruce up39 her resume and lists herself as a current officer in the accounting club and an officer last year in the finance club although she has held no formal office and has only been a member of the accounting club She submits her resume directly to the accounting firms She is a finalist at one of the firms which has requested the Kelley Career Placement Office to verify Jill39s transcript and resume prior to making her an internship offer HAS JILL VIOLATED THE HONOR CODE OR CODE OF CONDUCT BY 39SPRUCING UP39 HER RESUME A NO since the internship is a non academic activity B NO Jill submitted the resume directly to the accounting firm C YES since the Accounting Firm has requested the CPO to verify the resume D YES as Jill is a Kelley student and the Honor Code also applies to internships Response D Points 1 1 Response 7 Albert is enrolled in an elective science class that includes a lab component He carries out an experiment in the lab where the results would strike most students as quite unexpected This is the major experiment for the semester and the laboratory report along with a discussion and explanation of the results constitutes a major portion of the semester grade Albert had taken an advanced AP science 0 course in high school where similar sophisticated experiments were conducted In fact the very experiment under consideration was carried out in that AP class with similar results Therefore Albert has has an excellent understanding of the 39unexpected39 results that also occured in his present laboratory experiment He then writes up the experiment using only the current data and without consulting the old high school report and received an A grade in the laboratory report and for the course HAS THE HONOR CODE OR STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT BEEN VIOLATED A YES Albert should have informed the course or lab instructor that he had previously done this experiment B YES since Albert had not learned anything new by writing a laboratory report containing results and ideas similar to those in an experiment he had previously conducted with similar results C NO since use of knowledge acquired previously is quite legitimate D NO since one can always use reports or papers from other courses in any class as long as it rerpesent39sones own work Response C Points 1 1 Response 7 Randy is taking a required capstone business class that requires lots of case analysis and writing In addition to graduation her time is also occupied with wedding plans and job interviews Writing is not Randy39s strong suit She finds that several of the cases have good papers already available on the internet So she decides to use these and 39spruce them up39 with new titles and headings and an expanded intro and conclusion She sees little risk for plagiarism as the cases already have good sources and cites which she can use along with most of the plagiarized content She also sees little risk since she has changed the paper has good sources cited and the papers are each only worth 8 of the course grade So if she is caught a presumed zero for the paper worst case would still allow her to pass the course Randy had only been caught once before in a freshman class and the penalty was a grade reduction for the paper that only brought her course grade down from a B to a B Professor Quendolini the instructor for the capstone class discovers that Randy had plagiarized on one of the papers Randy agreed on a penalty of zero for the assignment with both signing the 39Notice of Academic Misconduct Form39 This would result in a likely C rather than B for the course Randy just received a letter from the IUPUI Dean of Students SHOULD RAN DY BE CONCERN ED A NO The Dean of Students routinely meets with every student who violates the Student Code of Conduct B NO The matter is fully resolved and the agreed upon penalty is binding when Randy and Professor Quendolini signed the 39Form39 C YES The Dean of Students may impose additional penalties if there were other reported instances of academic misconduct D YES The Dean of Students reviews penalties for each case of misconduct to be sure they meet the guidelines Response D Points 0 1 PreExam 1 1 Which of the following would not be included in the gross domestic product of the United States A Value of tax return services performed by HampR Block B Value of BMW automobiles manufactured in Alabama C Total value of Procter amp Gamble products produced in Michigan D Value of medical care services rendered in the United States E Value of McDonald39s sales for their Tokyo locations Response E Answer E Points 1 1 Laura wants to start a business but she is unsure of the legal form best for her Short of cash she has decided to take the form that is the least expensive and most flexible in terms of decision making and implementation Which would you recommend A Joint venture B Partnershi C Sole proprietorship D Cooperative E Corporation Response E Answer C Points 0 1 The Kingdom of Rhonda has no high tariffs yet other countries find it difficult to trade with the Kingdom of Rhonda because of its requirements for labeling product testing and certifications These restrictions can best be classified as A embargos B currency devaluations C import quotas D quality import restrictions E bureaucratic red tape Response D Answer E Points 0 1 When a country39s currency is devalued this the cost of foreign goods an the cost of domestic goods to foreign firms A increases decreases B reduces reduces C decreases increases D neutralizes raises E neutralizes decreases Response A Answer A Points 1 1 Gail Nelson begins her first job after graduating from college and starts putting money away in a savings account She believes she has removed this money from the circular flow between buyers and sellers that she studied in Introduction to Business Is Gail correct A Yes by putting this money into a savings account only she has access to the funds and they are no longer available to the circular N A 5 0391 O 1 9 5quot flow B No even though she has saved this money the bank will in turn invest the money back into the circular flow C Yes only direct investments into companies such as purchasing ownership shares of that company will put her savings back into the circular flow D Yes the circular flow focuses on businesses and government and therefore Gail39s savings have no impact on the circular flow E No becuase she earned this money frmo a company and because she paid taxes on it it is always considered part of the flow Response B Answer B Points 1 1 Companies such as ExxonMobil and Mitsubishi operate on a worldwide scale with weakening ties to any single country These are examples of A members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average B global trading companies C internationally owned facilities D multinational enterprises E foreign domestic corporations Response B Answer D Points 0 1 Walters Company LLC is a wholesale distributor of industrial packaging A primary advantage that Walters enjoys as an LLC that corporations do not have is A ease of formation B limited liability C avoiding double taxation D one class of outstanding stock E income taxes Response C Answer C Points 1 1 