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Cultural Anthropology

by: Moises Leannon

Cultural Anthropology ANTH 104

Moises Leannon

GPA 3.95

Meredith Uttley

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About this Document

Meredith Uttley
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Moises Leannon on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 104 at Lander University taught by Meredith Uttley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/222346/anth-104-lander-university in anthropology, evolution, sphr at Lander University.

Popular in anthropology, evolution, sphr


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Date Created: 10/13/15
N E P gt19 9 9 O N U39I Frozen Lands Viewing Guide Where do the people start out a They start out in Asia How long ago a Approximately 30000 years ago Why did they move north into Siberia a They moved into Siberia because it was a plentiful breeding land Describe the importance of the reindeer a The reindeer were the most important food source provide clothing and was easily domesticated for travel How were they adapted to the environment a They were short limbed and stocky with lots of body fat and a rounded head with thick dark hair Describe the winters they experienced Describe the summer celebration a The video shows the summer celebration as being very festive with lots of dancing How were plants protected in the cold a The plants were grown in tight clusters short and close to the ground to protect them from the harsh wind How long was the growing season a The growing season was anywhere between 30 to 90 days Why did they move across the bering land bridge a They were following the animals What became their main source of food a Salmon Describe the process by which they acquired this food a They used stones which they put into the water that would form shallow pools which the salmon would collect in and they would gather them What was considered a delicacy a Salmon eyes Describe the various houses found a They lived in skin tents log houses and homes dug into the snow with the dried tents used as a roof How did they make a sled to carry their possessions when they moved a They used old tent skins which they soaked in water and then wrapped around frozen fish for runners moss and snow for putty which they then used old reindeer skin and water to make the putty smooth on the runners And reindeer bones and sinew for lashing M A p 01 O l 0 9 01 thT is The Tomin home coiled Wild Horse of Mongolid Viewing Guide Where is Mongolid o BeTween Russid ond Chino in The hedrT of CenTrol Asid thT is Mongolid fomous for o Conquering ldrge dreds under The leddership of Gdnges Khon and Their wild horses thT ore mosT Mongolidns o Nomdds Why did Julio RoberTs choose To explore This dred o Pdssion for horses thT ore Mongolidns known for o Herding wild horses Why is The life of Mongolidn nomdds such 0 mysTery o The communisT regime blocllted wesTerners ond visiTors Describe The horse Tth is closesT To The originol wild horse 0 IT s on AsidTic wild horse or d lelti Their shorT ond sTocllty wiTh d spiky Type of mdne and very fosT How ore These horses being soved from exTincTion o ReinTroduced To Their ndTive ldnd from zoos thT is The religion of Mongolid o Buddhism Who ore Julio s hosTs o A ger b Mensind Adonchemeg ond Togi Describe The horses milllt Tth is The sTople of The dieT o FermenTed milllt lillte worm fizzy yogurT Describe Julio s guesT qudrTers o BrighT ordnge wiTh wooden door rugs on wolls orndmeanlly decordTed furnishings Describe The sTrucTure of d ger 0 Round covered in convos ond wool wooden frdme no screws no ndils Explain why The ger is so well dddeed To The environmenT 0 Cool in summerworm in winTer Describe The four wheel drive of Mongolio o Comels which con corry QOOIbs ond Trovel 30 miles 0 ddy go 0 week wiThouT oner ond d monTh wiThouT food 16 Describe The ldnd in which Mensind ond Adonchemeg o Ldnd is Thin and dry 17 While They ore moving To Their new locoTion why do people on Their rouTe come ouT To offer hospdeliTy 18 Why does Henmedoy Trdde horses 0 To keep bdldnce of sTock righT 19 How is weolTh in Mongolid medsured d How mdny horses one owns 20 Gome pieces ore mode from wth thT ore The food sToples o Ankle bone of sheep b FdT Tdil sheep curd milk 21 Describe The dress Tth Senseren mdkes for Julio o Adol pddded worm brown and brighT yellow 22 Every ocTiviTy and your mood ore dichTed by wth o The wind 23 Crops don T grow in The dred so wth is The only source of Vdemin C 0 Milk 24 How is The fdmily susTdined Through The biTTerwinTer o More s milk 25Julio sdys Tth she doesn T Think There is d Mongolidn word for privocy thT provides The bdsis for her sTdTemenT o No lock on door people jusT wolk in 26thT is The biggesT speciol evenT in Mongolid 0 Horse rdce 27Who ore The jockeys 0 Children 28thT surprises Julio dbouT The woy The horses ore kepT thT does she compore The Mongolidn woy To 0 Allowed To room free respecT given To horse by mdn respecT given To mon by horse b NoT fenced in like dnimdls here in Americo To keep Them close by buT The Mongolidn dllow The horses To room free and move wiTh Them 29 How do Mongolidn sdddles differ from US sdddles 0 Wooden deep soddle merl sTuds encourdge you To sTdnd you hove To siT off To one side and hong on 300n rdce ddy wth riTuols ore performed o Ceremoniol dress edch horse is blessed sing monTro before sTorT ceremonidl ToosT 3i AfTer The roce wth prizes ore given To The winners thT obouT The guesTs o 151 prize 0 horse 2nd prize 0 sheep b Everyone goT someThing 32thT does The Mongolidn Idndscope encourdge o Encourdges shoring 33How does Julio describe Mongolid dT The end of The video 0 A pldce Tth is filled wiTh 0 sense of hoppiness despiTe The horsh Idndscope and The lock of more modern Things


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