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Am Lit Realism to Contemp

by: Judy Hansen

Am Lit Realism to Contemp ENGL 336

Marketplace > Longwood University > Foreign Language > ENGL 336 > Am Lit Realism to Contemp
Judy Hansen

GPA 3.75


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Judy Hansen on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 336 at Longwood University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see /class/222429/engl-336-longwood-university in Foreign Language at Longwood University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Jen Boston Marissa Cole Dr Miller Eng 327 11172010 The Planter s Northern Bride Critical Reception Caroline Lee Hentz spent most of her life living in the south while slavery still reigned She became famous as a writer after having to work alongside her unsuccessful husband In 1852 the abolitionist movement was stronger than ever thanks to the publication of Uncle Tom s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe This novel threatened the existence and peace that Southern society held and more than anything it was a direct attack on their lifestyles In response to Stowe s novel Hentz published The Planter s Northern Bride which advocated anti abolitionism and negated the claims that Stowe made in her book Caroline Hentz was not actually a native southemer but her defense of southern society is strong and suggests how strong her in uence as a white woman in the south was Her choice to publish her novel in Philadelphia a city decidedly in the North stemmed both from her northern heritage but also knowing that her audience would be wider and more effective by publishing in the North However it has been noted that Hentz s novels were bringing in the only income for her family and many people believe that her stance on proslavery was deliberate in order to sell more books and to continue being published Cummins 19 Despite her reasons for writing though Hentz s novel The Planter s Northern Bride was extremely popular and wellreceived The critical reception was just as popular as its rival novel although some critics felt that the South was portrayed unrealistically in that Hentz had taken up none of its faults most were relieved to have a well known writer responding to Stowe s overwhelmingly successful novel 5quot Cummins 20 Hentz s novel has its short comings especially when considering more elements of her background Critics of her novel often note that Hentz was a fairly poor white woman living all over the United States in both Northern and Southern states She never owned a plantation or any slaves herself and many of the people that she associated with were in a similar status Some critics believe that her proslavery attitude is undermined by the fact that she has had no true experience with it and therefore she can neither accurately depict the South nor the relationships between Slave and Master Hentz argued that she knew more about the system than given credit for but primarily she knew more about it than Stowe did having experienced Southern lifestyles firsthand The Planter 3 Northern Bride by Carolina Lee Hentz is something that the women the Le Vert Literary Society would read because it deals with the different issues plantation wives would have to endure Women at Farmville Female College attended for a higher education but many of them still dwelt on the idea of marrying a plantation owner and taking on the roles of a sophisticated Southern lady People in the south were obviously pro slavery due to the important role they played in maintaining plantations The Planter 3 Northern Bride following a Northern woman who married a plantation owner and pities the slaves even though her husband does not treat them unjustly She eventually realizes that the slaves are not in a terribly foul disposition and grows to accept slavery Later she discovers a plot by local abolitionists to help her slaves revolt and murder both her and her husband in an act of freedom and liberation The point here is to show how even the most mildly punished slaves could revolt and take up arms against their masters In the first chapter its shows a Northerner Mr Grimby and Mr Moreland the Southern plantation owner discussing the proper treatment of slaves Mr Grimby states We look upon everybody here as free and equal This is a free country and when folks come among us we don t see why they can t conform to our ways of thinking trying to sound superior to Moreland 2137 Moreland validates this to himself by thinking wherever civilized man exists there is the dividing line of the high and the low the rich and the poor the thinking and the labouring in view of the Godproclaimed fact that all Creation toileth and groaneth to gether and the labour and suffering are the solemn sacraments of life 2141 This is precisely the kind of thinking that the founders of Farmville Female College would want to instill in the minds of the young women who attended That while Northemers claimed to treat their slaves as equals or to not have slaves at all Southerners believe that there is always that line between the laborers and owners Moreland treated his slaves kindly but they still planned to revolt in the end showing future plantation wives the sort of problems that may arise It shows the gaps in the system and how easily certain groups can be manipulated to do just about anything Future plantation wives like the one shown in The Planter 3 Northern Bride need literature like this so that they can face their lives with open eyes Slavery was a sort of necessary evil and women of the South had to embrace it Any sort of book like this was embraced in the South because it shed positive light on their lives slavery or no slavery


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