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by: Trace Beier


Trace Beier
GPA 3.69

Laurie Chancey

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About this Document

Laurie Chancey
Class Notes
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This 31 page Class Notes was uploaded by Trace Beier on Tuesday October 13, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCL 2001 at Louisiana State University taught by Laurie Chancey in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/222559/socl-2001-louisiana-state-university in Sociology at Louisiana State University.

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Date Created: 10/13/15
Ch 9 Race 10172011 22900 PM Chapter 9 Race Myth and Concept Race a group who share a set of characteristics usually physical and are said to common bloodline Share culture way of knowing unites them with shared identity All humans 999 genetically identical regardless of race A social construct changes over time and place Still used to classify people Racism a belief that separate races possess different and unegual human traits Some argue that racism is no longer an issue in the US because of how much race relations have changed No longer socially acceptable to display racist attitudes publicly Many historical efforts to explain race were biased due to ethonocentrism Ethnocentrism viewing other cultures in terms of your own seeing your own as superior example European colonists with Native Americans Race in the Early Modern World explaining race from white perspective Biblical explanation Africans descend from Ham cursed by Noah in Genesis 9 Cursed ham and his descendants to be a slave to his brothers forever Scientific racism early theories investigating origins explanations and classifications of race up to 19th century Assumptions white Europeans were the norm others were deviant Phrenology racial classification based on skull measurements Social Darwinism the theory of evolution applied to social relations survival of the fittest Assumes all races are the same species except some are more evolved and better fit to survive and rule others Eugenics races have socialpsychological traits that are transmitted through bloodlines Fertility control can shape traits of the population The idea that certain races are more intelligent criminal etc and we can breed these traits in or out of human beings Gives reason to be scared of immigrants Example Ellis Island intelligence tests Nativism movement to protect land and culture from the polluting effects of new immigrants The one drop rule the belief that one drop of black blood makes a person black Critical in Plessy v Ferguson upholding Jim Crow Laws Applying this rule kept white population pure Miscegenation technical term for multiracial marriage Dated politically charged term There were laws that prevented only white people from intermarrying Laws against intermarriage overturned by Loving v Virginia 1967 Racial Realities 1012 Race Externally imposed Ideas that other people can classify you Involuntary born into Physical usually Hierarchal Exclusive Unequal Based on power Ethnicity Selfdefined Southern with British and German etc Voluntary Choose to identify with an ethnicity or not to Cultural Nonhierarchal Fluid and multiple Not powerbased Symbolic Ethnicity Individualistic in nature without real social cost Racialization Formation of a new racial identity in which new ideological boundaries of difference are drawn around a formerly unnoticed group of people Whites Social constructured Depends on historical period Involved invisible privileges MIABorn Free Video Genocide Mass killing of a group based on ethnic religious or racial race MinorityMajority Group Relations 1 Assimilation 2 Pluralismeveryone can be their own person 3Segregationseperation of races 4 Conflict 2 groups coexist and persecutes other ex Genocide Assimilation Process in which immigrants arrive settle in and mimic local behaviors o Eventually blend in completely o Melting Pot Primordialism o Ethnic tiesmore specific than race ex European are fixed for biological or cultural reasons Pluralism o Opposite of melting pot salad o Presence and engaged coexistence of numerous distinct groups in one society 0 Ideal No single majority 0 Or minorities live separate but equal Ideal presently embracing diversity Segregation o Legal or social practice of separation based on race or ethnicity 0 Official US policy until the 19605 0 Still evident in today s schools housing and prisons Residential Segregations o Structural racism happens over time o May not have been intended o Ex Giving home loans to whites not