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by: Reina Davis


Reina Davis
GPA 3.71

R. Rouillier

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About this Document

R. Rouillier
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reina Davis on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 4490 at Louisiana State University taught by R. Rouillier in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/222528/mkt-4490-louisiana-state-university in Marketing at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Chapter 2 conceptual framework of the book the gaps model of service quality Gaps model of service quality positions the key concepts strategies and decisions in services marketing and will be used to guide the structure of the rest of this book Customer gap the difference between customer expectations and perceptions Closing the gap between what customers expect and what they perceive is critical to delivering quality service Company interested in delivering quality service must begin with a clear understanding of its consumer o quot quot 39 39 points that customers bring into the service experience What a customer believes should or will happen Can be marketercontrolled ads sales promise and factors that the marketer has limited ability to affect personal needs WOM communication 0 Perceptions subjective assessments of actual service experiences Provider gaps to close customer gap 4 provider gaps need to be closed 0 Gap 1 listening difference between customer expectations of service and company understanding of those expectations Primary cause many firms are not meeting customer s expectations is that the firm lacks accurate understanding of exactly what those expectations are Inadequate marketing research orientation when managementemployees do not acquire accurate info about customers expectations Relationship marketing vs transactional marketing acquiring new customers rather than retaining them Service recovery critical Need to know why they complain what they expect and how to deal with them Empower employees to react Service guarantee 0 Gap 2 service design and standards gap need to be present and reflect those accurate perceptions Recurring theme difficulty experienced in translating customer expectations into service quality specifications that employees can understand and execute Standards are based on pivotal customer requirements that are visible to and measured by customers Those responsible for setting standards sometimes believe that customer expectations are unreasonableunrealistic Setting standards will not achieved the desired goal Usually managements reluctance to tackle difficult challenges of creating service standards to deliver excellent service Technology can help close gap Way to avoid clearly design services without oversimplification incompleteness subjectivity and bias Be careful developing and improving When standards do reflect what customers expect perceptions of the quality of service they receive are likely to be enhanced o Gap 3 service performance gap discrepancy between development of customerdriven service standards ad actual service performance by company employees Firms must have systems processes and people in place to ensure that service delivery actually matches the design and standards in place Employees must be measured and compensated on the basis of performance along those standards Customers must perform their roles appropriately Intermediaries retailers franchisees agents brokers Most service companies find it hard to attain service excellence and consistency in the presence of intermediaries who represent them and interact with their customers yet are not under their direct control Firm must develop ways to either controlmotivate these to meet company goals Synchronize demand and capacity overunder demand Cannot be inventoried lose sales when overdemand can t handle customer needs Should crosstrain for slower periods 0 Gap 4 communication gap difference between service delivery and the service provider s external communications Not capitalizing on opportunities to educate customers to use services appropriately Interactive marketing marketing between contact people and customers Must be coordinated with the conventional types of external marketing Employees who promote service need to understand the reality of service delivery so they don t make exaggerated promises fail Need to effectively coordinate actual service delivery with external communications Prices customers often have no internal reference points for prices before purchase and consumption Need to manage communications to customer so that inflated promises do not lead to higher expectations


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