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by: Nella Jaskolski V


Nella Jaskolski V
GPA 3.64

Yvonne Leak

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About this Document

Yvonne Leak
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nella Jaskolski V on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HUEC 3045 at Louisiana State University taught by Yvonne Leak in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/222433/huec-3045-louisiana-state-university in Ecology at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
Product Positioning Once merchandise areas are et ready to stock the store Place largest categories and key brands firsts Customary to place most current merchandise on or close to main aisles Beyond aisle show total concept or coordination in product arrangements Arrangements between aisle and walls should not be too dense Lighting should be less intense than on aisles and walls Large fixtures best placed near perimeter walls unless designed to divide area Plan the right mix of fixtures to display In preparing layout consider dominance factor 0 Dominance by colorsells o Dominance by coordination o Dominance by brand namevendor o Dominance by price Walls used for vertical presentation serve as focal points to help guide customers thru store Walls hold large volume of merchandise without taking up floor space Special slat wall and grid wall modular systems available for wall merchandising Major fixtures 0 Feature T stands 2 ways 4 way 0 Capacity round racks super quads tables counters showcases gondolas 0 Wall units Ch 12 Fixtures Major function of fixtures 0 To accept hold stock and show merchandise 0 Basic fixtures used in window displays I Stands platforms and elevators easels pipe racks I Stands 0 Costumer hanger and skirt bar 0 Valet wider hanger and slacks bar 0 Draper just a hanger 0 Counter and ledge fixtures I At pointofpurchase I Small I Displays specialty items I Some are made theft proof I Ledge fixtures larger than counter and out of reach of customer I Merchandise coordinator hired by vendor to work in store set up displays fro each store I More decorative than functional o Tstand O o Superq 0 Major types of floor fixtures s 2 ways amp 4way Most common metal floor quotfeaturequot fixtures Used to feature small quantities of trend and test merchandise and coordinated separates Usually face an aisle Garment facing outward should be fully accessorized Presentation guidelines for feature fixtures 0 Use to highlight newest merchandise Present a single color story per fixture Use for similar merchandise classifications with same end use 0 0 Use to feature coordinated outfits Reset with new items weekly or biweekly Position in front of storedepartment or along main aisles Adjust to appropriate heights as worn on body Pants 3 from floor Knee length dresses 17 from floor Round racks Capacity fixture made in several diameters 36 is the most popular adjustable heights Can hold an entire collection of coordinates Can hold a single classification of an item like basic stock arranged by color warm to cool to neutral Can hold multiple coordinated groupings Widely used for sale merchandise and broken assortments arrange by size Hang merchandise from left to right from lightest to deepest color from warm to cool colors from small to large sizes Arrange colors in ROYGBIV order If neutrals also place from light to dark after hues Avoid placing at store entrance or along aisles Unify sleeve and hem lengths Trilevel round rack variation is ideal for coordinated groups or garments of varied sleeve lengths Place lowest level toward aisle Calculate round rack capacity 0 To determine total circumference in inches Use formula C pix D diameter pi 314 Ex a 36 diameter rounder measures 113 C 314 x 36 If each hung item occupied 1 of space you could hang 113 items on this fixture uads expanded 4way Large 4way quotcapacityquot fixture Used for basic items purchased in depth or to show coordinated groups of separates Good for broken assortments and clearance merchandise Not intended for feature merchandise Tables Counters showcases large grounded storagedisplay cases Single most important fixture in the retail industry I Used to display both feature and promotional merchandise I Frequently used on aisles I Come in all styles and sizes I Offer great display opportunities 0 Gondolas big and huge holds a lot of merchandise I 4sided quotcapacityquot fixture I Merchandise can be folded bagged or hung I Frequently found in discount stores like WalMart I Large versatile cumbersome to move I End caps offer display options I Use standard color and size arrangement 0 Wall units 0 Criteria for selecting fixtures 0 Appearance finish preferred for metal is a chrome fixture I Finishes 0 Chrome 0 Brass 0 Copper 0 Bronze 0 Paint 0 Wood 0 Construction 0 End use Ch 14 Modular Fixtures and Systems 0 Prototype store 0 The first constructed store unit that represents the new design that a chain store company or brand has adopted and customer tested for use in all of its store locations 0 Advantages of Modular 0 Consistency in the fixtures materials graphics and lighting in all store locations regardless of store size 0 Promote standard brand identity 0 Systems are re d cheaper to produce 0 Versatility I Wall units slats grids panels to hold shelves bins hang rods etc I Floor fixtures counters stocking and selling merchandiser cash wrap desks dressing rooms frames or light boxes for graphics etc I Adapts to seasonal changes of merchandising mix and stock volumes I Ease of assembly few if any tools required 0 Selection of systems 0 Do research and consider the following aspects before purchasing a display system 0 Look 0 End use 0 Construction o Upkeep o