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Programming Languages

by: Mr. Jaunita Conroy

Programming Languages CMSC 308

Mr. Jaunita Conroy

GPA 3.78


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Jaunita Conroy on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMSC 308 at Longwood University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/222424/cmsc-308-longwood-university in ComputerScienence at Longwood University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
PROGRAIVHVHNG LANGUAGE S CMSC 308 FALL 2008 Instructor Dr R P Webber Of ce location and hours Ruffner 332 MF 200 7 330 T 130 3 and by appointment or coincidence Telephone and email 3952192 webbemglongwoodedu Course description Topics include language and de nition structure data types and structures control structures and data ow runtime characteristics and lexical analysis and parsing Programming assignments will involved the use of several different languages Prerequisite CMSC 162 Text Sebesta Concepts of P 39 l anonaoes Eighth edition Addison Wesley 2008 Course objectives 0 Be able to compare and contrast the major programming paradigms 0 Construct a parse tree for a statement in a given grammar 0 Understand the basic concepts in data types as demonstrated by the ability to explain binding type checking scope primitive data types user de ned data types and data abstraction Understand the basic concepts in control as demonstrated by the ability to explain control structure and subprograms Be able to write and execute programs in at least two nonimperative programming languages Tentative class schedule Week 1 Aug 25 29 Chl 7 3 Introduction history syntax vs semantics Week 2 Sep 3 5 Ch 3 Grammars Week 3 Sep 8 7 12 Ch 3 Parsing Week 4 Sep 15 7 19 Ch 3 5 Primitive datatypes Week 5 Sep 22 7 26 Ch 5 Binding scope Week 6 Sep 29 7 Oct 3 Ch 6 7 7 Data types expressions assignment statements Week 7 Oct 6 7 10 Ch 7 Review TEST Fall Break Week 8 Oct 15 7 17 Ch 8 Control structures Week 9 Oct 20 7 24 Ch 8 7 9 Invariants subprograms Week 10 Oct 27 7 31 Ch 10 7 11 Data abstraction Week 11 Nov 3 7 7 Ch 15 and notes LISP Week 12 Nov 10 714 Ch 15 and notes LISP Week 13 Nov 17 21 Ch 16 and notes Prolog Week 14 Nov 24 Ch 16 and notes Prolog Thanksgiving Week 15 Dec 1 7 5 Ch 16 and notes Prolog review Thursday Dec 11 EXAM 800 am 7 1030 am Course requirements and grading Homework and programming assignments 60 Midterm test 20 Final exam 20 The grade scale is as follows 90100 A 8090 B 7080 C 6070 D below 60 F Assignments and working with others Assignments will consist of nonprogramming and programming exercises They will count equally Each assignment will have a due date It is due by the start of class on that date Failure to hand it in on time will result in a penalty of 25 for each class day it is late No excuses will be accepted for late programs I m sorry but such things as computer failure sickness etc are not excuses No assignment will be accepted after the last day of the term for any reason It is OK to work with others on the assignments Everyone should contribute approximately equally to the work If somebody tries to freeload don t work with him or her and tell me if the person persists Furthermore everyone is to write up his or her own solutions I don t want to see duplicate code or solutions In general it s all right to brainstorm about how to do an assignment but the details of carrying it out are to be done individually Click here to see the rubric for grading programs Nonprogramming exercises will be graded on a pa1tial credit basis This is a writing intensive course Many of the assignment questions will require short essays usually a paragraph or two The questions will be graded for factual accuracy and writing style Attendance Attendance is expected at all classes Makeup tests will be given only with a doctor s or school excuse Makeup tests are always more difficult than regular tests regardless of the reason for absence Homework or programming assignments that are late for any reason including excused absences will be penalized 25 per class day late Course philosophy This is primarily a theoretical course We will be studying general principles of programming languages I do not intend to let it degenerate into a how to program in five different languages course However some programming is necessary To illustrate the general principles we will be learning and to see some alternative ways of solving common problems we will learn something about the languages LISP and Prolog in this course Honor Code The teacher subscribes to the Longwood College Honor System which among other things assumes you do not cheat and that you take responsibility to see that others do not Infractions will be dealt with harshly A student who is convicted of an Honor Code offense involving this class will receive a course grade of F in addition to penalties imposed by the Honor Board


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