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by: Magnolia Heaney


Magnolia Heaney
GPA 3.68

Paul Dotson

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About this Document

Paul Dotson
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Magnolia Heaney on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2057 at Louisiana State University taught by Paul Dotson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/222474/hist-2057-louisiana-state-university in History at Louisiana State University.


Reviews for THE US 1865 TO PRES


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Date Created: 10/13/15
Cold War Heats Up Eisenhower s Approach to Cold War Hesitant to support Cold War like Truman did Quickly become most hardcore containment and persecuting cold war Emphasized they were ready to go to war talked discussed going further than containment liberate north Korea roll back communism iv Talked tough behavior more cautious b Containment gets llNew Look 1 Designed to deemphasize US military involvement in conflict even cut military spending maintaining army and fighting war very expensive 2 Eisenhower believed US risked losing Cold War by spending too much 3 How to fight the cold War for less 4 Eisenhower begins building massive nuclear stockpile less expensive than funding an army 5 Have to be willing to use it 9 comes up w Doctrine of massive retaliation ii Doctrine of Massive Retaliation a No matter what attack on US we ll respond by unleashing all our nuclear missiles will result in utter annihilation of attacking nation b Designed to make soviet union think twice about attempting anything 2 Brinkmanship Diplomacy a In any crisis when negotiating you immediately take negotiations all the way to nuclear war no small talk don t mess around tell them llyou do this or its nuclear war b Goal is to make Soviet Union and or China back down make them think we really will do so iii Covert Operations 1 Instead of getting our troops involved use convert operations to get insurgencies started in countries we have problems w stages coos to overthrow those governments cost less to have CIA out there than send troops 2 Happens many times best example a lran early 1950s b lran elected new prime minister who in our eyes is too friendly to SU who nationalizes some foreign oil companies looks socialist to US we fear we ve lost the Cold War ally send CIA to Iran they instigated an insurgency and a coop and topples that government democratically elected and puts the Shaw of Iran he s our friend we provide him aid he provides us a Cold War ally c This is where lran hostility towards US comes from c Momentary Reduction of Tensions slt239 5 viii g Between the US and SU Happens bc Stalin dies in 1953 We believed he was insane 1 Killed millions of his own citizens 2 A mad man He dies and Nikita Khrusbchev came to power Khrusbchev came in and critiqued Stalin Hinted he wanted to talked about reducing nuclear weapons Trying to negotiate w Khrusbchev After he came to power there was a conference a lot of talk not a lot of actions however it did reduce tensions A year later 1959 he comes to the US and goes on tour w Kennedy reduces tensions Summit scheduled between Eisenhower and Khrusbchev will sit down and discuss doesn t happen d Tensions Rise Again Cuban Revolution 1 1959 2 Been going on since the early 1950s 3 Against American backed dictator Batista 4 Revolution successful by 1959 led by Fidel Castro 5 US unclear originally if Castro is communist what kind of ties to the SU he has 6 Seizes all American businesses in Cuba and nationalizes 7 After this we put an embargo in place no money food person are aloud there 8 Khrusbchev allies w Castro a Supplies food money and military products U2 incident 1 Spy plane not the band 2 Planes were designed w four satellites 3 Can fly so high they can t be shot down 4 Started flying these over the SU to take pictures to advise the president 5 1968 U2 gets shot down over the SU 6 Eisenhower responded to Khrusbchev by saying it wasn t a spy plane it was a NASA weather plane that had drifted off course 7 Khrusbchev had a CIA agent that had survived 8 Took wreckage from the plane and proved it was a US spy plane 239 E lt 9 Eisenhower came and apologized for lying Kennedy s Approach llFlexible Response Elected in part bc he sells himself as a hard core Cold War warrior Told people there was a missile gap between the US and SU Would build up to get past them He and his advisors thinks Eisenhower s retaliation policy is insane not the way to respond or w Brinkmanship Diplomacy Talk about having flexible response don t go to war over minor incident b Bay of Pigs V 5 viii Inherited from Eisenhower Plan to overthrow Castro Developed over Eisenhower Return Cuba back to an American Ally Plan 1 Train about 1500 Cuban exile soldiers that had come to the US and train them in US tactics N Put them on a shore in Cuba and they will start a counter revolution 5 The people of Cuba are supposed to join w them come together and overthrow Castro 4 Believe this can happen because they are told the people are ready to get rid of Castro U39I Have one air strike against whoever is fighting against them Fquot Put ashore and in 2 days 1100 were captured and the others were killed the Cuban population didn t help them they actually helped capture them Everyone knew that they were from the US Pushed Castro even closer to the SU Kennedy took full responsibly for the failure also instigated a CIA program to kill Castro never worked c Berlin Wall lt E39 V vii Not much Kennedy can do about it In East Germany West Berlin economy was booming east was bleak soviet economics failing in turmoil If you lived in East Germany you were going to West Berlin Thousands escaped to west Berlin Eventually the communist controlled East Germany wall off West Berlin so people can t get there 1 96 miles 2 Claimed the wall was protecting West from East Berlin When the wall comes down it symbolizes the end of the Cold War d Cuban Missile 62 one of our U2 planes pictured nuclear missiles concrete proof Why SU doing this in Cuba 1 Believed we had a few weeks to deal w them however many were armed and Designed to protect Cuba from US in minds of SU ready to go technicians had approval to launch iv How to respond FWNH 7 Every option looks terrible lnvade Cuba start WWlll Air strike against those nuclear missiles Quarantine of Cuba a Send US Navy to put blockade around all of Cuba b No ships allowed in c Tell SU we ll stop SU ships and search them d If have nuclear missiles we ll turn them back e Demand SU pulls the missiles back that are already there During the crisis Kennedy got 2 messages a You promise not to invade Cuba we ll pull nuclear weapons out of Cuba b The SU won t back down no matter what and demands that the US pulls it s nuclear weapons out of Turkey about the same distance from SU to Turkey as it is Cuba to US Kennedy and experts decide to ignore the 2nd note replies to the first one a Promise the US won t invade Cuba b Secretly pulls nuclear weapons out of Turkey Khrusbchev lost his job bc he was seen as weak e All leads to Vietnam War


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