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Health Communication

by: Patience Langosh II

Health Communication SPCM 22600

Patience Langosh II
GPA 3.66

Bruce Henderson

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About this Document

Bruce Henderson
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Patience Langosh II on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPCM 22600 at Ithaca College taught by Bruce Henderson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/222292/spcm-22600-ithaca-college in Speech & Communication at Ithaca College.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Chapt 7 Social Support Social Support 7 behaviors that directly or indirectly communicate to an individual that heshe is cared for Coping 7 process of managing stressful situations 0 Problem solvipg 7 changing what can be changed 0 Emotional adjustment 7 adapting to what can t be changed Health Self Ef cacy 7 people believe they can manage their health successfully Internal locus of control 7 positive experiences amp encouragement from others and a cultural belief that people control their own destinies 9 fosters health self ef cacy External locus of control 7 belief that events are controlled by outside forces 9 low health self ef cacy m 7 Occurrence that exceeds a person s normal coping ability Norrnalcy 7 the sense that things are comfortablepredictablefamiliar Actionfacilitatipg support 7 performing tasks and collecting information 0 Instrumental support 7 tasks amp favors Informational support 7 providing information Nurturipg support 7 building selfesteem acknowledging amp expressing emotions and providing companionship Esteem support 7 efforts to make a distressed individual feel valued Emotional support 7 efforts to acknowledge and understand what another person is feeling 0 Social network support 7 ongoing relationships that are maintained even when no crisis exists Support group 7 groups of people with similar concerns who meet regularly to discuss feelings amp experiences Virtual communities 7 support groups who communicate via information technology Lay Caregiver 7 nonprofessionals who provide care for others 0 important source of social support 0 need support themselves Family amp Medical Leave Act 1993 7 guarantees people can take up to 12 weeks offto care for ailing family members seek medical care or bring children into the family 0 does not guarantee payment eligibility must have worked 1 year for 25 hours per week only companies with at least 50 employees Hospic 7 organization that provides support amp care for dying persons and their families 9 death with dignity Advanced care directives 7 describe ahead of time the medical care a person wishes to receive or not if heshe becomes too ill to communicate Physician assisted suicid 7 doctor provides a means for patient to commit suicide at the patient s request Euthanasia 7 physician or family member intentionally kills a patient to end hisher suffering mercy killing Oversupport 7 excessive amp unnecessary help 0 3 kinds 1 over helping 2 over informing 3 over empathizing 0 Over helping 7 providing too much instrumental assistance tasksfavors 0 Over informing 7 forcing info on people when they are too distraught to understandaccept it Theory of Problematic Integration 7 process in which communication serves to establish a relatively stable orientation to the world but also to challenge and transform that orientation 0 Based on idea that we orient life in terms of expectations what we think will happen amp evaluations good vs bad Empathy 7 ability to show that you understand how someone else is feeling Empathic concern 7 an intellectual appreciation of someone s feelings Empathic contagion 7 actually feeling emotions similar to the other person s can be overdone over TransformationalTranscendent experienc 7 life event that has a great impact on you Homogenous Culture Heterogenous Culture High context low context Language is more ambiguous language is speci c Ex Japanese ex US Palliative care focuses on relieving and preventing the suffering of patients at any stage of disease 5 Stages of Death 1 denial amp isolation 2 anger 3 bargaining 4 depression 5 acceptance Chapter 8 Cultural Conceptions of Health amp Illness Culture 7 set of beliefs rules amp practices that are shared by a group of people Organic perspective 7 assumption that health can be understood in terms of the presence or absence of physical markers Evidence based indicators 7 practice of making treatment decisions based on results of scienti c studies Harmony perspective 7 health is a pleasing sense of overall wellbeing biopsychosocial model Theory of Health as Expanded Consciousnes 7 health crisis isn t necessarily negative or undesirable health events are an integral part of life that provide opportunities for growth amp change ex Lia s epilepsy was desirable bc it meant she could be a shaman Explicate order 7 tangible elements of our existence on the surface Implicate order 7 patterns beneath the surface Stigma 7 social rejection in which the stigmatized person is treated as dishonorable or is ignored altogether O en make people ashamed or afraid to seek care for stigmatized conditions may keep diagnoses secret RLle 7 set of expectations that applies to people performing various functions in the culture 5 implications of Viagra ad 1 intimacy vaginal penetration 2 physical ailments get physical treatment 3 women are passive but grateful recipients of male attention 4 oriented towards white straight males 5 Chapter 9 Culture amp Diversi in Health Organizations Health care organization 7 provide products services amp info to help people maintain health amp manage illness or injuries Organizational culture 7 comprised of members basic beliefs amp assumptions about the organization and its place in the larger environment 9 has taken for granted quality ways of thinkingacting are rarely questioned Integrated organization 7 one in which members share a common language amp set of assumptions cultural integration Model of multiculturalism Monolithic organizations 7 recognize only one culture with few minority members Plural organizations 7 more minority members but they are pressured to conform Multicultural organizations 7integrate many diverse cultures and ideas Glass ceilipg 7 women amp minorities are excluded from management positions or denied equal compensation for similar work Alternative medicine 7 therapies not scienti cally researched or proven by medical associations such as the AMA Complimentary medicin 7 used in addition to NOT instead of conventional medicine doctors may approve or prescribe Patient s bill of rights 7 speci es what actions people may take in contesting managed care decisions Con ict 7 disagreement that results when people perceive that some goals are incompatible with those of others 0 Con ict of interest 7 internal occurs when a person wishes to meet multiple objectives but meeting one means sacri cing another ex if you increase quality of care you can t also decrease costs its one or the other Integpersonal con ict 7 occurs when people who depend on each other have con icting goals aims and values that seem to stand in the way of accomplishing their objectives 9 can turn violent Role con ict 7 occurs when a person plays more than 1 role but the expectations of those con ict Fiduciary 7 people such as doctors attorneys and bankers who are expected to uphold the public s trust advise amp represent others manage affairs


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