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Theology Survey II

by: Miss Mitchel White

Theology Survey II THEO 202

Marketplace > Liberty University > Theology > THEO 202 > Theology Survey II
Miss Mitchel White
GPA 3.93

Elmer Towns

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About this Document

Elmer Towns
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Mitchel White on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THEO 202 at Liberty University taught by Elmer Towns in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/222409/theo-202-liberty-university in Theology at Liberty University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Project on Marijuana By Buelah Ha non Hlth 252B03 July 062012 Background Information Marijuana has been used in the world since ancient times Marijuana color is green and have shredded leaves seeds stems and sometimes shape like a ower leaf Marijuana is use for medical use in help saving people lives Marijuana is grown In different states Marijuana known to be grown in the wild Central and S outh Asia Background Information cont Here some street names that are use for Marijuana Pot Broccoli Grass Weed Roach Smoke Mary Jane Herb Dope Skunk The study stated that there are over 200 street names for this drug Usage Trends Since 19792010 the usage of marijuana has rise very high for this drug The trends use of marijuana in the united states is a high illicit drug It is over 140 million people that use marijuana in the past month in the United States There are kids that go to high school started using in the eight grade and go on using throw out their time in school Survey was done by the national survey on drugs use and health Stating that 24 million Americans at the age of 12 or older use marijuana for the rst time in 12 months before the survey Four out of ten Americans has use marijuana in their life time The United State government maintained a policy to stop use of marijuana that run across the united states from generations to generations Administration of the Drug Marijuana is usually rolled up like a cigarette in order to in healed in the body In recent years people have putted the marijuana in all types of tobacco They called it to them a joint Use miX the drug with other drug such as crack to get a bigger high They put marijuana into food or drinking product such a tea to get high Distribution of the Drug 5 i gm V4 OHL nagraw 8 3 aaauosa i l Lungs Genitals sf r The Effect of 39 THC on the Body Heart 7 i ll 1 i Brain Q 4 w 0 The chemical in marijuana is THC it nd it way in the bloodstream to the brain and then it work it way through out your body The chemical from marijuana is very powerful The chemical are found in the leaves and the plant of the marijuana As you can see in the picture show in the yellow that it is destroying the brain When people smoke marijuana they are inhale it in their lungs Our lungs have millions of air sacs where we exchange gas accur Marijuana damage the brain and in several areas of the brain Cerebellum is also involved in this process The way they are involved is by message jump from place to place in the brain which is called cannabinoid receptors Axon terminal also release neurotransmitters that travel across the place that is called synapse that go to the neurons Metabolism of the drug After a few minutes of smoking the drug the heart begins beating faster and more rapidly and the blood pressure drops fast The heart beat will increase by number of beats per minute and even when you have other kind of drugs in your system at the same time Because of the lower blood pressure and higher heart rate has been found that the risk for a heart attack is four times higher in the first hour after smoking the drug Compared to their general risk of heart attack when not smoking Smoking marijuana all the time can cause breathing problem in the respiratory system Scientists stated that regular use of marijuana smokers can experience lung problem as a tobacco smoker Marijuana is a natural growing plant and not a manmade drug Your body doesn t reject it as if it would reject a man made drug substance The drug from the use of marijuana is a sticky substance that stay to your lungs after you have inhaled it This drug stay in your urine for a long period of time after you user have smoke it It take a long time to break down in you bloodstream at a very slow pace Current treatment trends for the There are many of sources of information about NIDA uses regarding marijuana abuse in the United StatesThe emergency room data has prevention and treatment programs and other ndings on marijuana Treatment programs for marijuana abuse are rare partly because user miX marijuana along with combination of drugs like as cocaine and alcohol However many people seeking help to stop the use of marijuana abuse Scientist has focused on ways to correct the problems abuse of this drug Current treatment trends for the drug Cont If a use do good and not do marijuana for a year Study suggests that giving patients vouchers for overcoming from use of marijuana can improve out come The vouchers can be redeemed for movie passes sports equipment or educational training purpose There are no medications are now available to treat marijuana abuse Information discoveries about the workings of THC receptors Possibility scientists may develop a medication that will help block THC39s intoxicating effects Hopefully medication will be use prevent the relapse of marijuana abuse National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA NIH NIDA Info Facts 1110httpwww nid39l nih nv 39 P I iilmnn html Accessed 9222011 National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA for Teens NIH Marijuana Httpteensdn1gabusegovfacts facts mj2php Accessed 9222011 Lakhan SE Rowland M Whole plant cannabis extracts in the treatment of spasticity in multiple sclerosis a systematic review BMC Neurology 2009959 National Eye Institute NEI NEI Statement Glaucoma and Marijuana Use National Institute of Health May 13 2009 httpwwwnei nih V ii asnAccessed 9222011 UNODC World Drug Report 2010 United Nations Publication 24 Cannabis p 19411ttD2VVVVVVllnndl J wdi WDR 201024 annabis ndf Retrieved September 22 2011 US Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Of ce of Applied Studies Results from the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health Summary of National Findingshtt oassamhsa oov NSDUH 2k1 0NSDUH2kl 0Resultshtm Accessed September 19 2011 Monitoring the Future National Results on Adolescent Drug Use Overview of Key Findings 2010 httpmunitm39 439 3quot c 39 39 uutfovewiew2IJIO ndeccessed September 19 2011 Coustan DR Mochizuki TK Handbook of Prescribing Medications During Pregnancy Third Edition Third Edition LipincottRaven Publishers 1998 Reference List Cont de Moraes Barros MC Guinsburg R de Araujo Peres C et al Exposure to marijuana during pregnancy alters neurobehaVior in the early neonatal period J Pediatr 20061497817 Jacob L Heller MD MHA Marijuana Intoxication Medline Plus NLMNIH 1 5201 1 httpWwwnlmnihgovmedlineplusencvarticleOOO952htm Accessed 9222011 Mittleman MA Lewis RA Maclure M et al Triggering myocardial infarction by marijuana Circulation 20011032328059 Hashibe M Morgenstern H Cui Y et al Marijuana use and the risk of lung and upper aerodigestiVe tract cancers Results of a populationbased casecontrol study Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers PreV 20061510182934 ProConorg Medical Marijuana httpmedicalmarijuanaproconorg Accessed 922201 1


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