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Intro. to Criminal Justice

by: Frankie Cassin

Intro. to Criminal Justice CJUS 200

Marketplace > Liberty University > Criminal Justice > CJUS 200 > Intro to Criminal Justice
Frankie Cassin
GPA 3.69


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Frankie Cassin on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CJUS 200 at Liberty University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/222414/cjus-200-liberty-university in Criminal Justice at Liberty University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
CJU S 200 RESEARCH PAPER INSTRUCTIONS Please read the grading rubric for further details regarding the different elements of the Research Paper Research Paper Topics Choose one of the following topics for your research paper assignment Identify a speci c problem and hypothesis related to the topic 1 Examine the many stressors associated with law enforcement discuss how stress can be managed in light of a Christian worldview 2 Analyze punishment based on quotdeterrencequot from a biblical perspective 3 Evaluate the effectiveness of the community policing philosophy 4 Our judicial system is founded on an adversarial philosophy Examine the pros and cons of this system from a Christian worldview 5 Discuss the complexities involved in the sentencing phase 6 Analyze possible problems associated with reintegration after prisonization You can also assess the effectiveness of prison ministries regarding reintegration Timeline for Research Paper ModuleWeek 1 Research Paper Topic ModuleWeek 2 Research Paper Outline ModuleWeek 3 Research Paper Abstract ModuleWeek 4 Research Paper pp 172 ModuleWeek 5 Research Paper pp 374 ModuleWeek 6 Research Paper References ModuleWeek 7 Research Paper Completion ModuleWeek 8 Research Paper Submission You have been assigned a research paper that is to be 4 pages in length You must use academic writing and your paper must make a point For example do not merely report what is Take what is analyze it interpret it in light of a personal Christian worldview support them and integrate material from the readings or from lectures Ifyou are of a different major taking this as an elective integrate your field into this paper FORMAT The paper must use APA formatting and be genderneutral It must use Times New Roman in 12 pt font and margins must be 1quot all around The paper must be doublespaced throughout It must include a cover page with the paper title student name course name and instructor name You must also include an Abstract and a References Page These are not to be counted in the number of pages There must be page numbers in accordance with APA guidelines Use a minimum of 5 sources both online materials and journals from the field Page 1 of 2 CJU S 200 online or hardcopy Proper spelling grammar and sentence structure is expected This is a college class and deductions will be made accordingly In an age of computers that do much of the work for us spelling errors should be nonexistent Have someone else proofread your paper before you turn it in to ensure that what you are saying makes sense If you need help refer to the library resources below How to Cite Your Research Online Writing Center Note about Online Tutoring Service The OTS offers online students the opportunity to submit drafts for tutor review or request online appointments for oneonone tutoring Addressing areas such as content organization grammar and documentation their trained tutors will provide valuable feedback that will not only help improve the quality of your submitted drafts but may also permanently improve your overall writing skills The following is a partial list of the Online Tutoring Service policies The service gives you the option to submit a draft of any online writing assignment once for written feedback from a tutor one draft per assignment per student OR the option to schedule a live online appointment to discuss a draft of any online graduate writing assignment with a tutor Their tutors are trained Liberty University online students with excellent writing skills and a desire to help their peers The service is NOT a proofreading or editing service After reading the assignment description you provide the tutor will point out errors and make suggestions for improvement but will not fix the errors themselves or revise the draft for you For assistance with APA style see the Library s Guide to APA Style NOTE No one would ever consider plagiarism but it happens sometimes You need to know that policies and procedures exist to catch it This course uses SafeAssign which tells how much of your work came from an Internet website Instructors are also experienced in determining original work and work which is not original Please do your own work this includes both writing papers and taking exams Research papers that fulfill a requirement in one course should not be submitted to another course In other words the research paper you are writing for this course should be written specifically for this course39s research paper requirement Again please do your own work You will feel much better about your college education and yourself Page 2 of 2


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