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by: Braulio Bahringer


Marketplace > La Sierra University > Communication > COMM238 > INTROWRITINGFORPRINTMEDIA
Braulio Bahringer

GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Braulio Bahringer on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM238 at La Sierra University taught by ChristineLaw in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/222322/comm238-la-sierra-university in Communication at La Sierra University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
Separation of Words allright every day vice president Combined Words Database Everyone Nationwide Nonessential Premarital Teleprompter first letter capitalized ONLY Hyphenated Words Tric 0 Parttime Hitandrun IellO Reelection TShirt S ellin Affect verb Effect noun Principle law or doctrine Principal ranking highest or important Defendant Embagass Employ Espresso Flier Harassment KluX Klan Judgment In ted Hanu ah Liable Li ble Questiomaire Pro te Restaurateur Siz le Choice of Words Among when comparing 3 or more Between when comparing 2 elements Lad badly ide aid ho person or object with name 11gt E a That nonhuman object thing Farther distance Further time or degree m amount ie 10 students Leiamorphous ie gasoline Misdemeanor punishable ltyear Halfstaff ag Hanged pictures andor criminals Liedown quotchickens lay egg 3 Q51 in the middle laid Did you lay your paper lie Pleaded not guilty pled Numerals 2600 no comma in address 5 years old age 100 5 mph Written out Numbers Five miles Twothirds 20 million budget Abbreviations Ave am URL uniform resource locator AND universal resource locator Sen Ted Stevens Rev Father 5 m IP codes No Abbreviations Road Dallas Texas Capitalized Congress East Coast The Constitution Lawrence City Council internet world wide web web site US ouse of Representatives Eulitzer Erizes upreme Court Room 213 ister Ann Marie ocial ecurity system I shirt Bostal ervice Lower Case bachelor s degree dean s list Head south north of Seattle french fries kleeneX legislature master s degree professor title Plural Words Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Couple Data Daughtersinlaw Media Passersby Syllabw Singular Words Committee Each None Phrases to Remember Different from She said the test still seemed hard She avoided killing the moose Celebrate Mass quota I told you to do it quotNo one has submitted m their quotEveryone should save their More than counting Over location spatial quotstudents who won whomthat quotWhom should you who quotIf she were planning was quotIf I m in your was quottake my name off the story off of quotwill be given Monday given on Miscellaneous Styles Either A or i LOOK AT WORD B Neither A or i isare LOOK AT WORD B It s it is Its possession 1990s no apostrophe Who s who is Their possession isare They re they are There location Co Inc no comma 90 percen overcome quot Blizzard 35 mph or gt Alumna female Alumni male and female Alumnus male Titles 0 0 Bible quotHamletquot play quotAll the President s Men movie The New York Times Dreamweaver AP Stylebook Microsoft Word Rich L Oldfield court case Exceptions Road no abbreviation professor not capitalized quotThe United States was very prosperous in the 1990s written out Random Stuff 0 Media Convergence also known as multimedia ie TV radio internet etc Blogs or Weblogs Nutgraph the paragraph that states the main point the focus of the story preferably in the third to fifth graph Attribution for quotations opinion not public knowledge Pros and Cons oftape recorders 0 Pros Solid evidence effective notetaking o Cons Interviewee may not open up or be honest o Openended and closed ended questions 0 Openended Questions that can be interpreted and can be expanded upon 0 Closedended Questions that ask basic questions name date etc 0 Passive v Active voice 0 Most common type of ending is a quote kicker o Cliffhangers are good for narrative storytelling 0 Basic story form is the inverted pyramid Inverted pyramid starts with summ ary lead 0 Wall Streetjournal explains focus in nutgraph o Broadcast news stores often use the Wall Streetjournal structure Obituaries 0 Cause of death is NOT required especially for AIDS 0 Nicknames are used 0 Age is NOT always included GOAL 0 G goals 0 O obstacles o A achievements o L logistics Politically correct terms 0 Undocumented immigrants o AVOID euphemisms for people with disabilities 0 Fire ghter avoid seXist language 0 People of color 0 Media with lowest number of minority journalists Radio o AVOID using general terms for group designations


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