black was racist Conflict Genocide previously defined o Hootu and Tootsie Coexisted In late 1800s under colonialism Belgium treated tootsies better and that started centuries of conflict In 1960 s Hootu s took power In 1994 the Hootu carried out a genocide against Tootsie Racism Ex Oxford ads Prejudice Negative thoughts and feelings about ethic or racial group DiscriminationsHarmfu or negative acts against people deemed inferior based on race 10172011 22900 PM 10172011 22900 PM Ch 8 SociologyGender 1032011 23400 PM Ludacris what them girls likesymbolic interaction Sex Biological differences Chromosomes genitalia physical features Gender Social construct consisting on a set of norms built around sex Sexuality Sexual desires preferences identities behaviors Gender Roles Related more to social status than biology girls don t cut hair don t fart in front of men masculinity is tough Hegemonic masculinity Ideal of masculinity so dominant that it s regarded as the norm Dove Ad for men Essentialism Your sex determines the outcome of gender Explaining social phenomena in terms of natural ones c He likes playing with cars because he is all boy Biological determinism Your social behavior should be a direct result of your sex Binary Sex Only male and female heterosexuality assumed Intersexual Born with ambiguous genitalia 13 of 1000 babies born with October 5th 2011 Theories of Gender Jessie Jay Do it like a dude Feminism Intellectual consciousnessraising movement o Women and Men should have equal opportunities and respect o Three Waves 0 Women getting to vote 0 60 s and 70 s 0 Theories of diversitycan be more masculine or feminist Men are more involved here Gender is an organizing principle of life o Structures social relations unequally so POWER is intertiwined with GENDER DIFFERENCES o Video Bell suffering from Feminine mystic Patriarchy Nearly Universal system involving the SUBORDINATION of femininity to masculinity The Woman QuestionFeminist theorist started here o Many Theories and approaches can be applied to the study of gender and power FunctionalismView society as body with institutions as organ o Gender differences exist to fulfill necessary functions in society o ParsonsSex Role Theory 0 Breadwinnerinstrumental role homemaker model ideal for reproducing workers o Have to do these things or society will collapse o They admit this is inequal but they think it s necc For society o Critiques 0 Doesn t allow that Other structures could fulfill same functions Structures change throughout history Psychoanalytic Theories o Focus on individualist explanations as opposed to societal ones 0 Freud and a feministShe wants to own property etc he d say she just wants a man o AssumptionNatural differences between sexes dictate behavior Conflict Theory o Patriarchal capitalists benefit through systems that subordinate women picture of men vs women s earnings 0 Structurally women choose jobs that make less and they don t stay as long in the work force o You could put feminism under this category o Socialist feminist argue that all social relations stem from gender inequality Interaction Doing gender o How we play gender as a part c Gender is a process in which people participate during every social interaction Black Feminism an update o One problem esp in 2nd wave was it was a white women s movement o Gender doesn t function in a vacuumtake into account there is no one category of men or women o Women are located in a matrix of domination o Overlapping factors of class race and gender also disability etc 1032011 23400 PM 1032011 23400 PM 100711 Sexualities Sexual Identity set ofpractice and attitudes leading to identity formation Ex Heterosexual homosexual bisexual Act vs Identity Until the 19th century only 2 types ofsex acts 0 Socially approved sex within marriage for procreation o Socially unapproved same sex acts oral sex even ifwith your wife or husband masturbation o No sexual identities at this time Emergence of Sexual Identities o L ate 1800s growing body ofmedical literature classified people as homosexual 0 American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from list of disorders in 1973 Social Construction Perspective 0 Human sexuality created entirely through social interaction 0 Kinsey Report 1948 American have wide variety of sexual behaviors and desires 0 Public reaction disbelief concern about morality o Kinsey Sexuality Scale I 0 3 6 hetero bi homo 0 based on sexual thoughts behaviors and identity Sambia Tribe in New Guinea Believed that semen was the vital life force and that female uids were like poison Boys were initiated into manhood through regular fellatio on