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Film Studies Notes Nov 24 to Nov 26

by: Daniel Kiefer

Film Studies Notes Nov 24 to Nov 26 21149

Marketplace > University of Washington Tacoma > Media > 21149 > Film Studies Notes Nov 24 to Nov 26
Daniel Kiefer
University of Washington Tacoma
GPA 3.2
Film Studies
Dr. Coon

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About this Document

It was a short week, but an important one!
Film Studies
Dr. Coon
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daniel Kiefer on Friday November 28, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to 21149 at University of Washington Tacoma taught by Dr. Coon in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see Film Studies in Media at University of Washington Tacoma.

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Date Created: 11/28/14
Film Authorship 0 What is an auteur o The term auteur originates with the notion of a literary author the primary creative force behind a piece of literature 0 Post WWII French Cinephiles saw film as a medium of personal expression like writing and poetry 0 Francois Truffaut argued that some directors do more than translate a perexisting work onto screen 0 Hollywood Auteurs o Truffaut argued that even Hollywood s studio films offer examples of cinematic creativity 0 American film critic Andrew Sarris developed criteria for evaluating whether a director was an auteur I Technical competence Generally creating a quality film I Distinguishable personality Director has a personality style across all their films that people can recognize I Interior meaning Ideologies or themes behind the original story the director made the film based off of 0 Weakness in Sarris s criteria according to Pauline Kaul 0 Technical competence doesn t take into account visual artistry o Celebrating the distinguishable personality favors directors who repeat their styles and don t make new ways of making films 0 Interior meaning is vague It can be almost anything 0 The criteria the notion of the auteur doesn t re ect the collaborative nature of the film 0 Other Contributors 0 Screenwriter Writes film but doesn t direct it Production Designer Works director to bring film to life Cinematographer In charge of camera crews and camera shots Composer Fits in music and sounds Producer varies from rolemanager to representative for the film Director In charge of set Assistant director Logistics Gaffer Electrician Grits Physical laborer on set ready to do the set movements and such 0 Executive Producer Investor of film OOOOOOOO 0 Using the auteur as a marketing strategy 0 Examine whether a particular film is characterized of directors work 0 Comparecontrast the work of the different directors 0 Determine if one directly has been in uenced by another 0 Spike Lee 0 1986 She s Gotta Have It I Micro budget film I Got him noticed by the public 0 1988 School Daze I About middle class black family I Spike Lee and crew was kicked off campus and had to scrap project due to disapproval of filming methods 0 1989 Do the Right Thing I About black community going into riot I Aggressive storytelling lacks sensitivity of details in order to push ideologies or theme o Made commercials films TV shows etc I Mostly dealing with race poverty and inequality


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