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by: Eva Aufderhar


Eva Aufderhar
GPA 3.68

G. Severiche

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About this Document

G. Severiche
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eva Aufderhar on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 1102 at Louisiana State University taught by G. Severiche in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/222537/span-1102-louisiana-state-university in Spanish at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Capitulo 7 Cambios In this chapter you will learn 7 How to talk about moving and relocating How to talk about nancial and real estate transactions How to talk about past events How to talk about the immediate past How to express likes and dislikes How to refer to abstract notions About Cuban immigration to the Us Tema 1 Mitierraquerida I Vocabulario Nostalgia Vocabulariopr ctico Los recuerdos Memories la tierra to move to to to return II Funciones yestructurasi Discussing memories with verbs like gustar PRONOUN ESTA TIERRA The third person singular form of these verbs is used when the subject is a noun in the singular form or an in nitive The third person plural form on the other hand is used when the subject is a noun in the plural form The indirect object may be further speci ed by adding a phrase introduced by the preposition a Although this would be redundant in English it adds clarity in Spanish especially when the speaker uses the pronouns 1e and les Here is a list of verbs that work just like gustar interesar doler ue molestar encantar to seem to faltar preocupar to worry to to to hacerfalta to one turn to III Funciones yestructurasi Expressing generalizations with the neuter article lo In the previous sentences Lo hermoso de Cuba es el paisaje y pero lo quema39s me gustaessugente the neuter article 10 was used to refer to speci c characteristics of things and to express an opinion This article can be used 7 o Followed by an adjective in the masculine singular form o Followed by a clause introduced by que Tema 2 Eshora de partir I Vocabulario 7 Preparativosparaunamudanza Vocabulariopractico la caja de carton cardboard el marker alquilar to rent box marcador el camion de moving truck el menaje household goods cargar to load belongings la cinta tape la mudanza move 1 I to unpack la cortizaci n e1 price e1 plastic de bubblewrap envolver ue to wrap estimado estimation burbujas el embalaje packing lasgjgras scissors garder to store 10s empacadores packing stuff el transportation marcar to label transporte e1 guardamuebles storage e1 traslado relocation transfer trasladarse to relocate la manta blanket acomodar to accommodate to arrange II Funciones yestructurasi Expressing purpose or reason with the preposition par and para The most common use of the preposition por and parais to convey the meaning of for However they have other very important uses Here is a summary Por is used 0 To express reason or cause because of due to 0 To express by means of by on 0 To express movement in space along through throughout by 0 To express duration of time for in during 0 To express general location around 0 To express that there was an exchange or purchase in exchange for o In some xed expressions la manana 10 menos case course Para is used 0 To express purpose or motive in order to 0 To express who the recipient of something is for 0 To express destination for 0 To express the time or day by which an action must be completed III Funciones yestructurasi Referring to the bene ciary of an action by using indirect object pronouns The pronouns in bold in the preciding dialogue are indirect object pronouns The indirect object is the person or thing that bene ts from the action of the verb For example the pronoun le refers to the manager of the moving company the person that bene ted from the action of the verb to send and received the documents To identify the indirect object you may ask a Aquien to whom or paraquien for whom to the verb As you may have noticed indirect object pronouns are placed before the conjugated verb When you use a verb phrase they can be placed before the auxiliary verb or attached to the main verb an in nitive or a present participle Besides using an indirect object pronoun you may use a phrase introduced by the preposition a to add clarity and emphasis This is particularly helpful in the case of 1e and les which may refer to different people Although this would be redundant in English it is perfectly correct in Spanish Tema 3 Aestablecerse en unanueva casa I Vocabulario 7 Los bienesraices Vocabulariopr ctico estate contract la hipoteca mortgage 10s terminus de la inmobiliaria agencia de estate agency la ubicaci n II Funciones yestructurasi Talking about the past with the preterite and the imperfect tenses The previous caption includes verbs conjugated in the preterite tense and verbs conjugated in the imperfect tense Can you identify them Ifyou said that llam dijo and fui are in the preterite and estaba and tenia are in the imperfect you were right Now can you explain why these verbs are used in these tenses This may be somewhat more difficult To help you here is a summary of the uses of these two past tenses The preterite tense is ised to talk about The beginning or end of an action that took place in the past Actions that took place at speci c moments in the past usually accompanied by expressions such as ayer anoche unavez once el day mes a o pasado la semanapasada and a las time Actions that are perceived as completed A series of actions that were completed in the past The imperfect tense is used to talk about Habitual actions in the past usually accompanied by the expression todos los dias a 0severy day yeart0daslassemanas every week siempre or frecuentemente Descriptions Events that were in progress while the other actions were taking place usually introduced by the word mientraswhile Descriptions of the participants who carry out the main events of a story including age physical appearance conditions and emotions Background information of past events including time and weather conditions III Funciones yestructurasi Talking about the immediate past with acabar de The expression acabar de infinitive is used to talk about actions that took place in the immediate past When you have to use a direct object indirect object or re exive pronoun it may be placed either before the form acabar or attached to the main verb Here is a list of other verbs that require the use of the following preposition de following by a verb in the infinitive form olivdarse de 012 13 I V N sup 597 7 yj f i 77V7 7T 7 V gt 2 H V quot 324 W 7 w Memories 39Ver bns para hahlar Immaan 39d39e mudanzas acgmodm39 fwaeaamodigwi 3 alqu ilar sugar 39d esempacar smoke as g ardax


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