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Introduction to Education

by: Carlee Aufderhar

Introduction to Education EDUC 220

Carlee Aufderhar
Lansing Community College
GPA 3.59

Willie Davis

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About this Document

Willie Davis
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carlee Aufderhar on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDUC 220 at Lansing Community College taught by Willie Davis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/222395/educ-220-lansing-community-college in Education and Teacher Studies at Lansing Community College.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Eric Denby EDUC 220 Spring 2007 April 21 2007 Why Academic Freedom is Important Imagine the excitement we ll feel after entering into our first classroom first school ready to teach After the long hours in college the tests and preparation and observations after dreaming of the day when we ll be in charge of lesson plans and educating the youth of America the day when we ll open up our first class with an excited Hello My name is Mr Denby It s at that moment when our knowledge and our passion begin when learning about the state of teacher s salaries the prospect of violence in our schools the lack of professional respect all disappear and we may begin our career For most of us we are approaching a career in education because we are passionate about learning Whether it is early childhood development or a yearning to impart knowledge on a specific subject matter it doesn t matter We want to teach and we want to do it for the rest ofour lives As in my case I plan on teaching English to high school students It is in that disciple feel I can best prepare students to think for themselves to view the world with many different eyes and to learn that thinking and thought no matter how different from society is most important in our growth as humans That is why academic freedom must be protected at all costs Bluntly without academic freedom high school teachers are subject to the whims and climates of political causes and the concept ofhigher education is lost According to Wikipedia academic freedom is defined as freedom of teachers students and academic institutions to pursue knowledge wherever it may lead without undue or unreasonable interference Academic Freedom Par 1 Although the definition is more specific to higher education its spirit is correct Without the ability to teach many different viewpoints allowing students to think for themselves the concept of creating an ignorant free society is just a pipe dream One ofthe more contested concepts related to academic freedom is the arbitrary banning of books in various school districts across the nation Stanford Middle School in Durham North Carolina banned To Kill a Mockingbird because it was degrading to African Americans Booksellers In North BenNick Maryland the use of Catcher in the Rye was challenged because of profane language Booksellers These are just two small examples of books banned as recently as 2005 ask where has our enlightened society gone Thomas Jefferson a known proponent of free public education believed that ifa nation expects to be ignorant and free it expects what never was and never will be It is our duty as teachers to present these classic books to our students not as moral absolutes or guides to living but as a testament and recording ofthe author s time It s through booksthat we learn about society it is a literary snapshot of the way things were during the author s life While I understand that communities are given the task of shaping what their children are taught let us rememberthat some communities are ignorant and traditional in their ways They are not professional educators If we always listened to the community it would still be standard practice to teach creationism as the only theory of our beginning and to not allow African Americans the right to read and be educated It is our moral duty to strive for academic freedom regarding to the curriculum that we teach Another challenge that we must face regarding academic freedom is the act of teaching itself Most of us believe that after we enter our classrooms and especially after being granted tenure that we ll have the freedom to teach the good stuff to truly let our passion pour That wasn t the case for Geoff Barret a teacher from Albuquerque s Highland High School According to the Albuquerque Tribune Barret was suspended from his duties when he refused to take down AntiWar student artwork which was an optional assignment in his Contemporary Issues class Haas par 4 Although not the only example found in a very basic Google search it easily sheds light on the disturbing trend in our secondary schools The administrations and school boards throughout the nation are allowing communities to infringe on the concept ofa wellrounded education The lesson learned from students is that free thought and free thinking may be all well and good but if you don t follow the standards set by your school you may end up being punished for it To combat this ignorance we need to subject students to many schools of thought allowing critical thinking on the various subject matters allowing students the ability to create and cement their own thoughts and beliefs That is what education is for So with all this talk of academic freedom and the many pitfalls that may occur during our teaching career we may be asking ourselves what can we do While the prospect of teaching right out of college is appealing we have a duty to ourselves and our future students to be as selective as employers are when choosing a school to teach at The only way we ll succeed in allowing ourselves academic freedom is by making sure the community and school district share our appreciation of higher learning and individual thought We have to be diligent and thoughtful researching schools carefully And let us not be afraid to pick a school that still needs a little work but that shows enough promise that we honestly feel a difference can be made Is that not what we are in this for


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