older boys and men The Integrative Perspective Sexual identities determined by both social and biological factors Some studies link biology genetics sex hormones to sexual orientation Queer Theory Sexual life is artificially organized into categories that re ect the power of heterosexual norms Rejects the idea of biological in uences on sexuality November 2 2010 Chapter 12 Gender Essentialism o Explaining the social in terms of the natural 0 Biological determinism biology directly determines our social life 0 Penis sports cars 0 Vagina shopping emotional o Binary Sex 0 Only male and female heterosexuality assumed E 0 Biological differences Gender 0 Social construction built around sex Sexuality 0 Sexual desire preference identity and behaVior Trans gender 0 13 of 1000 babies are born with ambiguous genitalia 0 Recommendation assign gender based on biological tests Trans gendered Adults 0 Gender identity disorder 0 Born into the wrong gender 0 Psychological disorder I Treatable with surgery and or mental health care 0 Social issues most severe problem Studying Gender 0 Structural Functionalism o Essentialism Sex differences function to ensure a stable society Nuclear family is ideal for reproducing workers Critique doesn t explain adaptation or change 000 0 Conflict Theory 0 Focuses on unequal power relations between men and women 0 Capitalism itself is patriarchy male domination o Patriarchy I A nearly universal system involving the subordination of femininity to masculinity 0 Feminism I Movement to raise consciousness that gender is an organizing principle of life 0 The Personal is Political o Equality for women and men Marx Feminism radical feminism socialist feminists Critique the sexes can be equal under capitalism O O 0 Lesbian Separatists Groups 0 Symbolic Interactionism 0 Gender is a product of our daily interactions 0 We create gender as we do gender play gender roles o Critique downplays social structure power and history November 4 2010 Gender and Sexuality Social Construction of Gender and Sexuality 0 Normal and abnormal de ned by social environment not by nature Gender Roles o Behavioral norms of one s sex Gender Socialization 0 Hold boy babies outward hold girl babies inward Tox 0 Barbie 1959 Doll 0 GI Joe mid 1960 s Action Figure Media Images Femininity 0 Women s Bodies 0 Average US woman 5 4 163 lbs size 14 o What is real Media Images Masculinity o Malried men 0 Male gender role domestic incompetence o Doofy Husband Phenomenon Homosexuality o Homosexual 0 Social identity of someone who has sexual attraction andor relations with the same sex 0 US estimates 49 million gays lesbians and bisexuals Homosexuality Across Cultures 0 Ancient Greece 0 Homosexual relationships based on power 0 Prison 0 Situational homosexuality rape based on power Sambia Papua New Guinea 0 Normative homosexuality o Semen is a source of vital life force 0 Boys are initiated into manhood through daily fellatio oral sex on older boys and men Heteronormativity 0 Cultural representation of heterosexuality as normal 0 Nontraditional gender and sexuality would be stigmatized or suppressed Kinsey Repost early 1950 s late 40 s 0 Difference between ideals and behavior 0 High rates of samesex activity attraction 0 But methods and ethics questionable don t trust numbers completely 0 Americans have wide variety of sexual positions preferences desires and extramarital activity 0 Public relationsidisbelief concern about morality Kinsey Sexuality Scale 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Heterosexual Bisexual Homosexual 0 Based on thoughts behavior and identity 0 We do not represent two discrete r J 39 quot 39 39 is not to be divided into sheep and goats Kinsey and 39 39 The world November 11 2010 Chapter 13 Race and Ethnicity m 0 Group who share a set of characteristics said to share a common bloodline MI 0 Belief that separate races have different and unequal traits o Prejudice negative thoughts and feelings about an ethnic or racial group 0 Discrimination harmful or negative acts against people deemed inferior Scienti c Racism o 19111 century theory of race 0 White Europeans investigated others by developing theories of race 0 Results 0 Light skin and small featureshigh intellect and good character 0 Sun darkens skin and reduces intelligence for generations 0 Phrenology race classi ed by skull measurements corresponding to certain traits Race Today 0 Race is a social construction rather than a biological reality 0 Only small genetic variations are due to race Sickle Cell Anemia Ethnicity o One s ethnic quality or af liation 0 Based on geographical and cultural differences Symbolic Ethnicity 