Adaptability 0 Price Color is the most stimulating thing to customers arrange things by color Color is the most effective way to visual present merchandise it sells the merchandise Color takes precedence over style because often you don t see style when it is hanging in rack You see fixtures organized by color style then size S gt M gt L Things at eye level sell better Dominance by coordination show various items being mixed and matched to show how they can be coordinated by color by style etc Dominance by price used for special promotions or sales most retailers don t regularly used VM benefits the retailer o Increases sales Promote efficient operations running smoothly Motivate the sales force and makes their job easier Simplifies inventory process Makes shopping more informative 0000 Ch 15 Furniture as Props 0 Chairs 0 Tables 0 Single most important fixture in retail industry 0 Armoires and Chiffarobes o Seen in small boutique o Armoires shelf and hang space 0 Chiffarobe drawers and hang space 0 Drawer units Ch 16 Attention Getting Devices Color it sells Impact can be made from single hue or contrasting hues Value contrast stronger than hue contrast Lighting is a determinant of color impact Lighting shows product to advantage white or colored lighting creates ambiance ine leads eye through composition can repeat or counter proportion of space Composition key to a successful outcome involves selection and arrangement of all elements more complex than it seems use the principles as guidelines Objective is to attain harmony and unity Scale an aspect of proportion size relationships abnormal scale is unexpected generates interest and attention Contrast of any element but particularly color and light will attract attention Timing of merchandise selected for display offers a different type of contrast Repetition of any element or concept will strengthen impactmannequins props merchandise bank ofwindows color designer theme etc Humor people enjoy harmless humor about everyday things Mirrors add depth show angles use carefully Nostalgia reminder of the good ole days retro always popular updated classics can show dated and modern versions add charm and familiarity to displays Motion dramatic or subtle relieves static is unexpected created by fans or vents turntables can give 360 view of merchandise Surprise and shock the unexpected always commands attention Keep it un offensive Surrealism and fantasy often used Simon Doonan visual merchandiser for Barney s was famous for this confession Props endless variety available as purchased or found objects Made special by how they are used not how much they cost Imagination can give life to even the most ordinary of props Creativity feeds imagination initiative gets the job done Chapter 17 Familiar Symbols 8 Chapter 23 VM Planning Promotion calendar 0 Cooperative effort between store owner buyers VM promotion department advertising department display manufacturers and suppliers 0 Planned a year in advance Establishes a timeline for the themes and seasonal events that the VM must be prepared to promote in window and instore displays 0 Highlights the seasons and events that translate to increased selling opportunities for the retailer o Familiar symbols frequently used to represent typical promotional events associated with the retail year 0 Displays should re ect current fashion trends and coordinate with merchandise deliveries and planned advertising of promotions 0 Advanced planning on the part of the VM will result in smooth transition from one promotion to another sometimes as often as each week to 10 days 0 Calendar should also re ect retailer s awareness of what s going on in the community the country and in the world 0 Clich O O O A familiar symbol or image that is used over and over again Message it conveys is clear and universally understood without the necessity of words Familiar symbols usually associated with these Anniversary I backtoschool and fall I Bridal I Career fashions I Christmas Clearance sales Cruise and resort wear Summer sun and swimwear Spring and Easter Father s Day Formals Lingerie Mother s Day I Rest of list in book Planning a Display 00000 0 Theme Merchandise Slogan Number and treatment of windows Uniqueness of design Store image Visual Merchandiser s Role in Store Promotion 0 O O O O O O 0 Plan in advance especially for big promotions and sale events Determine budget required and get it approved Ordercollect supplies and document lead time needed for delivery Order at least three months in advance Determine if cooperative ties and funds are available through manufacturers associations organizations trade agencies Coordinate exactly what merchandise will be available and what buyers want to show in displays Determine if selection and coordination of merchandise will be done by VM buyer or fashion coordinator Document all merchandise to be used in display and fill out necessary requisition or receipt forms Determine if special merchandise has been purchased to enhance the display presentation showpiece buying Chapter 19 sale ideas 0 Sales are a part of the life cycles of a retail business 0 Treat them as events that mark a passage of time from one season of opportunity to another Be Be Maintain the store s image during sale time Present sale merchandise with same taste and discretion as always Use clever display approaches to announce sale events Keep the sale theme fresh and upbeat even humorous Not necessary to feature actual merchandise in the displays inventive with mannequins and graphics and store logos on bags and boxes Of overall importance to promote sales with style taste and imagination respectful of the shopper and the merchandise If the retailer doesn t think much of the merchandise neither will