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Week 2 Notes - MUS 360

by: Alex Tucker

Week 2 Notes - MUS 360 MUS 360

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Music > MUS 360 > Week 2 Notes MUS 360
Alex Tucker
Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC
Kajikawa L

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About this Document

Included is Week 2 of Prof. Kajikawa's MUS 360 class and the Discussion notes for Friday's section.
Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC
Kajikawa L
Class Notes
MUS 360
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Tucker on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUS 360 at University of Oregon taught by Kajikawa L in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Hip-Hop: Hst, Cul, Aes >1 >AC in Music at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Discussion 2 10915 quotRapper s Delightquot was astonishing to me not because the artists were rapping and not singing What was remarkable about it was that it was 15 minutes long Whenever they played quotRapper s Delightquot on the radio which was all the time they played the entire 15 minute version which was unheard ofquot Bill Adler critic Boston Herald Listening to Rapper s Delight 1979 Introduce rappers Simple lyrics Rockin the party References to NYC Culture Accessible ashy lyrics Upbeat Alliterations Groove change 16 bar repeated groove Vocal percussion scatting Bass Melodic rhythmic Claps rhythm meter Audobon 1978 Year before RD Hip hop wasn t a known genre Harder sound Instruments watered down bass amp drums only Imperfections Background noise Loop changes little adjustment by DJ Lots of repetition DJ has power Constant change Similarities Lyrics are simple Rely on percussion bass Groove changes Multiple MC s Similar ow Same words Intros Same topics Discussion 2 10915 Differences Q AB Cleaner imperfection Emphasis on MC s BBoys catering to them 3 MC s DJ emphasis live band in studio 4 MC s borrowing Good Times loops prerecorded appeal to commercial success specific audience Kool Herc BBoys amp Birth of Hip Hop 10515 Day 3 Families of Resemblance Genre Lang Comm Salsa Span Latino RampB Funk Eng African American Reggae Eng Jamaican Salsa Funk amp Reggae are all informed by common musical ancestry AfroCaribbean approach to rhythm amp musical organization Rhythmic cycles Groove DJ Kool Herc Clive Campbell b 1955 Kingston Jamaica Family immigrates to US When he was 12 yo Move to Sedgewick completed 1967 Disco Had parties in apartment to make money 25 female 50 male term derives from French discotheque late 60 s early 70 s US dance clubs hire DJ s to mix records Becomes important to gay amp racially mixed communities 1975 1980 hits mainstream amp dominates pop charts DJ Mixers amp Turntables Technics 1200 Series Panasonic Japan Gemini Mixer W crossfader Helped transition from end of one song to stat of next New York Disco DJ s Larry Levan 1954 1992 David Mancuso 1944 Frankie Nuckles 1955 2014 Francis Grasso 1949 2001 Music Producers Tom Moulton 1940 Mid 1970 s created first extended dance mix versions of songs designed for club play Saturday Night Fever 1977 Kool Herc BBoys amp Birth of Hip Hop Day 3 10515 Top selling album in history until Michael Jackson s Thriller Film amp album crossell Height of Disco 1977 1980 1979 200 discoonly stations 1980 1St Grammy for Disco Music Glamorous Disco Club in Manhattan NYC Secluded club mostly White Hard to get in Had to have money Hip Hop s Birthday Kool Herc had a party amp put up yers 42 years ago began isolating amp repeating the break on records for dancers in uenced other DJ s including Afrika Bambaataa amp Grandmaster Flash Breakbeat 2 definitions Part of song Where all instruments except percussion stop Part of song Where certain elements are suddenly removed from a groove song takes its clothes off The Freshest Kids hip hop is a culture rap graffiti art bboysgirls Hip hop always challenges What people think adolescents are capable