0 Voluntary af liation with an ethnicity o No risk of stigma for middleclass whites Whiteness 0 White Privilege o Assumption whiteneutral normal 0 Invisible set of advantages enjoyed by whites o Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack I Numbered list of advantages that whites have 0 Modern white supremacists NAAWP embrace research on whiteness but don t acknowledge white privilege US Nonwhite Births Population Prediction 0 2010 50 o 2030 majority under 30 years old 0 2050 majority 54 o Multiracial identi cation rose by 33 during 2000 s November 16 2010 Chapter lkRace and Strati cation Strati cation o Structured social inequality or systematic inequality among groups 0 Many types of strati cation 0 Class SES race gender Interpret this Video I m a Thug o What kinds of inequality do you notice 0 What is the message about inequality CodeSwitching o AfricanAmericans learn two languages 1 The Street 2 Mainstream Society 0 Survival and success depend on knowing which to speak at the right time o Applies to many oppressed poor groups in the presence of the dominant group Lessons from I m a Thug 0 Some racism is really classism 0 Consequences from failing to codeswitch to higherclass or white 0 Class is more than income Origins of the Ghetto 0 Early 20Lh Century 0 Migration of blacks form the South to the North 0 Neighborhood associations exclude blacks o Depressionera homeowner loans 0 Innercity black neighborhoods redlined o WhiteFlight to suburbs left inner cities almost entirely minority and poor 0 Gentri cation slums demolished for highvalue developments former slum dwellers move to housing projects Elements of SES 0 Socioeconomic Status SES 1 an individual s position in a strati ed social order 0 Education occupation income wealth 0 Occupation ranked by prestige scores 0 Janitorlowerdoctorhigher 0 Income money received from work or investments 0 Wealth a family s or individual s net worth total assets minus total debts November 18 2010 Chapter 15 Poverty Povert 0 Condition of deprivation due to economic circumstances 0 Sever enough can t like in dignity in society De ning Poverty 0 Mollie Orshansky 1963 0 Income thresholds adjusted yearly by cost of healthy food in Consumer Price Index CPI 0 Food 35 ofbudget 0 Example poverty threshold 0 One person 10590 0 Family of 3 2 kids 16705 0 Family of 7 4 kids 32114 0 Family of 9 8 kids 40085 0 Poverty De nition Criticisms o The poor spent more than 35 on food in the 50s60s Housing is now more expensive than food No regional de nition Ex more expensive to live in NYC than it is in NOLA Measured by income alone Families living above the poverty line can t necessarily support themselves Budgeting for Poverty 0000 Child Poverty 0 Associated with low grades behavioral problems poor health and poverty later in life How Pove1ty Affects Children 0 Three Theories 1 Low family SES deprives children of basic necessities 2 Low family SES causes extreme stress in parents who then use bad parenting practices 3 Personal characteristics that cause poverty also cause bad parenting WhatMoney C an t Buy by Susan Mayer 0 Little evidence that parental income has an effect on children s outcomes The Bell Curve 0 Good genes high IQ 0 High IQ s succeed parent better 0 Low IQ s stay in poverty raise kids badly o IQ is genetic so antipoveIty programs are doomed to fail Moving to Oggortunity 2000 0 Families in public housing were randomly selected to move into lowpoveity areas 0 Adults less stress from fear of violenceihappier and healthier 0 Children school outcomes improved injuries and asthma decreased Growing U2 in an Urbanizz39ng World 2002 0 Child outcomes depend on features of physical environment 0 Satisfaction vs Alienation Sources of Satisfaction Sources of Alienation Safety freedom of movement Fear of crime Social integration Variety of activities Green areas Stigma social exclusion Boredom Uncollected trash traffic Insecure housing 00000 00000 Secure housing November 30 2010 Chapter 17 Science and Society One Bite from Health 0 US obesity rates 19852009 0 Colorado is the healthiest state in 2009 o The South is the fattest 0 US highest obesity in the world of developed countries 0 Recent increase in o Inactive lifestyles o Portion sizes 0 Cheap highcalorie foods extra value Normative Science 0 Science is unaffected by the personal values of scientists but rather follows objective rules of evidence Science in Practice 0 Social factors can affect choices about what scientific research is pursued 0 Funding availability 0 Government policies I Interest groups 0 International pressure or competition Social Construction of Science 0 Scienti