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by: Edna Boyle


Edna Boyle
GPA 3.86

S. Ross

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About this Document

S. Ross
Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Edna Boyle on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1001 at Louisiana State University taught by S. Ross in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/222467/hist-1001-louisiana-state-university in History at Louisiana State University.


Reviews for WEST CIVIL TO 1500


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Date Created: 10/13/15
The quotarbari an quot Peoples The Fringes of Empire amp The Crisis of the Century WV 39 I one v i A H 1 39 V v s V a quot r a K L a V 7 r x l a 21quot 4 1 I The Barbarian Peoples ll Crisis of the Third Century A Barbarian vs Roman A External Invasions Barbarians at the Gatequot What did the Romans think of their own Rise of the German Confederations empire Decius vs the Goths How did Romans distinguish themselves Valerian vs the Persians from non39RomanS What were the Roman B Internal Unrest Watch Your Backquot criteria for quotcivilizationquot The 3 dcentury plague B RomanoBarbarianAcculturatlon Severus First of the quotBarracks Emperors What is Acculturation The Breakaway Kingdoms Do we see any similarities between c Diocletian Roman and barbarian culture Is the Roman view of the quotbarbarianquot correct Diocletian s Military Reforms The Problem of Imperial Presence The Tetrarchy Roman Criteria For Civilization 2 Manner of Dress 3 Religious Practices Haw Ramansviewedthemseives andthe barbarians Roman Criteria For Civilization 4 Fighting Ster 5 Location i Parthlu at its Greatest Extgnt Ca lst Century BC Parthian Empire HMSFAHIA if 3 quot1 Lane am 39 quot mu m m r aq Him hm mi in 3941 Simquot Chm H39 nah German Tribes RomanoBarbarian Acculturation i quotAM IOII I39IS All GIL Wins Roman amphora Areas of crosscultural contact between Romans and barbarians 1 economics Roma no B a rbarian AcCultu ration Modernday German Areas of crosscultural contact between Romans and barbarians 2 military defense Roman tombstone of allv cavalry of cer External Invasions Barbarians at the Gate gt Rise of the German Confederations gt Marcus Aurelius 161 180 AD repelled attacks of Quadi and Marcomanni battle with German barbarians External Invasions Barbarians at the Gate gt Decius 249 251 AD vs the Goths gt Valerian 253 259 AD vs Shapur and the Sassanid Persians Vater ran surrendering to Shapur Internal Unrest Watch Your Back gt The 339dcentury plague and its eastern origins gt Septimius Severus 193 211 AD gt quotBarracks Emperorsquot gt Breakaway Kingdoms the Kingdom of Palmyra and the Gallic Empire Gallic Em Em ire OPalmyrene Empire 3 Diocletian Stepping Back from the Brink NW 5 Cl Dinneroifmsuniiummmr 5i it C Dinemrlliximilmilglnls gt Diocletian 284 305 AD ii BMWWE DislriiiulGalcriusasfarsnr BlilTAlh39 a HAWK W f CI Dhln ciulDioLlctlanasAugnstus A i gt Military Reforms w yearns 1 mutt Diatcttsaiidhmmdaiy 3 w i i in Disinncapmlx 4V Trier I 7 u AIL IDESrij 057110601113 gt Problem of Imperial Presence gt Diocletian s solution the Tetrarchy u n it s q irln lu 4 39uteagaii5 iua 0 750 i liiilei D Zill Emblem Coin of Diocletian with new title of Augustus Venetian Statue of 3rd century Tetrarchs RRhine Hadrian s Wall Britannia l LONDINIUM Gaul Germania Alps SYRACUSE Alps Hispania Carthage ROME Sardinia Sicily Black Sea BYZANTIUM Dacia R Danube Macedonia JERUSALEM R Euphrates Asia Alexandria Syria ANTIOCH Parthian Empire Hadrian s Wall Alps SYRACUSE ANTIOCH Britannia Hispania Dacia R Euphrates Londinium Sardinia R Dannbe Asia Gaul Carthage Macedonia Syria RRhine Rome Black Sea Parthian Empire Germania Sicily BYZANTIUM JERUSELUM


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