the shopper Put a smile on your face Chapter 20 fashion accessories Small items so they require special attention Logical way to display them is as a part of a bigger display Chapter 22 Graphics and Signage Brand 0 O O 0 Image Conveyed through signage and graphics Makes a first impression Carried through different types of signs exterior institutional ot operational directional etc Carried through types and quality of graphics Graphics O 0000 Visual imagery Oversized photographs blowups or light box art Artwork drawings fashion sketches etchings and enlarged prints International symbols Today overload of visual images Conditioned to react to these rather than words Lifestyle graphics 0 O 00 Signs 000 O Commonly used in window and interior display on fascia and wall displays Show items in use suggest a place time and the right wardrobe for the moment May be enlargements of ads for reinforcement of fashion message Feature happy people not necessarily fashion models softselling A communication tool Attract attention Explain purpose Provide information Direct shopper Types of signage 0 Two major types in a retail store Institutional or operational signs 0 Provide day to day information about a store hours services exits policies as well as location of phones restrooms fitting rooms specified departments etc 0 May be ceiling or wall mounted or on columns 0 Often near escalators elevators high traffic areas Product or merchandise signs 0 Two basic types 0 Category signs specify a major classification of merchandise Ex men s cotton sweaters 0 Selling signs give customer information about sales price points brands trends special features etc 0 Use 34 words per line 0 Determine number Too many not enough Number based on type of store and it s the pricing strategy The more self service a store the more signs are needed 0 Signage decisions Follow store procedure for making sign requests Usually initiated by buyers Determine whether the sign will be produced in house or outsourced Approve design and for accuracy of content check al facts Fill out request forms to include 0 O O O O O O 0 What merchandise to feature Information about the merchandise Date needed Ad dates Photographs illustrations to include Camera ready artwor 0 Determine look and tone Determine style select color font size Machine made or hand made Background and letter colors Font types formal casual etc UPPERCASE Shouts Lowercase friendlier easier to read 0 Color and contrast Meant to be seen so use adequate contrast between ground and typeface The greater the contrast the more readable Black on white or pale tinted background is most widely used Outlining increases contrast Complementary colors tend to vibrate Metallics elegant but light and glare reactive 0 Sign size Generally made on cardstock 6ply or 14 points Standard full sheet size is 22 x 28 inches Standard stock sizes are 14 x 22 llx 147 x11 5 1z x 391 5 1z x 3 12 Fit standard fixture holders 0 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 Use different sizes for different applications 0 Copy cards small signs toppers add on 0 Sign Layout 0 Copy facts I Creative copy encourages shopper to read entire sign I Conveys a mood or mental image I Strengthens brand image be consistent in style and appearance I Style can range from conversational to bullets I If bullets limit to 34 simple phrases 0 Artwork photographs graphics 0 White space 0 Creative copywriting ideas 0 Alliteration multiple words starting with the same letter Ex refresh rejuvenate relax o Familiar phrases seeing red 0 Puns play on familiar words change to fit message Ex sale away 0 Quotes humorous or serious Ex I base my fashion taste on what doesn t itch Gilda Radner o Rhyming words embrace lace o Themed adjective pamper nurture indulge etc 0 Layout 0 Find optical center 0 Determine best arrangement of elements 0 Refer to Law of Margins handout Chapter 26 point of purchase Use to be associated with items at the cash register Today POP can be displays displayers fixtures and other items Provided by the vendor or manufacturers to retailers Can be used in windows or in the store on ledges counters shelves in aisles hanging from the ceiling etc 0 Usually part of a larger promotion campaign Ch 28 Trade show a commercial venture where manufacturers rent space in a large exhibit hall to display their new improved or existing merchandise Used to generate sales Customers are retailers buyers Called going to market Buyers can visit the familiar manufacturers or see what is new out there Similar to a showroom Exhibitors need to design space to be appealing to customers huge effort Exhibit space is expensive Ch 30 MAGIC famous trade show in Las Vegas originated in LA twice a year The major production of fashion shows 0 OO 0 0000000000 Usually have a theme usually emerging trends things that can cover a wide selection of merchandise From the theme comes a promotional logo Set and stage design emerge from theme also can range from elaborate to simple Lighting the more professional the better Keep the set simple and enhance with lights Lights needs to follow the model spotlights Don t always have to be huge productions Selecting models Professional or amateurs Merchandise plan pull and fittings Divide garments into scenes and make lineups between scenes Commentaries writing them and who is going to read them Music is a huge element needs to be good for walking and audience Choreography teaching models how to walk Rehearsals Programs All of these take energy and planning and lots of people helping out Other sources O 0000 PAVE Trade magazines VMSDcom DDIorg Global shop partner to MAGIC I Globalshoporg I Great place for contacts I 6 shows in l


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