c facts don t just reveal themselves but are socially constructed 0 Scientists debate ndings discuss results solve disagreements Boundary Work 0 Research conducted on the border between legitimate and nonlegitimate science 0 Either within a speci c scienti c discipline or between disciplines 0 Creation Museum 0 Visiting the Museum Global Internet Usage 0 North America has the highest intemet usage Digital Divide 0 Differential access to technology based on socioeconomic status SES 0 Digitally Disadvantaged o MiddleAged and Elderly African Americans Rural Residents LowIncome LowEducation 000 Future 0 Increased integration of technology 0 Historical context 0 Values gender roles political systems etc o 1930 Imagines 2000 December 2 2010 Chapter 18 Social Change Collective Action 0 Occurs in groups and diverges from the social norms of the situation ash mobs Social Movement 0 Collective behavior that is purposefully organized and institutionalized but not ritualized o Motivated by a social or political cause Social Change 0 Caused by social movements economic and political factors new technologies etc 0 Table 1817Types of Social Movements Alternative Social Movements 0 Seek limited social change and tend to be focused on a narrow group ofpeople o Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD Redemptive Social Movements 0 Also focused on a narrow group of people but advocate for more radical change 0 Change in multiple aspects of one s life 0 Battered Women s Shelter helps transform their lives jobs provides shelter etc o Transgender Center Revolutiona Social Movements 0 Seek to make radical change across an entire society 0 NAACPR Reformative Social Movements o Advocate for limited social change but seek to effect to that change across an entire society 0 Virginity Pledging Ch 7 1012011 15300 AM Stratification systematic inequalities between groups of people the bossman on top working class stiff on bottom o A consequence of social processes relationships Views of inequality o Rousseau 0 18th century 0 private property creates social inequality which leads to social conflict o Ferguson Miller agree that private property creates inequalities and is good 0 It means some people are getting ahead and creating assets 0 Assets form of wealth o Malthus 0 Viewed inequality favorably as a means of controlling population 0 Equal distribution of resources would increase world population to unsustainable levels 0 Mass starvation conflict 0 Father of sociology studying society o Hegel 0 Master slave dialectic 0 Most social relationships are based on master slave model 0 Will die out as society gains more free people over time Standards of equality o Ontological equality 0 Everyone is created equal in the eyes of god o Equality of opportunity 0 Inequality is acceptable if everyone Has the same opportunity for advancement Is judged by the same standards o Equality of condition 0 Everyone should have an equal starting point from which pursue their goals o Equality of outcome 0 Everyone should end up with the same rewards Regardless of their starting point opportunities contributions Forms of stratification o Marx 0 Society divided into two classes Proletariat working class Bourgeoisie employing class o Erkin Olin Wright 0 Contradictory class locations People can be located between the two pure classes defined by marx o Weber 0 A class is a group characterized by common life chances and opportunities o Status hierarchy system 0 Based on social prestige o Elite mass dichotomy system 0 Based on a governing elite a few leaders who broadly hold the power of society 0 How is America stratified today o Socioeconomic status 0 Refers to an individuals position in a stratified social order 0 Occupation wealth income education 1012011 15300 AM 1012011 15300 AM CHAPTER 11 AUTHORITY POWER OBEDIENCE Authority The justifiable right to exercise power Types of authority Charismatic authority based on personal appeal of individual leader gt Difficult to pass on Traditional authority based on appeals to the past or tradition gt Not easily adaptable Legalrational authority based on legal impersonal rules gt Attatched to roles not indiViduals Charisma Speci c qualities that ispire loyalty and obedience in others 3 Dimensions of Power 1 When different agendas clash con ict results and one agenda wins 2 When power is too formidable to resist 3 When people s choices are shaped by quotinvisiblequot power gt Socialization media North Korea Communist state Secretive selfreliant hostile to outsiders April quotsatellitequot launch leClConverterInpu syJJj2Gj6XDltt1282010 123751 AM CHAPTER 7 Preindustrial family