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General Chemistry I

by: Richard Kihn V

General Chemistry I CHEM 115

Richard Kihn V
GPA 3.74

Alexei Iretski

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About this Document

Alexei Iretski
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Richard Kihn V on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 115 at Lake Superior State University taught by Alexei Iretski in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/222335/chem-115-lake-superior-state-university in Chemistry at Lake Superior State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
CH115 Test 1f Equot E 5 V39 9 The ratio of the number of bismuth atoms to the number of oxygen atoms in Bi2S043 is a 1 6 b 27 c 23 d 21 e none ofthese Consider the production of ammonia gas through the reaction of nitrogen with hydrogen as described by the balanced equation Nzg 3 Hzg 2 NH3g How much N2 would be required to react completely with 150 mol of Hz a 140 g b 280 g c 420 g d 126 g e none of these A 156 g sample ofa hydrocarbon compound is burned completely in oxygen to give 514 g ofCOz and 140 g of H20 as the only products What is the empirical formula for this hydrocarbon a CH b C2H3 0 C3H4 d C4H5 e none of these After a chemical reaction was completed the product was carefully weighed and the mass recorded In order to calculate the percentage yield for the reaction what additional information is required a the theoretical yield of the product b the actual yield of the product c the molar mass of the product d all of these e none of these Pf has 77 protons if neutrons and if electrons a 31 15 30 b 15 31 15 c 15 31 14 d 15 16 14 e 15 16 16 quotIn every chemical operation an equal quantity of matter eXists before and after the operationquot is a statement of the law of a conservation of mass b multiple proportions c de nite proportions d combining volumes e none of these 12 Potassium carbonate calcium chloride and ironIII oxide are all considered to be a elements b compounds c atoms d mixtures e none of these Elements whose properties are intermediate between those of metals and nonmetals are called a demimetals b metalloids c intermetals d parametals e none ofthese Which one of the following could not be an empirical formula 3 C9H15N306 b C14H10C1104 0 C17H25N03 d CBHIBOS e All of these could be empirical formulas The current atomic mass scale is based on the adoption of a exactly 16 as the average relative atomic mass of naturally occurring oxygen b exactly 12 as the average relative atomic mass of naturally occurring carbon c exactly 16 as the relative atomic mass of the 16O isotope of oxygen d exactly 12 as the relative atomic mass of the 12C isotope of carbon e none of these Different isotopic atoms and ions of a given element all have the same a b Z c net charge d all of these e none of these The charge of the electron was rst measured by a Moseley b Rutherford c Thomson d Millikan e none of these Consider the unbalanced chemical equation for the complete combustion of butanoic acid C4HBOZ C4H802 02 a C02 H20 When the reaction is balanced using smallest integer coefficients the coefficient for O2 is a b 4 c 5 d e none ofthese V39 9 gt1 9 0 0 The mass number of an atom indicates a the number of electrons in the atom b the number of protons in the atom the number of neutrons in the atom the sum of the numbers of protons and electrons in the atom the sum of the numbers of neutrons and protons in the atom 388 The systematic name for N204 is a nitrogen oxide b nitrogen tetraoxide c dinitrogen trioxide d dinitrogen oxide e none of these A 5000g sample of a compound is analyzed and found to contain 2185 g of phosphorus and 2815 g of oxygen The empirical formula for this compound is a P03 b P20 833 0 M O N none of these The formula ZnSO4 6HZO indicates that ZnSO4 reacts with exactly six water molecules to form a new molecule b that six water molecules are associated with each ZnSO4 unit that six water molecules are required to dissolve each ZnSO4 unit the structure of ZnSO4 in aqueous solution none of these 9 v 338 The systematic name for LiClO4 is lithium chloroxide b lithium perchlorate lithium hypochlorate lithium chlorate none of these In the balanced chemical reaction XeF4g 2 HZOg Xeg 4 HFg 02g what mass of water is required to react completely with 100 g of XeF4 m V 338 a 087 g b 120 g c 174 g d 240 g e none of these The systematic name for CuZO is a copper oxide b copperI oxide c copperII oxide d copperIII oxide e none of these


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