of Multimillion dollar industry Classic BBoy Records The BBoy Canon Artist Song Year Break James Brown Give It Up Or Turn It Loose 1969 Drum break 425 Funky Drummer 1970 Drum break 533 Incredible Bongo Band 1972 Guitar chords 50 Babe Ruth Bongo Rock 1972 Morricone theme 325 J immy Castor Bunch The Mexican 1972 Percussion break 2 10 Marvin Gaye Its Just Begun 1972 Opening ending Bob James T Plays It C001 1975 Opening bells drums Take Me To the Mardi Gras DJ Kool Herc s MerryGoRound Kool Herc BBoys amp Birth of Hip Hop Day 3 10515 Used 2 turntables amp a mixer could extend break sections indefinitely Circular repetitive form of hip hop owes its existence to funk grooves amp breaks that DJ s looped for fan pleasure DJ Grandmaster Flash is credited to this Apache 1972 National Anthem of Hip Hop Kool Herc examples Missy Elliot s We Run This 2009 amp Nas Made You Look 2006 Soundtrack for The Thing With Two Heads 1972 Released on Viner s Album Bongo Rock 1972 Michael Viner s Incredible Bongo Band Michael Viner 1944 2009 King Ericson 1942 Tim Gordon 1945 Perry Botkin 1933 Comprised of studio musicians who recorded anonymously after hours amp never toured Tight brass charts Psychedelic guitar riffs Funky keyboard vamps Heavy percussion Babe Ruth First Base 1972 British Progressive Rock Jenny Hahn Vocals Alan Shacklock Guitar Arranging Takes theme from For A Few Dollars More Bob James Two 1975 b Dec 25 1939 fusion jazz keyboard player pioneer of smooth jazz Blackout of 1977 It s funny cause I have a theory You know what Before that blackout you had maybe five legitimate crews of DJ s After the blackout you had a DJ on every block That blackout made a big spark in the hiphop revolution DJ Grand Wizard Theodore Sugar Hill Records amp the Birth of Rap Songs 10715 Day 4 Apache 1972 soundtrack for quot The Thing With Two Headsquot 1972 Blackout of 1977 Large scale looting All equipment was stolen 1978 Billboard Magazine takes notice of BBeats bombarding Bronx DJ s started taking old RampB records Example of industry taking notice Coke La Rock b 1955 Began rapping w DJ Kool Herc Credited w being 1st MC Breakbeats BobJames quotTake Me to the Mardi Grasquot 1975 The Whole Darn Family quotSeven Minutes of Funkquot 1976 DJ Grandmaster Flash b 1958 quotThe problem according to Saddler was that Herc would literally pick up the needle and drop it on the vinyl rst on one turntable and then on the next taking a chance that he would land on the breakquot Quick Mix Theory Looked up to Kool Herc but thought his mixes were sloppy quotIf you looked at the crowd in that moment between the songs everybody fell off the beat for a few seconds They d get back on it again but in those few seconds you could see the energy and the magic start to fade from the crowdquot Sylvia Robinson 1936 2011 From NYC Record producer label executive for Sugar Hill Records Grandmaster Flash amp The Furious 4 MC s Audubon Dec 23 1978 Group DJ Rappers Grandmast Melle Mel Cowboy Kid Creole er Scorpio Sugar Hill Records amp the Birth of Rap Songs 10715 Day 4 DJ Techniques Rapper Techniques quotQuick Mix Call amp response Theoryquot Rhyming quotClock Theoryquot Boasting about group Scratching amp DJ Records used during 30 min performance highlighted red rst 10 minutes Dynamic Corvettes Funky Music Is The Thing Part IIquot 1975 Duke Williams amp The Extremes quotChinese Chickenquot 1973 All Dyrections quotOn Top Of Itquot 1973 Pleasure quotLets Dancequot 1976 John Davis amp The Monster Orchestra quotI Can t Stopquot 1976 David Matthews quotMain Theme From Star Warsquot 1977 The Blackbyrds quotBlackbyrds Themequot 1974 Sugarhill Gang quotRapper s Delightquot 1979 Members Big Bank Hank Master Gee amp Wonder Mike Released Sept 16 1979 Reached BilboardTop 40 in Jan 1980 Music based on Chic s quotGood Timesquot 1979 not sampling Produced by Syliva Robinson Sugar Hill Records Fatback Band quotKing Tim lllquot PersonalityJock released July 25 1979


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