Shawn Sine decides to start his own business How likely is Shawn to still be operating a successful business in five years A It depends on whether it is an e business or not B It is very likely because most small businesses are successful C It is likely because the chance of failure is nearly equal to the chance for success D It is unlikely because well over half of new small businesses fail E It is very unlikely becuase almost all new businesses fail within the first five years Response D Answer D Points 1 1 Which of the following scenarios would best exemplify Adam Smith39s view of best serving the interests of society A Individuals are selected to fill certain positions within the economy of their nation according to the needs of the nation as a whole B Markets are carefully regulated to ensure that all individuals within a nation are treated fairly and charged standardized prices C A country only has a limited amount of space for college students PreExam 2 O Equot and uses a type of lottery system to determine who gets these spaces D Government scarcely exists in this country and transactions are based on a system of barter or trading goods for other goods E Individuals in the country may pursue their own economic gain and self interest by doing whatever is best for them Response B Answer E Points 0 1 Ted39s partnership agreement with two other men was a bit unsound One of the problems the men were encountering was uneven productivity among the partners The agreement required each partner to contribute to every aspect of the business to receive an equal portion of the profits This agreement did not reflect the idea that A all partners need not be equal that is there are different types of partners Some may be fully active in running the business whereas others may have a more limited role B general partners are required to be active in day to day business operations C customers and creditors of a limited partnership need not be protected D the Uniform Partnership Act requires every general partnership to have at least one limited partner E each partner may enter into contracts on behalf of all the others Response A Answer A Kevin has considered selling franchises of his very successful hardware store However he is concerned that the franchises will destroy the reputation of the company and end up hurting his business What advice would you give Kevin A He should not sell franchises because he will have no control over how the franchises operate their businesses B He should instead raise the capital to build and operate the new stores himself becauase this is a cheaper way to expand C He should hire the managers of the new franchises so that he has control over their operations D Through the franchise agreement he can ensure that the new stores are operated according to his own standards E Although he will have a little control over how the franchises operate he will not be able to influence their advertising or level of service Response D Answer D Points 1 1 The stage of team development in which a team reaches its full potential is called A forming B storming C norming D performing E adjourning Response E A 5 5quot 0 Answer D Points 0 1 Steven Jobs and David Wozniak the founders of Apple Computer Inc are creative free spirited individuals who decided that being corporate underlings was not what they wanted from a career They had an innovative idea for a product and desired to create their own business based on this idea All of the following are factors that could have led them to go into business except A the independence B the willingness to find and accept a challenge C the desire to determine their own destiny D the low risk and high rewards inherent in entrepreneurship E entrepreneurial spirit Response D Answer D Points 1 1 Ann delegated work to an employee who mismanaged public funds Ann rather than the employee was reprimanded for thIs mismanagement Ann is now reluctant to delegate because she A does not care whether the work is properly done B knows the person who delegates remains accountable for the work C does not trust any of her subordinates D fears a subordinate will do the work so well that he or she will attract the approval of top management E is so disorganized that she simply cannot plan and assign work effectively Response C Answer B Points 0 1 Herb Kelleher long time chief executive officer of Southwest Airlines was known for inspiring and motivating his employees He related well to people within and outside the Southwest Airlines organization Herb Kelleher had good skills A technical B conceptual C interpersonal D interactive E personnel Response C Answer C Points 1 1 A company like Motorola might establish a goal of reducing its inventory by 50 percent over the next year To ensure that it reaches this goal the company could monitor its progress on a quarterly or monthly basis If the managers at Motorola discover that there is a danger of not achieving this goal they can take corrective action to adjust for the deficiency This is a description of the managers39 nction A controlling B directing C leading D organizing E planning O 1 9 9 Response A Answer A Points 1 1 A computer manufacturer is first divided into the following groups Home OfficePersonal Use Small Business Large Business and Educational Institutions Within each of these divisions management is organized into finance operations marketing and human resources This company is organized first by then by A function customer B customer function C product function D product customer E customer location Response B Answer B Points 1 1 Things were terrific at X Bank on Elm Street until an unfortunate incident occurred Before the incident the bank had installed hidden cameras a fancy alarm system and bars on entrance and exit doors Nevertheless the bank was burglarized last week Although no employees were hurt one of the bank39s most loyal and respected tellers said quotFor the first time in five years I feel a bit uneasy fearful on the jobquot The bank may find that for this employee and others the need must now be met A esteem B self actualization C physiological D social E safety Response E Answer E Points 1 1 Alex notices that sales of the company39s best products are declining He gathers together his sales staff to generate solutions to the decline in sales He encourages all the participants to generate as many new ideas as possible and forbids anyone from criticizing or ridiculing the ideas of others Alex is using A Blast Then Refine B trial and error C generation D group think E brainstorming Response E Answer E Points 1 1 Gary Downs recently has noticed that the plant he is managing is delivering only 30 percent of its products on time To determine what is causing the problem he assembles the various department heads and the plant supervisor to get their input on the matter Although the ultimate responsibility is his he has no difficulty in delegating decision making authority to any member of this group This participative style of leadership suggests that Gary is an leader A democratic B aissez faire C autocratic D passive E dependent Response A Answer A


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