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by: Edna Boyle


Edna Boyle
GPA 3.86

Paul Dotson

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About this Document

Paul Dotson
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Edna Boyle on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2057 at Louisiana State University taught by Paul Dotson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/222474/hist-2057-louisiana-state-university in History at Louisiana State University.


Reviews for THE US 1865 TO PRES


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Rise of New Conservatism Collapse of Postwar Liberalism a Economy in serious downturn i Had been running on turbo charger comes to an end during Carter ii lnflation was up iii Gas prices had moved over 1 iv Unemployment was us v Economy went into a recession vi Killed many Americans faith in the postwar idea that you could buy into the notion that the economy can expand and people can come in vii Killed the faith that the government could prevent economic downturn b Frustration with Federal government i Legacy with Vietnam 1 No one was happy Left felt we stayed to long Right felt like we could have done more ii Collapse of Nixon s Presidency Watergate iii lranian hostage situation iv Support of the Civil Rights c General sense that Americans had become Less patriotic and the military wasn t as powerful as it once was i Comes from protest of Vietnam 1 Felt it was unAmerican ii US has lost its moral values d Group of Americans that believe country has lost moral direction 39 Taken turn for the worst Why Christian Fundamentalist get involved in politics like never have been before 1 3rd largest religious denomination in country 2 Very upset with some things that happen during postwar liberalism a Supreme court s ruling on school prayer abortion 3 Appalled by counter culture of 60s and 70s 4 Blame post war liberals for rise of counter culture They get directly involved in politics in this period on a national scale iv Typically support Conservatives v They become hardcore base of republican party Rise of New Conservatism a Not really new conservatives have always been there just weren t dominate political philosophy 57 Barry Goldwater campaign railed against postwar liberalism 0 Even democrats opposed it in south i Abandoned it afterJohnson ii Began leaving democratic party and joining republic d Republicans good at using llsouthern strategy to convert them i Go to south and call for states rights ii Code for letting states determine how they ll deal with racial civil rights issues iii Successful turning south from democratic stronghold to republican e Role of Reagan i First new conservative president ii Campaign revolved around bashing postwar liberalism iii Also campaigned on renewing Americans military might iv Went south and called for states rights 1 Workedkilled Carter and took the South back v Reagan ran 4 years later and had a landslidekilled it vi Called llthe Great Communicator 1 Learned his skills from acting 2 Always optimistic 3 Saw him the way they saw FDR 4 Period in the 70s and 80s becoming disillusioned a Regan had reassuring message b llDawn in America things will turn around c 1st day as president students holding lranian hostages give them up vii Ushers in new era of conservatism that is still with us today lll Characteristics of New Conservatism a Foreign Policy i Reagan abdicated a return to the Cold War 1 He was upset that Nixon and Carter had talked to SU about reducing nuclear weapons this was a mistake 2 Saw the SU as lleven empire 3 Huge supporter of containment doctrine 4 Spent 15 TRILLION DOLLARS 5 Ran up a huge deficit by boosting military spending ii Mandate for intervention using the containment doctrine is dead 1 Happened bc of Vietnam War 2 Reagan believes in the containment doctrine but doesn t have the support 3 Tries but fails a Nicaragua communists instigate coup threw a dictator that was Cold War ally to US i He begins funding anticommunist guerillas there The quotContrasquot Also eventually orders navy to mine a harbor in Nicaragua 1 Congress found out got upset cut off all funding 4 Iran Contra Scandal a After congress forbid the aid members of his staff tried to do it secretly b One of their ideas Poindexter and Oliver North sold 1000 US missiles to Iran 0 NSC took money and gave it to Contras 0 Sale violates the Checks and Balances of the Constitution f39D Reagan claimed he had no idea this was going on i Americans believed him approval ratings weren t affected b Domestic Side i Postwar vs New Conservatives 1 America has this abundant natural resource base that we can use to propel economy forever and expand economy you can bring everyone in a Both sides believe this b Difference is postwar liberals see government has to manage the economy and NC don t want government intervention c Trickle Down economics d Want to cut taxes argue that takes have gone up bc of spending on all those programs created e Cut programscut taxes 2 Government providing basic standards of living a Postwar Liberalist all for it b NC disagree 39 Don t see it as government responsibility Reagan refuses to raise min wage iquot Attacked welfare system iv Cut funding to a lot of programs food stamps Medicaid etc v Stayed away from Social Security and Medicare 3 Government s role in ending poverty a NC don t think federal government should be involved in those things b Shouldn t be ending poverty not government responsibility 4 Belief that government has responsibility that government should protect environment a NC disagree b Unnecessary for businesses hurting economy c Reagan opened federal land to mining and drilling 5 Improving culture of US a Opposed those programs b Opposed to public broadcasting public radio c Look for ways to cut those programs 6 Civil Rights a NC generally argued that not much needed to be done b After that believe government doesn t need to be involved 39 Either America is color blind Or that if there are problems those are problems of minority in that community iquot Not government problem iv Reagan could n t end affirmative active though he wanted to 7 Overall a NC want less government involvement b Get them out of peoples lives c That runs counter to everything studied in the class thus far 8 At same time they say they want government out also don t see problem with government involved and enforcing morality a Generally opposed to abortion b Oppose ruling on school prayer c llWar on Drugs revolt against the counter Culture to Is the dominate philosophy from then till present


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