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by: Frida Kessler I


Frida Kessler I

GPA 3.91


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Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Frida Kessler I on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL474 at La Sierra University taught by NatashaDean in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/222324/biol474-la-sierra-university in Biology at La Sierra University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
KNOW 1 53957 anhm gr 3 3 93955 quot BIOL 474 MICROBIOLOGY Lecture Final Review Sheet Names and alternate names when appropriate Morphology Gram stain Taxonomic group i Cellular Procaryotes vs eurcaryotes ii Cellular Bacteria protozoa algae fungi parasitic worms helminthes iii Acellular Viruses prions Diseases by name Diseases by body system organ tissue etc Symptoms of disease Sequelae complications of disease Treatment options i Drugs 1 Types of drugs antibiotic antifungal antiprotozoal antihelminthic 2 Classes of antibiotics 3 Drug name 4 Alternative drugs 5 Contraindications ii Selflimitingdiseases Prevention prophylaxis Arthropod Vectors i Type of arthropod vectors ii Diseases that are vectorborne Predisposing factors for disease i Diseases of the young ii Diseases of the old iii Diseases associated with immunocompromised individuals Types of Infection TransmissionEpidemiology includes portals of entry and portals of exit Pathogenicity virulence factors i Toxins ii Enzymes Pathogen Defense Methods microbes use to evade the immune system Immunology i Types of immune cells ii Specific vs Nonspecific immuneresponse Immunity includes vaccines see Preventionquot New Material quotHighlightsquot 4050 of the test You have not yet been tested on this information yet so expect to know the information well like you do for every sectional exam Pay special attention to the title of the lectures and slides introducing new sections 0 You should know which viruses are DNA viruses and which ones are RNA viruses just by seeing the name of the virus Know which diseases the virus causes 0 Q You should be able to do the same thing for the other parasitic categories Just by seeing the name you should be able to tell if this is a helminth protozoa fungus or bacteria As always know signs and symptoms Also as usual know treatment options Old Material quotHighlightsquot 5060 of the final Do not gloss over the titles of the chapters There are huge hints in just knowing if an organism is gram positive or gram negative if it is a coccus or a bacillus if it is aerobic anaerobic or a facultative anaerobe Make sure you understand what antibiotics are related drugs and how to control microbial growth Pay attention to infection and disease This is important Be familiar with the enzymes that bacteria make Make sure to pay attention to organisms that make similar enzymes 0 Which toxins are associated with a specific bacteria 0 eg endotoxins and exotoxins do they cause different reactions based on the bacteria 0 Toxins similar to those made in Staphylococcus aureus Which other bacteria have similar or staphylococcal like toxins Pay attention to what happens with the macrophages when a cell is infected by a particular organism 0 Does it hide out in the macrophages 0 Does it avoid phagocytosis 0 Does it kill the macrophage Because the gram stain process is so important to microbiology we classify organisms as gram positive or gram negative make sure you know the following 0 Cell wall biochemistry What about the cell wall makes it a quotgram positive cell wall or a quotgram negative cell wall 0 How to do a Gram stain and what color you expect a gram positive or gram negative cell to be Biol 474 Microbiology Names of lVIicroorganisms Bacteria This list is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of bacterial species frequently involved in infection Chlamydia is structurally gram negative but staining is difficult Most texts describe its Gram stain as indeterminate Biol 474 Microbiology Names of lVIicroorganisms Protozoa This list is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of parasitic species frequently involved in infection For more comprehensive descriptions and images of the diseases see the following government website httpwwwdpdcdcgovDPDX Sporozoan malaria like disease Sarcodina Subphyla Sarcodina Subphyla Sarcodina hepatosplenomegaly and hemolytic anemia nausea gas production bloating loss of appetite weight loss nausea vomiting fever sweating to a few months coma and death