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Approaches Teaching Spanish

by: Dr. Hope Klocko

Approaches Teaching Spanish SPAN 400

Marketplace > Longwood University > Spanish > SPAN 400 > Approaches Teaching Spanish
Dr. Hope Klocko

GPA 3.96

Lily Goetz

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About this Document

Lily Goetz
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Hope Klocko on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 400 at Longwood University taught by Lily Goetz in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/222417/span-400-longwood-university in Spanish at Longwood University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Samples of Lesson Plans Review the components of the following lesson plans and tell how they D0 or DO not display the characteristics of good plans httpwww T quot 39 39 View xml 7id37 Molas de Panama Home Country Panama Teaching Location GA Subject Spanish Level 3rd grade 5th grade About Country Yes Date Submitted 12082003 Special Category Not applicable Lesson Objectives The students will be able to 0 Learn about molas reverse appliques panels that are made to decorate or adorn the blouse worn by the Kuna women of San Blas on the Caribbean Coast of Panama 0 Create art images that resemble molas 0 Understand visual art in relation to another culture Focus and Review The lesson begins with a brief review of Panama39s cultural characteristics food customs After reviewing previously covered topics the teacher will start a discussion The teacher will ask the students the following questions How is clothing used to express art creativity cultural identity andor community values How would you feel if you had to design your own clothes How would you make your own clothes Time Needed Overall this lesson will probably take two periods of class Materials Needed none Teacher Input After the discussion the teacher introduces the new lesson The teacher has a student read aloud about Kuna Indians and how this unique style of dress has been recognized around the world how the molas are made Original molas are passed around to the students Time Needed na Materials Needed na Guided Practice Art activity quotFun with Molasquot 1 Students select a printed image or mola design and cut yarn into different colors 2 Students trace the outlines of the printed mola design with white glue one line at a time 3 Students place yarn along the lines of the printed image 4 Students mount the yarn design on black construction paper and hang them around the room or outside around the hall and admire Time Needed na Materials Needed 4 printed art designs white glue assorted yarn colors scissors scrap paper black construction paper computers penpencil paper Independent Practice and Evaluation Each student will write a personal response of what they learned from the activity and molas in general Time Needed na Materials Needed na Closure Class quotpositivequot critique at peer work The students will say how their pictures are similar to original molas The teacher will assign the students to go to a website wwwconexussiedukuna to view the blouses see a step by step process of mola making learn basic ideas of mola creations and to learn more about the Kuna people Time Needed na Materials Needed na Additional Directions Evaluation of Student Learning and Reflection 1 Did I introduce the lesson in an engaging manner 2 Were the students engaged in the activity the essoh 90 th W 2003 Center for International Educauon In From quotMaterialesquot httpwwwsgcimecesusamaterialesultimo Basic German Lesson Plan httpWWW 39 39 Pom LAlntroductionToGermanldeal 5 htm GermanAmerican Day httpwwwlibiupuiedukadeg immigrhtml December Celebrations German httpWWWlibiupuiedukadeunitl0unit10html German food httpcsumcWiscedumkiEducationAdverts Cookbookshtm ESL plan Guns or no guns htt itesl39or LessonsNakataGunshtml ESL Restaurant httpwwwedureforgcgi binm39 quot 00139 VirtualLessonsForeign l anguage English Second language ESL 0207html


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