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Geography Europe Great Britain

by: Francesca Trantow

Geography Europe Great Britain GEOG 321

Marketplace > Lake Superior State University > Geography > GEOG 321 > Geography Europe Great Britain
Francesca Trantow
GPA 3.74


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Francesca Trantow on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOG 321 at Lake Superior State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/222325/geog-321-lake-superior-state-university in Geography at Lake Superior State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Netherlandscapital Amsterdam Hague world court History was under the rule of Spain Netherlands was the name adopted when they were fighting for independence against Spain ndependence was recognized and ended the 30 yrs war in 1648 after an 7080 year war against Spain Spain fought the war killing as many people as possible figuring this may scare the Dutch survivors in becoming catholic to avoid war many migrated to Americapilgrims no natural resources so became big on creating empires in the new world west indies borgies south America Dutch east indies For a long time this was the only western country that the Japanese would trade withthe Netherlands is a very tolerant and accepting society in the early 1900 s the Dutch fought battles with the Indies and lost the east indies giving them up to the Indonesian people Geography premier fishermen big merchant carriers world most efficient vast canals and waterwaysRhine and Meuse hansiatic league known as diamond cutters biggest economic boost is tulip bulbs drugs and prostitution legal very open society and friendly good photographers instrument builders called first middle class society in world 80 of population lives below sea level good nutrients in soil if you break up the clay due to being below sea level the Dutch have become very innovative and good at pumping water out focusing on industrialurban development Calvinist not big on human imagepainters most fine painters per capita west coast climate cool summers mild winters 28quot of rain evenly distributed 34 land farmed very scientific yields high but does not support self tons of coops Dairy products sold to other countries eggs pig beef lambs rye oats potato farms Truck farms to support urban areas with produce Fishing was once important some shell fish Export coke oil and gas from North Sea fields big in petrol chemicals drugs beer textiles electronics pewter Steel and Iron mills people are North Germanic wCeltic mix good communication systems got into banking some Frisian language Government Constitutional Monarchy 2 House Legislature multiparty system ceremonial kingorangenassau family modern military member of NATO Common Market Benelux Economic Union total control assigns farms plans villages Religion North is protestant south is Roman Catholic many religious figures come out of here Belgiumcapital Brussels intellectual societyelectronics electric industries bilingual bicultural nation Highlands Ardennes considerable area of moors heaths and forests lowlands north and south of highlands are agricultural only half of land is farmed small farms high yeilds meuse and Scheldt major rivers many good smaller rivers and canals good waterway system climate average 50 degrees highlands have more highlow changes bitter winters and snow usual fogs and mist grains root crops dairy farms truck farms flax nursery plants some cattle and horses good coal deposits heavy manufacturing skilled work force iron and steel are big beer lots of flavored beer processed food glassware cement woolens and linens fine lace cotton handicrafts Antwerp is a major port good roads good rail system mixture of celts and germans paintingfirst in oil paint medieval cities and towns Constitutional monarchy 2 house legislature coops common market NATO Good education system Luxembourg capital Luxembourg northern part is Ardennes highland south with low rolling hillsgood farmland great temperature range cold winters warmer summers more land around them so more seasonal variations high percent of forests 13 of land is Ardennes small farms 30 acres or less almost half country used for grazing cattle grains and hay export fruits beef hogs high quality white dry wines ronSteel is huge V2 workforce involved produce steel products tools railroad equipment hardware good transportation some hydropower then gas coal


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