nausea and loss appendicitis Symptoms Invasive extrajntestinal amebiasis Liver abscess peritonitis nausea sores Fever weight loss and enlarged spleen and liver Symptoms to coma and death SCIENTIFIC NAME PHYLUM GROUP DISEASE DESCRIPTION 1 Trichamanas vaginalis Sarcomastigophora Flagellate Trichomoniasis Symptoms Females Genital itching discharge and lesions Subphyla Mastigophora Symptoms Males Generally asymptomatic with occasional genital swelling and itchin l Trypanasama brucei Sarcomastigophom Hemo agellate African Symptoms Fever severe headache extreme fatigue muscle and joint gambiense West Africa Subphyla Mastigophora Trypanosomiasjs aches irritability swollen lymph nodes necrosis of CNS and death in 23 African sleeping years sickness Vector tsetse fly Glassimz l Trypanasama brucei Sarcomastigophom Hemo agellate African Symptoms Fever severe headache extreme fatigue muscle and joint rhadensiense East Africa Subphyla MastigoPhora Trypanosomiasis aches irritability swollen lymph nodes rapid progression with death African sleeping Wit 39H a year sickness Vector Tsetse fly Glassimz l Trypanasama cruzi Sarcomastigophora Hemo agellate American Subphyla Mastigophora Symptoms Lesions at site of inoculation fever anorexia 1 1 1 1 1 A Chagas Disease and myo carditis 1 A 1d Vector Reduviid bugs Biol 474 Microbiology Names of lVIicroorganisms Bacteria This list is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of bacterial species frequently involved in infection cereus Whooping cough Lyme disease fever Malta fever violaceum infection Pulmonary Flulike symptoms hypotension and septic shock Intestinal Anorexia nausea vomiting abdominal pain and cramps and nausea Usually lasts Five day fever severe headache eye pain severe shin pain and whoop in young Bullseye rash u like symptoms meningitis nerve and brain fever headache muscle Acute Fever chills muscle pain weakness and weight 055 nic 39 Chro pam fever aches and muscle pain back pain and infertility Men Penile itching Both sexes buming Fever cough epitaxis severe rare in ammation skin lesions organ abscesses and septic shock aerogenes sea formerlyMicrococcus roseus infection per ingens infection faecium infection new genes infection Rabbit fever Vaginal Bacteriosis in uenzae type b pneumonia Gallbladder muscular weakness and eventual three or more watery stools per day Psuedomembraneous colitis 10 15 watery stools per day intestinal in ammation fever abdominal and Gas gangrene Gas production in and Respiratory Sore throat fever neck in ammation and or pneumonia hepatitis urination Meningitis Headache neck stiffness high fever and urination Endocarditis Fever decreased urination Endocarditis Fever decreased Fever headache and rash vomiting loss of appetite fever weight loss fatigue and urination single or multiple necrotic ulcers qu pneumonia 1n ammation of throat of thick bloody sputum abdomen nausea of monocyto genes intracellulare J ohne s disease in tuberculosis etiological also referred to as gonococcus also referred to as meningitis Pulmonary pneumonia fever myalgia cough with progression to coma and ea Pontiac fever Flulike illness with sore muscles vomiting jaundice red eyes abdominal pain diarrhea and malabsorption of nutrients sweats cough sweats cervix and painful intercourse Men Urethritis Both Discharge and burning urgency Women O en asymptomatic discharge dysuria and high fever night sweat and weight loss SYMPTOMS urease urgency urease urgency bum and blood stream spotted fever Chills fever headache confusion sore throat abdominal pain diarrhea marcescens urgency bloody stool tenesmus rectal bloody stool tenesmus rectal bloody stool tenesmus rectal In ammation and pus formation at infection site recurrent fever and 111 EMS fever low blood pressure confusion and coma MRSA Pus fever skin abscess urgency patches headache nausea swollen neck lymph nodes and dif culty site Secondary Mucous membrane lesions skin rash fever and weight oss Latent Asymptomatic Tertiary Formation of gummas So in ltrative tumors pregnancy loss pain and menstrual nausea muscle cramps vomiting fever Bubonic plague rare High fever chills alaise nausea myalgia severe seizures and bubo painful lymph swelling formation Complications can lead to death Pneumonic plague rare Cough With bloody sputum dif culty breathing high fever nausea and vomiting weakness Respiratory Chlamydia is structurally gram negative but staining is dif cult Most texts describe its Gram stain as indeterminate


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