Miniature economy Depends on kinship networks Industrial Revolution Began late 1700s in England Shift from agriculture to industry When technology really started changing people s lives Ruralurban migration sometimes entire families would move to the city for work Industrial family Men left home to work Women managed household Divided family into public sphere men and private sphere women gt Public paycheck Cult of domesticity Idea that true womanhood centers on domestic responsibility and childrearing Natural for men to work and women to provide a quothaven in a harsh worldquot Nuclear family Family form including father mother and their biological children Idealized as model family form The 50s family Peak of nuclear family form Thriving economy government assistance quotBaby Boomquot Leave it to Beaver Idealized and historically unusual Reinforced traditional gender roles The 1970 s family Women s rights Nofault divorce before this a couple would have to prove that a divorce was necessary Birth control lead to a decrease in fertility Recession of 1973 decreased job opportunities gt All these factors helped women to look for jobs in the workforce Combining work and family Bringing private into public Video of MIA performing on her duedate at Grammy39s Sarah Palin rap Publicprivate at work Some workplace accommodations for family gt Lactation rooms gt Flextime a exible work schedule for parents gt Parental leave US only industrialized country that doesn39t pay during maternity leave leClConverterInputTlquqATHktxt1282010 1236 17 AM Publicprivate at home Second shift housework child care gt Women do 9 more weekly hours of housework than men Italy has the most leisure time comared with women US men have 40 more minutes per day than women Fair families Women and men live in both spheres equally More common since recession began 1 in 4 women earn signi cantly more than what their husbands earn Partnerships Endogamy partner from within one s social group Exogamy partner from outside one s social group Monogamy one partner Polygamy more than one partner Polygamy Polyandry more than one husband Polygyny more than one wife gt Yearning for Zion YFZ Ranch N Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints FLDS Marriage in the US 70 ever married 20052007 About 50 currently married 95 marry at least once US marriage regulations Monogamy Age 18 younger with parental consent Family incest taboo Sex gay marriage Race past Interracial marriage quotmiscegenationquot race mixing Whites not allowed to intermarry Illegal until the case Loving v Virginia 1967 Justifications for law gt Races from different continents meant to be separate gt Will lead to incest polygamy US public opinion in 1967 gt Most 72 opposed interracial marriage gt Nearly half 48 thought that interracial marriage should be a crime Gay marriage Recognized or granted in 8 states amp DC Alternate legallyrecognized unions gt Civil unions intended to offer state benefits similar to marriage gt Domestic partnerships guarantee select rights to samesex couples Anti gay marriage Marriage between man and women gt Sexes made separate for a reason leClConverterInputTlquqATHktxt1282010 1236 17 AM Marriage is for procreation Gay marriage threatens straight marriage gt Lead to acceptance of polygamy Example National Organization of Marriage commercial Pro gay marriage ctd Gays and lesbians deserve equal marriage rights Gay parents effective as straight parents gt Kids may experiment more wsamesex dating Economic bene ts quotCreative classquot gt Educated highsalary young professionals gtWork based on knowledge or creatiVity leClConverterInputTlquqATHktxt1282010 1236 17 AM Chapter 11 Family Forms Endogamy Marriage within one s social group Exogamy marriage among different social groups Monogamy having one only sex partnerspouse Polygamy having more than one partner at a time Polyandry multiple husbands Polygyny multiple wives Preindustrial Family Householdminiature economy Everyone worked to produce what the family needed to survive Depends on kinship networks ties based on blood or marriage Industrial Revolution Created a division between work and home Men public sphere work for wages Women private sphere housework childcare Cult of domesticity Idea that true womanhood centers on domestic responsibility and childrearing Families after WWII Peak of middle class nuclear family father mother biological children traditional family Thriving economy government assistance Baby Boom dealized and historically unusual Reinforced cult of domesticity by reinforcing traditional gender roles


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