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by: Jensen Hills


Jensen Hills
GPA 3.82

K. Azenara

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About this Document

K. Azenara
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jensen Hills on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 1101 at Louisiana State University taught by K. Azenara in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/222533/span-1101-louisiana-state-university in Spanish at Louisiana State University.




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Date Created: 10/13/15
VERBOS Regular verbs i p37 hablar Yo hablo Tl hablas El ella usted habla E p41 comer Yo como Tl comes El ella usted come i P 41 M Yo vivo Tl vives El ella usted vive Nosostrosas hablamos Vosotrosas habl is Ellosas ustedes hablan Nosotrosas comemos Vosotrosas com is Ellosas ustedes comen Nosotrosas vivimos Vosotrosas vivis Ellosas ustedes viven Exceptions in the first person singular see ir p 105 ser p 26 and other verbs p 116 and p 165 Stem changing verbs Do not change in the quotnosotrosquot or vosotros forms H e 9 i p 128 example Yo pido Tl pides El ella usted pjde e 9 ie p 156 example pensar Yo pienso Tl piensas El ella usted piensa o 9 ue p 156 dormir Yo dErmo Tl dErmes El ella usted d rme Ir a infinitive p 131 Nosotrosas pedimos Vosotrosas pedis Ellosas ustedes pjden Nosotrosas pensamos Vosotrosas pens is Ellosas ustedes piensan Nosotrosas dormimos Vosotrosas dormis Ellosas ustedes d rmen You use this form to talk about what you are going to do in the future Examples Voy a correr Voy a escuchar mlsica ma ana Vas a estudiar esta noche Ir a article name of place 9 105 Please also remember that you can say you are going somewhere Voy a la biblioteca Or Voy al cine Estar gerundio p 145 When to use it You use this verb for when you are saying what you are doing at that moment For instance with the verb correr you can conjugate it regularly and say something like corro todos los dI39asquot or corro por la ma anaquot You can also say that you are going to run at some point in the future by using ir a infinitive voy a correr ma anaquot To say estoy corriendo though you should be outside running at that moment when you say it You form it by using the appropriate form of estar Yo estoy Nosotrosas estamos Tu estas Vosotrosas estais El ella usted esta Elllosas ustedes estan After picking the appropriate form of estar you attach the gerundioquotcalled the past participle in English Examples corriendo running Estudiando studying Escuchando listening To form the gerundio of ar verbs take off the ar and add ando Examples Tomar 9tomando Estudiar 9 estudiando To form the gerundio of er or ir verbs take off the er or ir and add iendo Examples Comer9 comiendo Escribir 9 escribiendo You then combine Estar gerundio Examples Yo estoy estudiando lam studying right now Ella esta escribiendo Marta y yo estamos corriendo ExceptionsExtra Rules 1 When the stem of an er or ir verb ends in a vowel the ending iendo is changed to yendo Common examples Leer 9 leyendo OI39r 9 oyendo Ir 9 yendo 2 Ir verbs that undergo stem changes in the present tense also have stem changes in the quotgerundioquot Those verbs that change from e9i OR from e 9 ie in the present tense both change to 9 i in the quotgerundioquot Examples Pedir that forms ella pide e9i in the present tense becomes ella esta pjdiendoquot Sentir that forms ella sienta e9ie in the present tense becomes ella esta sjntiendoquot Those verbs that change from o9ue in the present tense change from o9u in the quotgerundioquot Example Dormir that forms ella duerme in the present tense becomes ella esta dgrmiendoquot REMEMBER RULE 2 IS ONLYFOR IR VERBS Example Both the verbs morirquot and mostrarquot change from o9ue Ella muere and Ella muestraquot BUT when forming estar gerundio only morirquot changes from o9u Ella esta muriendoquot Ella esta mostrandoquot Because mostrar ends in ar and NOT in ir Re exive Verbs Q 159 Reflexive verbs are used when someone is doing U to or for 1sclf lcsclf 39 39 etc They use reflexive pronouns that are placed before the conjugated verbs se despierta However if they are used in a verb phrase that includes an infinitive or a past participle gerundio they may be placed before the auxiliary verb or attached to the main verb Examples Me voy a vestir OR Voy a vestirme Me estoy vistiendo OR Estoy visti ndome If you attach it to the past participle you must change the accent though to the thirdtolast syllable The Re exive Pronouns Me myself Nos ourselves Te yourself informal Os yourselves Spain Se himself herself Se themselves yourselves Yourself formal And please take note that the verb ending should match with both the subject and the object For instance If I am bathing myself it is quotYo me ba oquot orjust quotMe ba oquot Yo me and ba o are all first person singular If you are bathing yourself it is quotTu te ba asquot orjust quotTe ba asquot Tu te and ba as are all second person singular Examples Ba arse reflexive verbs are written with se at the end of their infinitive form Me ba o bathe myself Nos ba amos We bathe ourselves Te ba as You bathe yourself Os ba ais You bathe yourselves Se ba a Hesheit bathes Se ba an They or You bathe themselves or yourselves Himselfherselfitself Vestirse Me visto Nos vestimos Te vistes Os vestI39s Se viste Se visten NOTE Some words have slightly different meanings in their reflexive forms Examples Dormir to sleep Dormirse to fall asleep r to go rse to leave Poner to put Ponerse to put on clothing Ser v Estar p 73 and 168 Ser is used to talk about the following Professions and occupations Yo soy abogado Or Ella es profesora Place of origin Yo soy de Baton Rouge Physical description Soy alta y delgada Personality description Ella es inteligente y responsable To tell time Son las ocho y media de la noche Estar is used to talk about the following Location Estoy en clase Conditions and emotional states Estoy enojada Or Ella esta cansada It is also used at part of the progressive tense estar gerundio that we have talked about above Estoy corriendo Some adjectives changing meaning when used with either ser or estar For instance Ser Estar Aburrido Ella es aburrida She is boring Ella esta aburrida She is bored Listo Ella es lista She is smart Ella esta lista She is ready Rico Ella es rica She is rich La sopa esta rica The soup is delicious Verde La camisa es verde The shirt is green El platano esta verde The banana is unripe Some verbs can be used with either ser or estar depending on your emphasis If you are are using it with ser it implies a more permanent characteristic if with estar a less permanent one or one that focuses on how they seem look feel at that moment Examples Ella es bonita She is pretty Ella esta bonita hoy She looks pretty today El es callado He is a quiet person El esta callado ahora He is quiet right now Gustar p 77 Remember with gustar we have the following form A mime gustan A nosotrosas nos gustan A ti te gustan A vosotrosas os gustan A l ella o usted le gustan A ellosas ustedes les gustan The indirect object pronoun me te le nos os and les must agree with what goes after the quotAquot For instance A mi me gusta Or Ati te gusta A Marta le gustan Gustar agrees with whatever comes after it Gusta is followed by singular nouns or verbs IN THE INFINITIVE Gustan is followed by plural nouns Examples A Marta le gusta comery beber It doesn t matter how many verbs in the infinitive follow gustar it still is gusta A Marta y Luis les gusta el caf In this example quotA Marta y Luisquot agrees with quotlesquot and quotgustaquot agrees with el caf quot What they are really saying is llCoffee is pleasing to them Marta and Luis Me gustan las papas fritas In this example quotMequot agrees with the understood quotA mI39quot Remember how we don t have to put quotyoquot or quottuquot in front of the verb likewise in the first and second person you do not have to put lla ml39quot or lla tiquot quotGustanquot agrees with lllas papas fritas


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