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by: Magnolia Heaney


Magnolia Heaney
GPA 3.68

Paul Dotson

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About this Document

Paul Dotson
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Magnolia Heaney on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2057 at Louisiana State University taught by Paul Dotson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/222474/hist-2057-louisiana-state-university in History at Louisiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/15
American Society amp Culture in the 1920s Areas of cultural Conflict a Morals and Morality i Abortion ii Conflict between small town and urban culture iii Areas of cultural conflict or change 1 2 3 4 Fquot Urban growth is easy to see By the 1920 s people lived in the cities For the 1st time in US history we are a urban country Living in a city changes the way you behave a In a city you have more freedom b No one cares what you do now Small town supervision is gone Exposed to the Big City values and cultural opposite of the small city values b Small town culture based on i Hard work ii Savings 2 3 i Work hard and save money b Fixed Notion of sexuality i Woman s role is at home in the kitchen ii No Premarital sex c Fixed Gender Roles i Men work woman run the house hold Urban Mass Culture Based on a Leisure i More important than work b Consumption i Don t save your money buy things c Flexible Notion of Sexuality i Date outside the home ii Can have sex before marriage d Flexible gender roles Traditional Standards a Out in small towns b Fixed Morality Unchangeable i Know what s moral and immoral Black and White 0 llRight and Wrong clear 0 llMoral and lmmoral llClear 390 Look to religion for Guidance i Look to the bible for guidance 4 Urban Standards a Almost the opposite Morality Changeable llRight and Wrong Situational llMoral and Immoral Situational iv Look to science for guidance 5 Traditional Work Ethic Based on a Hard work b Saving c Reputation from work ethic 6 New Consumer Ethic Based on a Enjoy leisure time b Buy now Pay later credit c Reputation from what you own ll Sources of change a Urban Growth b Revolt ofintellectuals 39 Told American how to act properly llHow to books Use experts to fix everything iv ACLU American Civil Liberties Union 1 Provide legal support who have had their constitutional rights violated Couple of intellectual revolutions going on lt 1 Psychology a Sigman and Fraud Theory of unconsisnist you are only aware of what you really think there are a whole other set of fears and emotions below the surface b Argues that those fears and emotions come up when you sleep c Whole other world and reality under the surface d Hard to know their motivation e Theory of Repression Fraud argues that modern society forces people to suppress their true urges manors how they dress etc f Eventually these urges are going to result in an explosion psychological stress g Cares about this bc modern civilization is bad 2 Anthropology a Margret Mead a new theory of thinking called cultural relativism b No one cultural is better or worse then another it s just different c Most people believed there was a high Archie of cultural d Comes from Coming of Age in Samoa i Samoa is a island in the south Pasic e Transition from child to woman is difficult i At Samoa it wasn t a hard transition ii Modern society isn t that great iii A primitive society works better then a high society 3 Challenges the notion of Racial high Archie 4 lntellectuals start gravitating towards Jazz music a The music of black saloon cultural b Seems more real lesser repressed and more authentic c People had been listening to classical music d Filters in over time c New Popular Entertainment d Automo e Slt 5 Movies something immigrants were attacked to Movie become mainstream by the end of the 1920 s 80 of Americans were going to the US Movies were taken out of dark room and into Movie Palaces Foster an influence of the American Movies are silent and black amp white Make fun of authority figures and elites Shows a new look on sexuality Hugging and Kissing Sex symbols emerge Sexuality becomes mainstream entertainment People tend to immolate what they see in the movies Brings into question the traditional morality bile Cars have been around but seen as toys to the rich and famous In the 1920 s the car emerges as something for everyone Were about a thousand but Henry ford made it 250 Ford makes it affordable for people buy on credit and installments By the end of the decade there were 27 million cars on the road lmportant bc now if you lived in the small town you could go to the next town and escape Changes dating practices 1 Dates move outside the home and they are able to drive to where ever they want to go 2 Escape parental vision 3 Rise ofautomobile lead to premarital pregnancy 4 Portable bedroom Changes in industry Continued growth 1 200 industries are in control of 60 ii Doubled productivity 1 Industrial output doubles bc of the new industries a Automobile b Chemical 2 Helps double bc of electricity iii Labor relations 1 New Management theories Scientific management a Expert comes into the factory and observes all the actions of the workers and puts in some type of graphchart and comes up w the most efficient way for the worker to get their job done 2 Welfare capitalism make workers happy about what they are doing a Get workers involved in after work activities bowling dances picnics b Create new department called Human Resources i Match workers with the best job for them c Hire Social workers i Send them into the workers home to make sure everything was going well in the home d Company Unions 39 Created to get rid of labor unions End Strikes 9 strikes decrease and people are happy bc of Company Unions e Wages go up f Factories start moving to the 40 hours weeks g Some start getting vacation h Result of Welfare capitalism make workers more interested in their leisure time iv New emphasis on advertising 1 Production doubled so company ownersmanagement have to have a way to sell all the new stuff 2 Changes in advertising change a Diversity of products not just a black pair of shoes a white pair too b Buy multiple amounts of things not just one phone but one for every room c New model car every year d Social fears buy products to prevent embarrassment tooth paste deodorant e Celebrity endorsements Babe Ruth v Overall implications Companies no longer seen as enemies N Workers identify more with what they do outside of work 5 Consumption goes up production doubles people start to believe that the way others look at them is how they live and what they have not what they do at work or how much money they save lll Impact of changes a New values i Small town value culture ethics are challenges ii City folks adopt these values b Spread of new values i Advocates of new values ii Public behavior 1 What woman can do changes from Victorian to flapper a They begin smoking going to night clubs 2 Go on unchaperoned dates iii Defenders of traditional values 1 Christian Fundamentalist a Urban revivalist b Take off in the 1920 c Represent 10 of church goers in the 20 s d Backlash of the change in woman s roles e Believe that you must take the bible 100 literally f If you don t believe everything you aren t a Christian g Wants America to focus on the bible h Go after Charles Darwin s theory of evolution i Get 20 states to approve making it illegal to teach anything but the bible in school 2 Ku Klux Klan emerges a The Second Klan no ties to the first Klan b Not centered in the south like the first Klan c Has 4 million members by 1920 d Different goals Still antiblack Less concerns on that issue Extremely natives opposed to immigration Anti Catholic and Jewish 1 Believe Catholics are controlled by the priest 2 Catholic and Jewish are a threat to America 2 Opposed to the moral shift 1 Support traditional morality 2 Supporter of prohibition 3 Against premarital sex divorce infidelity 4 Uses terror to behave the way they want you to C d Confrontations i Those who accept prohibition vs those opposed ii Want prohibition enforced iii Scopes Monkey Trial 1 minwa I Battle over the anti evolution laws Tennessee Biology teacher from Dalton Taught evolution and was arrested Send in a layer from the ACLU to defend Scopes Clarence Duero William Bryan defends the town Refused to put any scientist on the stand to defend Scopes Received national attention iv Conflicts between groups going on everywhere Response of most Americans i Didn t pick one side or the other they tried to grace both sides 1 2 Hold onto the morality but have a car and go on dates Go on dates but not premarital sex


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