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Principles of Chemistry

by: Colby Steuber

Principles of Chemistry CHEM 12100

Marketplace > Ithaca College > Chemistry > CHEM 12100 > Principles of Chemistry
Colby Steuber
GPA 3.64

Mike Haaf

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About this Document

Mike Haaf
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Colby Steuber on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 12100 at Ithaca College taught by Mike Haaf in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/222297/chem-12100-ithaca-college in Chemistry at Ithaca College.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Hybridization and Molecular Shapes Bonding hybridization non shape bond angles example Domains bonding atoms and lone electrons pairs attached lone KENS 4 SP3 0 109 CH4 quotIllquot tetrahedral 4 SP3 1 lt 109 NH3 pyramidal 4 sp3 2 lt 109 H20 bent 3 sp2 0 A 120 BH3 02H4 trigonal planar 3 SID2 1 i lt 120 03 bent 2 Sp 0 0 180 002 0sz near Hybridization and Molecular Shapes Bonding hybridization non shape bond example Domains bonding angles atoms and lone electrons pairs attached lone palrs 6 ci2sp3 0 90 SFB octahedral 2 3 o 6 d sp 1 IllII Mm lt90 F5 square pyramid 6 d2sp3 2 00quot m lt 90 XeF4 square planar 5 cisp3 0 90 120 P C I 5 t gonm bipyramid 5 cisp3 1 lt 90 SeF4 mi 1 200 seesavv 5 dsio3 2 90 CF3 bshaped 5 cisp3 3 180 XeF2 3 linear Lewis Structures covalent bond a connection formed by the sharing ofelectrons quotoctet rulequot elements with more than 2 valence electrons try to achieve a noble gas con guration by sharing electrons Elements in row 3 or lower can violate the octet rule by having more than 8 es around them DRAWING LEWIS STRUCTURES Sum the valence electrons for all atoms in the molecule v 2 Write the skeletal arrangement and connect the atoms with the central atom using a single bond A v Arrange the remaining electrons to give each H two es and all other atoms 8 es lfany electrons are leftover place them on the central atom 4 lfthere are too few electrons employ multiple bonds One double bond will take care of a deficiency oftwo electrons 5 Assign formal charges Formal charge valence e39s 12 bonding e39s nonbonding e39s 9 9 Dimensional Analysis Worksheet One sphere has a radius of 510 cm another has a radius of 500 cm What is the difference in volume in cubic centimeters between the two spheres Give the answer to the correct number of significant figures The volume of a sphere is 43nr3 where 739 31416 and r is the radius The total amount of fresh water on earth is estimated to be 373 x 108 kms What is this volume in cubic meters In liters Sally Leadfoot was pulled over on her way from Syracuse to Ithaca by an officer claiming she was speeding The speed limit is 65 mihr and Sally had traveled 197 km in 102 minutes How fast was Sally s average speed Does she deserve a ticket Marie was trying to make herfavorite recipe but was not sure of the conversions Would you eat these cookies Recipe Marie s Conversions 2 Cups flour 05 lbs choc chips 325 degrees Fahrenheit 05 liter flour 2000 g choc chips 373 Kelvin Ithaca is refilling the pool How many gallons of water will it take if the pool is 50m by 50m by 15m Meredith found some lace at a price of 50 meter in England that she liked but was afraid she was paying too much for it The same lace in the US would sell for 499yd Was she paying too much for it 1 15 At a given point in its orbit the moon is 24 x 105 miles from earth How long does it take light from a source on earth to reach a reflector on the moon and then return to earth speed of light is 30 x 108 ms In Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones tried to remove a gold idol from a booby trapped pedestal He replaces the idol with a bag of sand If the idol has a mass of 200 kg how many liters of sand must he place on the pedestal to keep the mass sensitive boobytrap from activating Density of sand is 300 gcm3 Useful Conversions 10936 yd 1 m 1cm31mL 10567 qts 1 L 8 oz 1 Cup 45359 9 1 lb 062137 mi 1 km 1000 mL 1 L 37854 L 1 gal 32 oz 1 qt c 59 F 32 you should knowthese They will not normally be given WHERE ARE THE ELECTRONS 9PRINCIPLE QUANTUM NUMBER n o Atoms have electrons in various energy levels n the principle quantum n 1 2 3 4 lower 9 higher energy energy 9AZIM U THAL QUANTUM NUMBER 5 0 Can have values from 0 to 711 0 In other words each energy level has sublevels equal in number to n o De nes the of the orbital 0 s l 2 d 3 f orbital s p d f orbitals get larger as It increases low E9 higher E 9MAGNE TIC QUANTUM NUMBER nu 0 Can have values between E and o This quantum number de nes the orientation of the orbital 0 Each sublevel can have a number of orbitals For example for Z 1 me values are l 0 and 1 Thus the p subshell consists of three orbitals In short s subshell 9 l s orbital p subshell 9 3 p orbitals d subshell 9 5 d orbitals f subshell 9 7 forbitals note the shapes of these orbitals represent the probability of nding an electron in a given boundary see gures in Chapter 621 622 and 623 0 Each orbital can quotholdquot a maximum of 2 electrons s shell can hold 2 es p shell can hold 6 es 2 in each orbital d shell can hold 10 e39s Note 7 There are a total of n2 orbitals and 2n2 electrons in a given shell 9 SPIN QUANTUMNUMBER mS l2 or l2 o Electrons in the same orbitals have opposite spins PAULI EXCLUSION PRINCIPLE no two e39s can have the same 4 quantum s


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