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U S History I 1763

by: Aaliyah Hills

U S History I 1763 HIST 1301

Marketplace > Lamar University > History > HIST 1301 > U S History I 1763
Aaliyah Hills
Lamar University
GPA 3.91


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Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aaliyah Hills on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1301 at Lamar University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see /class/222339/hist-1301-lamar-university in History at Lamar University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Sumon 1 Karen Sumon Jesse Doiron ENGL 130 202 August 292011 Value Of Literature As a child I loved to read reading brings me enjoyment as I grow and learn whileinstantly escaping to another world I always considered myself to have a broad sense of the word literature In my opinion anything that is written down and tells a story is literature Ithink that the purpose of literature is to educate inform entertain and to give the authors a chance to express themselves The importance of literature to me cannot only be expressed in what Ihave learned from reading but how it has impacted my life I am going to be talking about how literature has affected me and in a small and how it has affected my opinions on certain topics Many types of literature have taught me interesting things about the world cultureandmyself Literature has shaped me into the person I am today I believe that children are very easily in uenced as a child I was exposed to literature almost every night Ibegan to read dr sues books when I was six years old This habit affected my personality because literature is about connecting with characters on a personal level and Ifeel like I can do that now to with my friends better than most people I have a great sense of sympathy which keeps me from doing anything to anyone that I would not like done to myselfThere is a link between sympathy and reading at a young age Sympathy is one of the most valuable things literature can offer its readers Sumon 1 Literature improved my life by making me a better learner Reading and literature force you to make connections and share things and to always be thinking which are skills that allow me to lea1n things easier I feel like the more I read the easier it is to read and the more motivated I am to read more Junior year in high school I read a book called The Secret The secret is that if you wish for something anything you will somehow get it A few years ago a read a book called The Secret After hearing about so many people having success with this secret even though it made no sense I decided to read it And the strange thing is the more I read into it the more believable it was I began trying it out and sure enough sometimes it did seem to work However deep down I knew it had to be a coincidence So I researched it on the Intemet and realized how stupid it was I realized that only literature has the power to make you believe the impossible And fortunately it made the impossible possible this just goes to show the power of literature So what is the value of literature to me I don t think I can put a price literature expands my imagination and helps me learn It teaches me about different cultures and time periods than those that I m already familiar with A work that can in uence and persuade me to do great Literature is far too powerful to put any value on


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