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Environmentally Conscious Design

by: Mr. Trent Jerde

Environmentally Conscious Design IME 540

Marketplace > Kettering University > Industrial Engineering > IME 540 > Environmentally Conscious Design
Mr. Trent Jerde

GPA 3.91


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 22 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Trent Jerde on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IME 540 at Kettering University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/222304/ime-540-kettering-university in Industrial Engineering at Kettering University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
mama Design 00 Welcome IME 540 Module 1 Technology the Environment and Industrial Ecology Session 1 Opening lecture discussion film segment Session 2 Quiz Discussion of reading explanation of research assignment formation of research groups groups meetbegin researching project Session 3 Group presentations class brainstorming of solutions to identified problems Assessment Preparation for Module 2 Industrial Ecology The means of production by which humanity can maintain a sustainable lifestyle in a finite world Industrial Ecology It is a systems view in which one seeks to optimize the total materials cycle from virgin material to finished material to component to product to obsolete product and to ultimate disposal Graedel and Allenby 1998 Industrial Ecology Moving from cradle to grave production cycle to cradle to cradle cycle quotWaste is Foodquot Why should we care Engineers shall strive to adhere to the principles of sustainable development in order to protect the environment for future generations National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics III2d Starting Points 1 There are a variety of ways to make things 2 Production processes are not value neutral 3 How things are made has an impact on human beings and nature 4 Easy way may not be the best way Intelligence is required for eco friendly design and manufacturing King Cotton and the Industrial Revolution A case study of the environmental and ethical implications of industrial practices and how things can be done differently Industrial Revolution r rrgWWmfrvx um quot h I WV lush MAP 222 The Industrial Revolution in England x no m Us mm cmmm m m myulh gman Him 0mm mm m m mum s hcc nu m mm mm mpmm wcru m cm pnmimiu WaterMill ca 1785 I39 I 01quotquot 5H r I h Lm g Lancashire Cotton Mill Global Carbon Emissians from Fossil Fuel Cambus un 17512000 a E 2 E Suureo OHNL King Cotton and Slavery Slaves working a cotton gin Sugar tobacco and cotton to Image Slaves to ne Americas Textiles rum and r mann39arhneiv goods to Afnna The Triangle Trade Child Labor North Carolina Cotton Mill 1908 Girl drawing a coal wagon What might have gone into that t shirt What still goes into the average tshirt g III I39 By choosing organically grown cotton you can reap all the In strength while minimizing harm to people and the planet Typically treats seeds with FUNGICIDES or INSECTICIDES Uses GMO seeds for approximately 70 of US39grown cotton a Uses UNTDEATD seeds NFC Ii U GMO genetically modified organism seeds a Applies SVNTI TIC fertilizers a Loss of soil due to predominantly MON C OP culture 3 Requires INTENSIVE IRRIGA39I39ION Applies IIEFIBICIDES to soil to inhibit weed germination Repeatedly uses lIERBICIDES to kill Weeds that do grow 0 Builds strong soil through CROP ROTAI39ION v Retains water mor efficiently thanks to increased ORGANIC I ll t39l39 39lil39 in the soil rlYSICial removal rather than chemical destruction v Controls weedst 39 I II JI39 rough cultivation II II J II lC39N L 391 Uses INSECTICIDES heavily accounting for approximately 25 of World consumption Uses PESTICIDES the nine most common are highly toxic ve are probable carcinogens Frequently uses AERIAL SPRAYING with potential drift onto farm wor ers neighboring Wildlife and communities a v I IW II III I v Maintains a l39iAl t between pestsquot and their natural 9 predators through healthy soil quot Uses Illiixllil lClluL iIquot5 biological and cultural practices to control pests May use Iliumquotr HUME planted to lure insects away from the cotton w Relies mostly on the seasonal IT 4 or defoliation May stimulate defoliation through Il39 I Q management waspsquot


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